Friday, December 23, 2016

Special Post ~ A Response to Prince Charles


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Prince Charles warns of the rise of populism in thinly veiled comparison of Trump to Hitler ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  
Lord Stirling's Response:
Since I successfully claimed, by Right of Succession in the Summer of 1999, a series of Scottish titles in my family, I have tried to be very respectful about what I have had to say about the British Royal Family.  I actually had considerable respect for them, when I was Scottish Editor at the old Burke's Peerage over 30 years ago. I felt that they had to tolerate a great deal of parasitic behavior from elements of the British press that was unfair. 
I came close to employing His Royal Highness's former sister-in-law and kept my share of secrets and confidential information on the Royal Family.  For instance, I knew at least two months before anything became public that his marriage to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was effectively over and headed for a divorce.
I understand that his words about populism in these days can be taken different ways.  But I would like to point out to his highness that the current populism, responsible for the Brexit vote, for the election of Donald Trump, and partly resulting from the massive unhappiness of vast numbers of Europeans with the virtual invasion of millions of mostly uneducated, dirty, military-aged Muslim men is a reasonable response to the Wars and Austerity Fascism programs of the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel (Globalists).  
Their agenda is Luciferian and seeks a Third World War and the virtual destruction of most of the Human Race in the drive for their sick demonic New World Order.  It is morally correct for the masses to repute this strategy and the evil at its root, and to stand up for their cultural heritage and their Christian religion and values.
The Prince has long maintained friendly relations with many in the Rothschild family.  In fact, his marriage to the late Princess of Wales, could have been described as a 'arranged political marriage', in the style of political arranged marriages in years past by reigning families.  She had Rothschild blood on both sides (if you count her biological father instead of Johnny Spencer).  Giving the many nations that the British monarch reigns over, a future set of Kings with a high amount of Rothschild blood.  A fact that few in the many nations that use the British monarch as their sovereign know of.
It is right and proper that his highness now gets on the morally correct side of history and supports populism and reject the Globalist Wars and Austerity Fascism, the Muslim invasion of 21'st Century Europe, and the destruction of Christianity and European Culture and lifestyles.  
I know that his highness values his late paternal grand-mother's Orthodox faith.  He should keep in mind that the Globalist Color Revolutions inspired wars have resulted in many thousands of new Christian martyrs in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Earl of Stirling     


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Well, you are the one who has taught the public that the terrorists are pattsies, most of the time. It is alwasys the same pattern:

Dead men cannot talk. Period.

Merkel and her ilk use this terrorist-attack in Berlin to install a fascistoid regime in Germany.

BTW, I did not know that Lady Diana had Rothschild-blood in her veins. So William and his brother are Rothschild's offspring?

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany

Steven Rowlandson said...

For some strange reason many people for what ever reason have the impression that the existing establishment is Nazi or Fascist. In truth it is neither. It is a satanic oligarchy led by Jews and Freemasons plus politically correct special interest groups that a real Nazi government would round up and in the name of god slaughter every last one to save the nation and the Indo-European peoples from destruction and extinction.

Secondly Nazism and Communism are not in any way related, they are arch-enemies of each other. Instead Communism, Capitalism and the forms of Democracy are related as they are owned and operated by that satanic oligarchy mentioned above.
Everything most non National Socialists think they know about Nazism comes from the Jews and the satanic oligarchy and by virtue of John 8:44 they believe nothing but lies and European humanity is paying the price for it.

The oligarchy and its members are bankrupting and exterminating us with their lies, social engineering, immigration policies and real estate prices. It is being done with malice and forethought.

Is Donald Trump the next Hitler? No. He is a means to an end and was supported by the Alt-Right so that the power of the oligarchy may be weakened if not done away with and so that the United States may be made great again and give hope and support to other white nationalists around the world to enable them to liberate their nations and save their people from extinction.

The truth is always stranger than fiction and unfortunately people will hate you for it if they don't kill you first.