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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link
Ava Maria - video ~ link 
Ava Maria - video ~ link  
Pray for Peace

Europe at War: "Kick Them Out Of Our Country": Dutch leader Geert Wilders shares a shocking video of migrants rioting in the Netherlands ~ link ~ This massive migrant flood into Europe and North America is a scam designed by the Globalists to destroy Europe and North America and European/Pan-European values, culture, economics, freedoms, and the Christian religion.  It needs to be ended, once and for all, NOW!!!  Stirling  

Shocking video out of the Netherlands shows migrants rioting at an asylum center and engaging in tribal warfare using metal chairs at weapons.

Right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who is currently favored to be the Netherlands next Prime Minister, said the video was sent to him by an employee. He says the riot happened at asylum center in Apeldoorn last Friday. 
Over 230,000 homeless in England ~ link

British charities have warned that the number of homeless people in the UK is rapidly rising and thousands risk losing their lives as winter approaches.

More than a quarter of a million people are homeless in England, while about 30,000 lack a home in Scotland, has according to researchers from charity Shelter, which used data from four sets of official 2016 statistics.

When Truth-Telling Becomes Russian Propaganda ~ link ~ 

Fake news is a US government, mainstream media specialty – proliferating managed news misinformation agitprop, truth-telling suppressed on issues mattering most.

Propaganda wars precede hot ones. Deception, popular fiction and Big Lies launch them. Intense Russia bashing risks world peace, stability and security.

Pennsylvania GOP slams the Penn. Secretary of State for releasing contact information on Electors ~ link ~ Many Electors, in various states, have had death threats made to them by leftist Clinton supporters!  There are things happening, in this post election period, that should NOT be happening.  The Globalists are worried and who knows what craziness they are up to!!!  Stirling  

Jill Stein escalates the recount push - Goes into Federal Court in Pennsylvania ~ link ~ I believe that they want to tie things up in state and federal courts and in long recounts, so that the three states' votes cannot be counted thereby throwing the election into Congress.  The House decides the President race and the Senate decides the Vice-President race in that case.  The House votes by state and there are only 50 votes total, giving the Globalists an opportunity to bribe a couple handfuls of Republican Congressmen in order to steal the election for their puppet Hillary!!!  Stirling  

Tony Blair sees dangerous times ahead for western democracies ~ link ~ What a scumbag old Phony Tony is.  His concept of "democracy" is clowns like him holding office to serve the Rothschild-led Global Banking Cartel.  Notice the purple tie that he is wearing!!!  He is signaling that he is all aboard the Soros (Rothschild) Color Revolution for America!!!  Stirling    

Turkish Lira going downhill fast ~ link ~  
Yet President Erdogan has built himself the world's largest palace.  Stirling    

Only a sudden large rate rise will stop the rout. The troublesome fact the president is actively fighting against the help that’s needed means the market will be more confident in selling the lira. Global events aren’t helping. As a major commodity importer, the country’s terms of trade are starting to slump again in the wake of last week’s OPEC deal. Trump’s threatened geopolitical approach of reduced intervention is increasing the risk premium on assets in the region.

This movie has played out twice before in Turkey, in both 2006 and 2014, so traders should know how it ends. Erdogan will eventually lose, and the central bank will hike rates by several percent, striking further blows to a slowing real economy.

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