Saturday, November 5, 2016

US Election ~ Final Days




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  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link

Ava Maria - video ~ link 

Ava Maria - video ~ link  
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Armageddon also means the Second Coming of Christ is Near

The news is a bit overwhelming on the US Presidential Election.  I am changing my blog format a bit to carry more stories for the next three days.  God help us as we go into the final days that will decide not only who will live in the White House but quite possibly if the nation itself and the entire world will go up in the flames of WWIII.
Tim Earl of Stirling 

Podesta collects "documentary-style" photos of naked teenagers in their parents suburban homes ~ link  

Trump Closing Strong ~ link 

Hillary tied to bizarre Satanic occult 'Spirit Cooking' ritual ~ link  

Is Weiner's Laptop Hillary's "Missing Laptop"? ~ link 

Alex Jones, Dr. Bill Deagle, and Lord Stirling proved right about Hillary's involvement in Satanism - Shocking new WikiLeaks reveal Clinton's camp's links to bizarre Luciferian worship ~ link

Hillary's Escape Plan!  How she'll vanish and where she'll flee! ~ link 

No True Catholic Can Vote For Hillary Clinton ~ link 

'Quite Frankly This Is Treason' says Rep. Michael McCaul the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee ~ link  ~ Also see ~ link  
MSM news sites post election results days before actual election ~ link   

If Hillary is elected, Christians better run like hell - The Six Stages of Christian Persecution ~ link 

Elites engaged in ritualistic Satanic child sacrifice at highest levels ~ link 

Workers and youth largely absent at Clinton's rally in Detroit ~ link 

Art depicting cannibalism hangs in Podesta's campaign office ~ link  

Fears about low black turnout keep Hillary supporters awake ~ link 

Flashback: Hillary is labeled 'High Priest' and 'goddess of Occult' in Guccifer letter ~ link  

NYPD ready to make arrests in Anthony Weiner case ~ link 

Assange: Clinton and ISIS funded by same money - Trump won't be allowed to win ~ link 

NYPD source: Weiner laptop has enough evidence to put Hillary away for life ~ link  

Video: Bill Clinton On Pedophile Island ~ link  

FBI has evidence Hillary (as well as Bill) 'visited' Orgy Island ~ link  

Obama Loses It in Fayetteville - Goes off on audience ~ link  

Trump to be Elected President in 3 days ~ link

Democrat insider predicts Trump LANDSLIDE ~ link  

This Video Could Stop Election Fraud - video ~ link  

Rust Belt To Trump's Rescue ~ link 

Clinton's Demonic Fetish Reveled - video ~ link  

David Duke's 2016 Senate Debate Louisiana ~ link

How Clinton Raped Haiti - How Globalists Will Rape US ~ link  

Market Indicator gives Trump a 86% chance of Winning ~ link 

Hillary Clinton's "Spirit Cooking" Satanic Ritual ~ link 

US Department of Justice Stopped NYPD from Making Arrests in Weiner Sexting case ~ link  

Satanic Sex Magick of John Podesta ~ link 

Hillary regularly attended Satanic "church" - Clinton insider reports ~ link  

Satanist Behind Hillary Clinton Revealed: Spirit Cooking ~ link 

Flashback: Satanic Hillary summons the dead and refuses to speak to Christ ~ link  


Alain DENIS said...

As long as the beast is not out-of-harm order, political situation will be unstable.
the beast great names are published all over non-msm.
Time for a real Washing_yes, with Christ in heart.
once roots (bewitched leaders) are cut from satan, most nwo allies are mellow like sheeps, it's a habit for them.
Anyway, if you do not wash, God will,
and it will be without precedent in Human History. Noah and sodom included.
it's the risk.

Anonymous said...

The dagos and their supporters have found a new way to publicly scold the Christians in Europe and in other Christian countries all over this very planet.

I am sure that Soros and THE TRIBE are behind this propaganda outlet.

In German, but the guy says that he has always been the scapegoat, has never had a friend or girlfriend and that nobody loves him.

That is why he joined ISIS.

THE TRIBE and their ilk think that we are stupid.

Joaquin, Germany