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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
Ava Maria - video ~ link 
Ava Maria - video ~ link    

Pray for Peace

  On this day in 1913 the Global Banking Cartel established the US Federal Reserve System.
On this day in 1950 the Vatican announced that they had established that the bones found underneath the High Altar in St. Peter's in Rome are the actual bones of Saint Peter. 

Europe's Future: Merkel or Le Pen? ~ link ~ That's easy, if you are a Christian human: Le Pen!!!  Stirling   

The terrorist who hijacked a truck in Berlin and ran over and killed 12 people, maiming and wounding 48 more, in that massacre in the Christmas market, has done more damage than he could imagine.

If the perpetrator is the jihadist from Tunisia who had no right to be in Germany, and had been under surveillance, the bell could begin to toll not only for Angela Merkel but for the European Union. That German lassitude, and the naivete behind it, allowed this outrage validates the grim verdict of geostrategist James Burnham in “Suicide of the West“: “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.” 

Jimmy Carter is the only former American President to RSVP for Trump's Inauguration ~ link ~ The only one with any taste or real substance behind the mask!!! Stirling  

Trump in another WIN: Lockheed CEO gives "personal commitment" to cut F-35 costs "aggressively" ~ link ~ What a difference a President WHO IS ACTUALLY WORKING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE can make...and he is not even in office yet!!!  Stirling  

Syrian Government readies Aleppo International Airport for reopening ~ link ~ The evil Globalist policy of 'Wars and Austerity Fascism' is beginning to come to an end!!!  Stirling    

USMC armored vehicles are too heavy for Osprey rotocraft ~ link ~ Over 35 years ago I was a senior consultant to a aerospace design bureau that had a all-composite stealth VTOL twin-jet that could transport a M1-A1 tank from any point on Earth to any other point on Earth that we could build for a very reasonable sum but the usual corrupt politics got in the way!!!  Stirling   

Happy 103'rd Birthday FED: Now do us all a favor and die already ~ link

It’s time to end the fed. It never should have existed in the first place. It’s time to free the markets and bring back the freedom of competing currencies and individual demand. We must put an end to the artificial markets and artificial monetary systems globally. 

Top ex-White House economist: 94% of all new jobs created under Obama were part-time ~ link ~ Considering the vast number of full-time jobs lost under Obama, no wonder we are in an economic depression!!!  Trump will end the Globalist "Wars and Austerity Fascism" strategy!!!  Stirling  

France reveals the World's first solar-tiled road ~ link ~ We actually live in a world and universe that is energy free/low-cost.  Someday future historians will look back on our time period and wonder how the Globalists managed to rape the human race so badly!!!  Stirling   
A 1 km road using almost 3,000 solar panels that can provide enough electricity to light up a small village has been revealed in France.

The pilot project, aptly nicknamed Wattway, will create approximately 280 megawatt hours annually, according to road manufacturer Colas. "We are still [in]…an experimental phase," a company director said in an announcement, adding that the pilot led to important installation and manufacturing lessons.

Master of Tai Chi demonstrates the Power of Qi Energy - video ~ link


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