Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Special Report ~ Soft Coup USA: The Purple 'Color Revolution'


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We have seen a pattern, since the Globalist candidate Hillary Clinton lost to populist anti-Globalist billionaire Donald Trump.  The very morning after the loss both Bill and Hillary appeared in purple to signal the beginning of a George Soros (frontman for the Rothschild Empire) style 'color revolution' in America. This week the Secretary of Defense, in Israel to deliver the first F-35s, also wore a purple tie as did the Israeli Defense Minister.  This is signifying that the color revolution is still ON.
The 30 or so families of the Global Banking Cartel have no intention of losing control over the star of their empire, the world's sole superpower, the United States of America.  What really happened in early November, is what I thought (and hoped) would happen:  The Globalist stole the hell out of the votes but the landslide for Donald Trump was so large and overwhelming that the steal was stopped in its tracks.  Now after selective recounts, designed either to steal several states and/or to throw the election into Congress, we appear to be moving on towards a formal vote of the Electoral Collage in a week.  A vote that looks certain to result in the ratification of the Trump victory. 
However, now we have a sudden barrage of propaganda from the Globalists, via their owned Mainstream Media (MSM), that Russia somehow managed to steal the election for Donald Trump.  Right...and pigs may fly someday, but don't hold your breath.
This would never even begin to get any traction without almost total control over the MSM and many Congress critters of both parties.  Beat the drums as loud as possible that the nasty old Ruskies are pulling a fast one and putting their own billionaire into the White House...somehow!  
Get the Republican heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to hold quick hearings to "out" and "confirm" the made up BS and then either bribe enough Electors to throw the vote OR cause such a ruckus that the Congress refuses to accept the results of the vote, thus throwing the election for President into the House (50 votes cast, one per state) and the Vice-Presidential election into the Senate (100 votes).  
The Globalists have a long relationship with many congress critters in both parties.  With virtually unlimited money available to them, they could bribe sufficient members to trigger this soft coup placing Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office at the last minute, some two months after the election.  For say $50,000,000 or so each, I am sure that a few congress critters would be willing to do almost anything.  Cheap in a presidential race that cost over $3 Billion.

Even if this scenario works, since Donald Trump carried well over 80% of the counties in America and actually won by a landslide, there are going to be one hell of a lot of people mad as hell if the Globalists try to steal this already concluded election!!! But then again, the Global Banking Cartel satanists thrive on CHAOS!  
How do we stop this?  Shine the LIGHT OF DAY ON IT.  Spread the message to all you know, at work, at church, at Christmas parties, etc. We are many, they are few ... very few.  Don't let these bastards pull as fast one right at Christmas time.  Like the vote on Dec. 23 just over 100 years ago, after most Congressmen and Senators had left for their homes across the nation, which turned America's finances over to the mostly European-based Global Banking Cartel and set up the Federal Reserve System.  And remember the Sandy Hook False Flag, where dozens of kindergarten children were "killed" (at a school that had been closed for over 2 years) about a week and a half before Christmas.  That plan did not work ... instead of getting behind a MSM orchestrated drive to take away Americans guns, the public engaged in panic buying of every gun and box of ammunition on the market.  
The Globalists are on a losing streak, however, they are still very dangerous and powerful and now they are desperate as all hell.  Let this be a good Christmas for Americans NOT a Soft Coup Nightmare!!!
Tim Alexander, Rt. Hon. The Earl of Stirling    
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Alain DENIS said...

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The USA is no longer a "Republic"; was never a "Democracy"; and has become an "Oligarchy by Stealth" formed in secrecy as the Federal Reserve System in 1910 at Jekyll Island Georgia giving the international bankers ultimate control of the USA; a control which continues today with the "Global Elites", the "Oligarchs" running the executive, legislative, and judicial systems within a military-industrial complex that sends our men and women off to fight the Bankers' Wars for Big Oil while convincing the people that we are "fighting for freedom." To argue whether or not the United States of America is a republic or a democracy is an illusion that denies the reality that we have become an "Oligarchy by Stealth" since 1913..... MORE

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TennesseeVolunteer said...

We got this. the Patriots of America are awake and determined. The real question is when do the Patriots (White Hats) begin to put the pressure on these monsters by inflicting retribution one by one on these EVIL child molesting cretins.

Alain DENIS said...

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'link' means.. the genius, God built you with.

if you want to become like one of our.. computer with a system to boot,,, it will be your choice.

Final Times are ahead.
Be strong,
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yes! seems so far,,,,,,, today. so improbable.

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