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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link

Ava Maria - video ~ link 

Ava Maria - video ~ link  
Pray for Peace

Syrian Army has entered the Menagh Air Base - video ~ link

Europe at War: Welcome to the Islamic State of Germany - video ~ link  

Growing crisis surrounds US-backed offensive in Syria ~ link
What has followed, however, has been a series of recriminations between Turkey, Washington’s main NATO ally in the region, and the Syrian Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) militia, which constitutes the principal proxy force in the drive against Raqqa. The YPG has been armed and funded by the Pentagon and accompanied into battle by US special forces units.

The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan initiated its own intervention into Syria, “Euphrates Shield,” beginning last August. Ostensibly launched in support of US-led operations against ISIS, the main thrust of the Turkish offensive has been directed at consolidating its own buffer zone along the Syrian-Turkish border and preventing Kurdish forces from joining together the territory they control in the same area.

Armistice Day: UK remembers Lesotho's Spitfire gift ~ link ~ Ninety-eight years ago, the great bloodletting that the Global Banking Cartel organized finally ended at the 11'th Hour of the 11'th Day of the 11'th Month of 1918.  Lets hope that Donald Trump's election has canceled the drive towards WWIII by the descendants of these Globalist madmen!!!  Stirling  

US 2016 Election: The Trump-Brexit voter revolt ~ link ~ It was President Lincoln that said, "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".  The people are waking up to the crimes of the Globalist overlords and the real threat that they pose to the world.  Stirling   

For many on this side of the Atlantic, there was a strong sense of deja vu on Tuesday night as it gradually emerged that Donald Trump has pulled off a dramatic victory.

It all seemed reminiscent of the drama that British voters had experienced when in the small hours of 24 June it became apparent that a majority had voted to leave the European Union.

EU Commission President Juncker warns that President-Elect Trump may upset US ties with Europe ~ link ~ The EU is an organization that was designed by the Rothschilds and their Ilk to serve their interests, but wrapped in things that appeared to serve the European masses.  However, the masses are weakening!!!  Stirling   

French opposition MPs move to Impeach President Hollande ~ link ~  

Dozens of French opposition MPs have launched an attempt to impeach President Francois Hollande.

The conservative deputies allege that the Socialist president disclosed classified information to journalists, published in a book recently. The MPs have sent the motion to the government.

Obama's new Washington home ~ link

LOOK, it’s not the White House — but Barack Obama’s new digs post-presidency aren’t too shabby.

The Obama’s will settle in to the nine-bedroom home, which is reportedly owned by Joe Lockhart — who served as the White House press secretary under Bill Clinton.

ObamaTrade Is Dead: The White House abandons TPP as the EU halts trade talks after the Trump election victory ~ link ~ Trump is not even in office yet and he is making a positive impact on America!!!  Stirling  

It appears the entire 'ObamaTrade' farce is collapsing under the weight of its secrecy and corporatocracy in the immediate aftermath of Trump's triumph. First this morning, Bloomberg reported that EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said EU-U.S. negotiations on a free-trade agreement are on hold, and now WSJ reports that the Obama administration on Friday gave up all hope of enacting its sweeping Pacific trade agreement, denting American prestige in the regions at a time when China is flexing its economic and military muscle.

Just days after Donald Trump won the election, all of Washington's major trade deals are dead or dying.

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