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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Ava Maria - video ~ link    

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I am still fighting a bad cold so my posts are very limited for a while, sorry.  Tim Earl of Stirling 

Australian Christian Lobby headquarters hit by truck bomb in Canberra ~ link ~

Lyle Shelton, the lobby's managing director, was relieved no staff were present during the "targeted attack". "We have received a number of death threats and threats of violence over the course of this year," he told the ABC. "This is an attack on free speech in Australia which I am deeply shocked about and never though I would see in my lifetime."

Berlin terrorist attack: Tunisian fugitive 'had been under surveillance' ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ This story about him leaving his documents in the truck and then successfully getting away is a bit much!  Something smells about this, like maybe a False Flag, but who knows!!!  Stirling 

The failed asylum seeker is now the subject of a manhunt across Europe.

An arrest warrant was issued after his residence permit was found in the cab of the lorry that left a trail of carnage at a Christmas market near Berlin's most famous shopping street, the Kurfuerstendamm, on Monday evening. 

Is Saudi Arabia funding extremist Islamist groups in Germany? ~ link ~ 

A newly-leaked German intelligence report says Saudi Arabia, among several other countries, is funding extremist Islamic groups in Germany. 

Aleppo evacuations resume after a 24-hour delay ~ link

Activists said 60 buses were stuck in the rebel enclave overnight, forcing 3,000 people to wait in freezing weather with little to eat or drink.

Reasons for the hold-up were not clear. But state media blamed rebels in neighbouring Idlib province, accusing them of preventing the simultaneous evacuation of two pro-government Shia towns there.

Facebook "fact checker", who will arbitrate on "Fake News" is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes and its staff includes an escort-porn star ~ link ~ The Globalists are desperate to kill off the new Gutenberg Press, the Internet, and this effort, like so many of theirs recently, will likely fail!!!  Stirling   

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