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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link
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Ava Maria - video ~ link    
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French Senate passes a Pro-Life website BAN ~ link ~ This is so very typical of the fascist/communist Globalists.  They are determined to end free speech, especially on the Internet, having lost the US Presidential election and Brexit to an enlightened public.  Further, they are determined to keep their sacrifices to Satan going ... via the murder of millions of unborn babies in France and around the world!!!  We no longer have to take their crap.  The US election and Brexit shows that we can overthrow their sick agenda  any time we put our minds to it!!!  Stirling  
The French Senate adopted a bill that will make it a crime to post pro-life information on the internet on Wednesday.

The Senate voted 173-126 to approve legislation that will make it a crime for any website to publish material at odds with the nation’s abortion regime. The legislation, which passed the French National Assembly on Dec. 1, will prosecute pro-life activists for “exercising, by any mean, moral and psychological pressures, threats or any act of intimidation against people seeking information on a voluntarily termination of pregnancy.”

China to Fine or Shut Down websites that publish "Fake News" ~ link ~ And we can trust these fine communists to be fair and honest judges of what the "truth" is...NOT!!! Stirling  

Reuters is reporting that new 'fake news' fighting policies are being enacted in the Xinjiang province of China,  in an effort by the Chinese to push back against those who like to post 'harmful' information online, which do not adhere to government rules. 

The Washington Post appends its "Russian Propaganda Fake News" story and admits that it may be fake ~ link ~ Yep, the Globalists are in a panic about what to do about the alternative news media and the dying of their mainstream news media!!!  Stirling  

In the latest example why the "mainstream media" is facing a historic crisis of confidence among its readership, facing unprecedented blowback following Craig Timberg November 24 Washington Post story "Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say", on Wednesday a lengthy editor's note appeared on top of the original article in which the editor not only distances the WaPo from the "experts" quoted in the original article whose "work" served as the basis for the entire article (and which became the most read WaPo story the day it was published) but also admits the Post could not "vouch for the validity of PropOrNot's finding regarding any individual media outlet", in effect admitting the entire story may have been, drumroll "fake news" and conceding the Bezos-owned publication may have engaged in defamation by smearing numerous websites - Zero Hedge included - with patently false and unsubstantiated allegations.

It was the closest the Washington Post would come to formally retracting the story, which has now been thoroughly discredited not only by outside commentators, but by its own editor. 

PM May slaps down her own Foreign Minister over his 'Saudi proxy wars' comment ~ link ~ Boris Johnson sinned ... he told the truth or something close to it!!! Stirling  

In it the foreign secretary said: "There are politicians who are twisting and abusing religion and different strains of the same religion in order to further their own political objectives.

"That's one of the biggest political problems in the whole region. And the tragedy for me - and that's why you have these proxy wars being fought the whole time in that area - is that there is not strong enough leadership in the countries themselves." Mr Johnson told the Med 2 conference: "There are not enough big characters, big people, men or women, who are willing to reach out beyond their Sunni or Shia or whatever group to the other side and bring people together and to develop a national story again. 

Federal judge halts the Michigan recount and effectively seals Donald Trump's victory ~ link ~ Too bad Hillary ... now go jump into the dustbin of history!!!  Stirling  

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen: No free school for illegal immigrants ~ link ~ I like Marine, she places the French people first, not the Globalist agenda!!!  Stirling  

In a speech in Paris, the National Front's candidate in the 2017 presidential race next spring said she had nothing against foreigners. "But I tell them: if you come to our country don't expect to be taken care of, to be looked after, that your children will be educated without charge," she said. "No more playtime," she added.

Brazil Senate President's suspension rejected ~ link ~ Brazil's politics is very corrupt, but the back and forth battles to impeach one another is not really about corruption (or fighting it) but about Brazil's role in the BRICS nations efforts to overturn the power of the Global Banking Cartel!!!  Stirling  

More talk about more growth and more globalization ~ link ~ Globalization is simply another scam by the Globalist Banking Cartel families to denude the masses of their property, money, freedoms and futures!!!  Stirling    

Like a large part of the Brexit voters in Britain, millions of Italians have been on the losing side of globalism’s ‘benefits distribution’. And this weekend they found an outlet for their frustration about it. Like Brexiteers voted against Cameron and Osborne much more than they voted for anything in specific, and Trump won because Americans are fed up with the Obama/Clinton/GOP model, Italians voted against PM Renzi and his idea to take power away from parliament and give it to him.

Sears close to bankruptcy? ~ link ~ I have actually been surprised that the (what I consider to be) very poor corporate management team has kept the doors open as long as they have!!!  Stirling   

The company has been in the midst of a financial freefall. In 2000, it reported $41billion in sales. Last year, it dropped precipitously to $15billion. Kmart, which merged with Sears in 2005, sold just $10billion last year, compared to $37billion in 2000.

Reconstructed face of King Robert the Bruce is unveiled ~ link

Historians have unveiled a digitally-reconstructed image of the face of Robert the Bruce almost 700 years after his death. The image has been produced using casts from what is believed to be the skull of the famous Scottish king.

Flashing light therapy for Alzheimer's patients ~ link ~  

A flashing light therapy might help ward off Alzheimer's, say US scientists after promising trials in mice. The Massachusetts team found shining a strobe light into rodents' eyes encouraged protective cells to gobble up the harmful proteins that accumulate in the brain in this type of dementia.

The Pope declares homosexuals and anyone supporting gay culture may not become a Catholic priest  ~ link ~ Approximately 60% of Catholic priests are gay!!!  I would believe the Pope is serious if he were to end the 800 year old rule (in a 2,000 year old church) of mandatory celibacy.  Until he takes this step, it is all hot air!!!  Stirling     

Ancient underground megalith in Russia is of the size and design of the Great Giza Pyramid - video ~ link ~ I am far from certain that the standard views of the Pyramids are correct, or in a broader sense if the standard views of pre-history are fully correct.  Stirling   

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