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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link
Ava Maria - video ~ link 
Ava Maria - video ~ link  
Pray for Peace

GOP success opens the door to the States amending the US Constitution ~ link ~ How about outlawing the privately owned Federal Reserve System, term limits for all offices in USA, banning professional lobbying, limits on corporate power, limits on election spending, etc.  Stirling   

The GOP now holds numerical majorities in 33 legislatures, one shy of the two-thirds required to initiate a convention on constitutional amendments. There is no credible talk of using that power for amendments on hot-button social issues, such as banning abortion or gay marriage. But conservatives have a list of bread-and-butter governing issues they would like to see enshrined in the Constitution.

One, to require a balanced federal budget, is already approaching the level of support that would trigger a convention. Beyond that, a major state-level push is planned during 2017 for a constitutional convention that could also consider amendments to impose term limits on members of Congress and rein in various federal powers.

Fears that Italian PM Renzi's defeat in referendum will plunge Italy into full political and banking crisis ~ link ~ The Italian people said NO to the Globalists!!! Stirling 

Italian PM Matteo Renzi's referendum defeat on Sunday has left Italy facing political and economic uncertainty. Mr Renzi announced he was stepping down after his constitution reform plan was rejected by voters.

Donald Trump won 2,623 counties - More than any other candidates since Reagan 32 years ago ~ link ~ He actually won many more than that, but the Globalists/Hillary side stole many of the urban counties!!!  Stirling    

With the Dr. Carson for HUD Secretary nomination, Trump makes good on his promise to end Obama's mandated 'Diversity' scheme ~ link ~ I will be so glad when the 'teleprompter reader-in-chief' is no longer president - now about a month and a half away!!!  No more thousands of Muslim 'refugees', no more 'political correctness', and a right proper draining of the swamp!!!  Stirling    
Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail he would end Obama's disastrous Housing and Urban Development program to forcefully "diversify" majority white neighborhoods.

Ben Carson is a vocal opponent of the same scam. He wrote a column last year calling it a "social-engineering scheme" and saying it's another example of the failures of "socialism."

While Carson was initially hesitant to take a position in Trump's cabinet because he said he'd feel "like a fish out of water" acting as a federal bureaucrat. Fortunately, he changed his mind and is now on board the Trump train. 

Viscount Monckton declares the 'End Of Global Warming' - Proves mathematical mistake ~ link ~ Global Warming was a scam designed to allow the Globalists to transfer heavy manufacturing to China and other Third World nations.  To enforce strict non-competitive restrictions on Europe and North America so that the Globalists can destroy us economically!!!  Stirling   
On the Eve of the 75th Anniversary of the December 7th Attack on Pearl Harbor, the home town (Henderson, KY) of Admiral Kimmel unveils statue to him ~ link ~ This is just across the Ohio River from my hometown (Evansville, IN).  Admiral Kimmel was made the scapegoat for the failure of the US to be ready for this attack by the forces of Imperial Japan.  The reality is that FDR was well aware of the Japanese battle fleet heading to attack Pearl.  He had, after all, done his best to bate the Japanese militarists into attacking us, in order to get USA into WWII.  Admiral Kimmel was a decent man who did not deserve the treatment he received!  Stirling   

"He was wrongly blamed for the success of that attack and the devastation of the American men there." Admiral Kimmel was singled out, being relived of his command and demoted from a four-star rank to two stars. 

He was cleared of any failures in 1944 but didn't have his rank restored even after his death in 1968. That left his grandchildren, Manning and Thomas Kimmel, to continue the fight in the form of a statue, erected on the Henderson riverfront.

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