Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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  Music to Define a New Age ~
The Trump Age

As a retired Humanities Professor, who taught, among other things, Music Appreciation, I would like to propose a new music style for a revolutionary new age for humanity.  This age is based on the rejection by the masses in America, Europe and much of the World of the old Globalist war-and-austerity centered age.  A new epoch where the hopes and ambitions of the masses to live a good, healthy, safe and productive life without the evil Globalist overlords bringing wars and economic depressions and chaos.  More than any one other person, Donald Trump and his populist election, are defining this new age.  In fact this age, which saw its beginning in the UK Brexit vote and its global energizing by the election of populist non-Globalist outsider Trump, will likely be known in future history as the TRUMP AGE!  

Nowadays, beginning in the early 20th Century, time periods are partially defined by their music. The Big Band Age helped to define the 30s and 40s.  Elvis and the Beach Boys and others defined the transition to the Vietnam War era and the 60s age of pop and counter-culture.  

Now as we enter a new epoch, one that is by its very nature very different than that before it, we need a new music form.  The age of the 'rock band', heavy on guitars and drums and very few, if any, brass or woodwind instruments, has run its course.  We need a more upbeat and harmonic genre, one that utilizes more instruments then the worn out glorified rock band.  

The musicians that are able to capture this new epoch will make a real name for themselves in the history of music.

Tim Earl of Stirling     

Please post and pass this on to your musician friends.           


Alain DENIS said...

attacks, riots, wars, massive wild strangers immigration are the way
nwo plotters use to afraid population,
so that we are supposed to search protection under their
so-called protective powerful power,
in fact,
nazi satanic usage of OUR nations powers.

western populations have choosen to close their eyes after 9/11/2001,
nwo plotters manipulations
nwo plotters manipulations
nwo plotters manipulations,
thinking powerful individuals are made to lead great nations,
bigger is the lie that person can simulate, the more he/she is able to lead great nations,
once they will have (what their mega-egos desire) to 'eat',
we will be in peace,
writing off 9/11/2001 victims, persons like you and me.
a bit like israel did with Jesus, saying "this one can die (on a cross) so that peace is preserved with roman empire".

Has that strategy led to a peaceful or happy world, 15 years later?
can lie, can murders, can hypocrisy build a nice world?

Time to change our values,
and time to set that evil governers out-of-harm order.

Alain DENIS said...

wiki past flash:
Sir John Major,
... is a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1997. A cabinet minister from 1989, he served Margaret Thatcher as Foreign Secretary and as Chancellor of the Exchequer during her third ministry. Major was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Huntingdon from 1979 to 2001; he is the oldest living former Prime Minister.

He has been a member of the Carlyle Group's European Advisory Board since 1998 and was appointed Chairman of Carlyle Europe in May 2001.[57] He stood down in August 2004.
Tony Blair to join Carlyle Group?
Exclusive By Rupert Hamer

08/22/05 "Sunday Mirror" -- -- TONY Blair is expected to join one of the most exclusive groups of businessmen in the world after he leaves Downing Street.
The PM is being lined up for a highly lucrative position with the Carlyle Group - an American-based investment giant with strong links to the White House and the defence industry.
carlyle group, you certainly remember, invest in war weapons before wars are announced.
permits to make huge money dividends at the expense of populations.
meets big names of worldwide politicians,
permits the plane of ben laden father to fly over usa and land in new york the morrow of 9/11/2001
in spite of usa skies locking.
meets bush father and ben laden father as big manager of carlyle investment group the morrow of 9/11/2001.

that 's what we are supposed to call our great powerful Nations population protectors.
worse today, worse tomorrow if we don't stop it.