Tuesday, February 14, 2017

End of blog

Do to my recent illness I am ending this blog.  Thanks to all my many readers.
Tim Earl of Stirling 


Anonymous said...

sry to see u go , be safe out there

deshellmon said...

I was trying to remember when I first ran into your site, I think it was around 2003 or 2004, I was first introduced to your site by a fellow sailor/sea gypsy and fellow Scotsman of yours Stan Louden. At that time my wife and I were living and traveling on a large sailing vessel and I wanted a site that addressed and reported the issues we felt most pertinent. I have read your take on things from places as varied as Venezuela and Tahiti. I always valued your "take" on things but only once fell into great disagreement and called you out on such, about the meltdowns at Fukushima. As time went on it was clear that you were as typical spot on and it was clear I that was so very wrong. As age and time went on my life has also changed greatly, I no longer sail, I suffered a major heart attack and am at stage 5 in the world of kidney disease.I now live in the valley area of Appalachia.
I really miss looking daily and seeing your take on things, in many ways it's as if I no longer am seeing a good friend every morning and discussing things over coffee. I know I speak for many in saying that you and your take on things will be greatly missed. It has been a harsh winter, hopefully as time goes on you will look at your illness as a mere bump in the road of life as I have and once again restart your blog. Should that not be the case let me leave you with only the fondest of wishes old friend.
Alden Bierman