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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Ava Maria - video ~ link  
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EU President Jean-Claud Juncker pleads with European leaders NOT to hold any "in-out" referendums:  Because voters will vote to LEAVE ~ link ~ First Brexit, then the Trump election, now almost all of Europe is ready to tear down the Rothschild constructed and controlled European Union!!!  Stirling 

The European Commission president said giving people a vote would be 'unwise' as they could seek to replicate Brexit. His remarks come as one of the contenders to become Austrian president has threatened to hold a referendum if the EU integrates further.

Norbert Hofer, who will become Europe's first far-right head of state since the Second World War if elected on Sunday, has promised a ballot if the EU becomes more centralised following Brexit.

Trump's election: Will DOUBLE America's growth ~ link ~ Actually, it could be much more than this!  The Globalists have a great crash planned, however, the right American leader can change everything ... everything for the better for the average person!!!  We could have some hiccups, due to the Globalists, but we could well be going into the Greatest Period of Prosperity in the World's History!!! The key is to take the power from the satanic jerks that have it now, and are deliberately screwing up the economy, and release the creative potential of man!!!  Stirling       

Trump is 'very impressed' with General Petraeus for possible Secretary of State position ~ link ~ I have been wondering if several of the retired generals, that have been mentioned for senior Trump Administration positions, are among the rumored group of retired American generals, who went to Donald Trump sometime last year, to talk him into running for President.  Saying that he was the last chance to save America from destruction by the Globalists.  Keep that in mind when you hear about this or that retired general.  In Petraeus case, there are rumors that he like Lt. Gen. Flint, was really forced out for putting America FIRST.  Stirling   

President-elect Donald Trump stepped up his search on Monday for a new U.S. secretary of state, with the focus on David Petraeus, a former U.S. military commander in Iraq whose mishandling of classified information led to his resignation as CIA chief in 2012.

Trump's consideration of Petraeus, who has also been mentioned as a contender for the top job at the Pentagon - adds a new layer of drama to his unusually public deliberations over the top diplomatic job for his administration.

EU fears NO vote in Italian constitutional referendum ~ link ~ I love Italians, had some for neighbors growing up, but they can be a tad emotional at times.  Their politics is crazy and there are both good things and bad things in the constitutional 'reform' referendum.  Stirling  

In less than a week voters in Italy will decide on the constitutional reform proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The reform envisages abolishing the parliamentary two-chamber system by reducing the size of the Senate and its powers. The move, Renzi argues, will considerably facilitate decision-making processes in the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, the new right to vote, “Italicum,” which was passed last year, gives the strongest party a massive bonus and in turn the prime minister much greater power. 

Interior Minister of Italy: Surrender your homes to migrants or face jail ~ link ~ Don't you just "love" these Globalist puppets ... nothing is too over the top for these evil bastards!!!  Stirling  

China in a protest over Singapore's Military Exercise with Taiwan ~ linkChina has grown very 'big' very quickly.  As someone who studied Chinese history and politics and language many years ago, I see several 'bad (and historical) signs' developing!!!  Stirling  

China has officially lodged a diplomatic complaint with the government of Singapore after a shipment of nine Singaporean military vehicles was seized by Hong Kong customs officials in mid-November, en route from Taiwan to Singapore after the two countries conducted joint military training exercises. 

'Phony Tony' Blair faces new charges in Parliament for "misleading" the UK over Iraq ~ link ~ Always taking care of the Globalists instead of the people of the United Kingdom!!!  Stirling  

A cross-party group has tabled a new motion against Tony Blair, on the basis of facts revealed in the Chilcot report, that could see him stripped of his place on the Privy Council – a potential humiliation for the former leader, who is attempting to play a bigger role in UK politics.  

Down the Pizzagate Rabbit Hole - video ~ link 

Obamas' Kids Are Adopted - I Found the Real Parents - video ~ link ~ Also See ~ More on Michael Robinson Becoming Michelle Obama ~ link ~ How much of this is true?  The fact is that we know very little of Obama that is factual!!!  Stirling  

Ohio State University attack: Islamic driven slaughter? ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Some people, due to their culture, religious views towards making war on 'unbelievers', etc. should never be allowed into American or any Christian Euro-cultured nation.  This jerk is a good example of that!!!  Stirling   

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