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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link
Ava Maria - video ~ link 
Ava Maria - video ~ link    
Pray for Peace


Retired 4-star USMC General John Kelly to be Secretary of Homeland Security ~ link ~ I do believe that Alex Jones was right about a group of senior retired generals who asked Donald Trump to run for President to save America from the Globalists.  The appointments, and possible appointments, of several top generals and a admiral is likely to be from this group of men who stood up for their country.  Stirling   
Donald Trump has picked former Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security, the third retired military officer nominated for a role in the president-elect's Cabinet.  
Transition officials said Trump is considering several other retired military flag officers for key posts in the new administration, including a meeting with former U.S. European Command leader Adm. James Stavridis on Thursday. 
Attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii Observed 75 Years Later ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

December 7, 1941 is known as the day that will live in infamy, marking the US’ official entrance into World War II, which helped shape the role the US plays in the world today. Many are gathering to honor the 2,403 American lives lost at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago.

The 75th anniversary of the attack by Japan on the US naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii will be remembered on Wednesday. The remaining survivors, such as 104-year-old Ray Chavez, will go to Hawaii to honor those who lost their lives. “I can’t forget it. I never will,” Chavez told NBC News. “I got very emotional that day. There were so many, many innocent people that were lost.” 

UK MPs back Government's Brexit timetable ~ link ~ About time!!!  Stirling  

MPs have voted to back the government's plan to start formal talks on Brexit by the end of March next year. 

Italy's PM Renzi hands in his resignation amid political turmoil ~ link ~ Once again, the people of another nation have told the Globalists to 'kiss their butts'!!!  Stirling 


Vote Recount in Michigan: Massive Clinton vote fraud in Detroit - Votes counted up to six times ~ link
More bad news for Democrats—
Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s Michigan recount unintentionally exposed this major voting fraud scandal.
Wisconsin Recount: Trump is clearly the Winner ~ link 

With the recount almost a third of the way towards completion, the only winner in the process has been President-elect Donald Trump, whose 22,871-vote margin over Democrat Hillary Clinton has now grown by 146 votes. In the counties reporting as of Wednesday, Trump gained 105 votes. Clinton lost 45 votes.

The state’s recount has a deadline of Dec. 12. The state needs to certify its election results by Dec. 13 so that Wisconsin’s electoral votes can be cast without any possibility of a challenge when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19.
Putin: The New World Order Has Lost Its Grip On Europe ~ link ~  
The defeat of Italy’s establishment Prime Minister is the latest sign that a tectonic shift is coming to the European order: toward accommodating, rather than countering, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vow to destroy the globalist New World Order.

Italians went to the polls on Sunday and voted down Prime Minister Renzi’s proposed changes that would have weakened the constitution, further eroded once proud sovereignty, and put nooses around Italian necks.

But Italy rejected its establishment government’s demands for more central control, and pushed anti-establishment party FSM to the brink of power. PM Renzi lost by a huge margin – 20 percentage points – and has been forced to resign.

The Tide Is Turning Against the Oligarchs ~ link ~  
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell

The ruling oligarchy and their presstitute media have become desperate now that they are losing control over explanations and Americans’ minds. Thus, they charge independent Internet journalists such as myself with being Russian agents peddling fake news. Recent legislation in the House of Representatives, the list of 200 alleged Russian agents, and the attacks on president-elect Trump from within the US intelligence community make it clear that pressures on truthtellers are increasing.
Collapse of 'Real' Media Credibility in three simple images ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ The Globalists own almost all of the American mainstream news media.  However, they are now so discredited that their impact is much less than what it was before the 2016 Election.  Stirling   

Trump picks Linda McMahon to head Small Business Administration ~ link

While some of Trump's previous administration picks have raised an eyebrow or two in the past two weeks, his choice of Linda McMahon, pro wrestling mogul and wife of WWE legend Vince McMahon, to head the Small Business Administration will likely be his most scrutizined yet. McMahon had previously been floated as a potential appointee due to her ties to GOP causes and Trump personally, as well as Trump's history of appearances at WWE pro wrestling events.

McMahon, who lives in Connecticut, is a veteran of the state's board of education. She also ran for Senate as a Republican in the state twice, losing to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) in 2010 and Sen. Chris Murphy (D) in 2012.

Welcome Aboard Trump Flight 1600 - video ~ link 

India Confiscates Gold, even jewelry, in raids on Hidden Money ~ link ~ India continues to be the Beta Test for the NWO!!!  First nation wide biometeric IDs for everyone; then currency "problems" leading to a cash-free system; now gold confiscation!!!  Stirling  

Obama OKs F-16 Production Line to Move to India and F/A-18 E/Fs to be built there also ~ link ~ Moving the entire US assembly line to India!!!  Gee, I can hardly wait for the Teleprompter Reader-in-Chief to leave office!  Stirling  

Airbus awarded $2.3 billion Canadian RCAF Search-and-Rescue Project  ~ link

Canadian Cabinet ministers will announce Dec. 8 that the Airbus C-295 has been selected as the country’s new fixed-wing search-and-rescue (SAR) aircraft, according to multiple industry sources. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Procurement Minister Judy Foote will release the details that morning at the Royal Canadian Air Force base in Trenton, Ontario.

Saturn probe Cassini: First photos from new orbit ~ link  

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