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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Ava Maria - video ~ link  
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Marine Le Pen could Win upcoming French election amid rise of populist right and the Trump victory ~ link ~ I hope so, the French have suffered under two Rothschild puppets in a row!!!  Stirling  

Manuel Valls also conceded the European Union project was in real danger of collapse as the continent swings to the right. 

Unless France and Germany, in particular, work harder to stimulate growth and employment and heed citizens' concerns the project is over, said Mr Valls while in Berlin on Thursday. 

Trump could cut $42 Billion worth of regulations upon taking office ~ link ~ Good Start!!!  Stirling   

Trump said on the campaign trail that 70 percent of federal regulations “can go,” so the American Action Forum (AAF) put together a list of 48 major regulations Congress could invalidate under the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

“Together, those rules impose more than $42.5 billion in total costs, $6.5 billion in annualized costs, and 53 million paperwork burden hours,” AAF analysts Sam Batkins and Dan Goldbeck wrote in a new report.

Trump taps retired Lt.Gen. Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor ~ link ~ link ~ Good choice!!!  Note that, regardless of all the BS coming from the MSM, there have been only 3 appointments so far.  Most "sources" don't know what they are talking about!  Stirling  

Pro-Russian candidates win presidential elections in both Bulgaria and Moldova ~ link ~ The across-the-board European revolt against the Rothschild-led Globalist drive towards war with Russia and WWIII continues!!! Stirling   
Pro-Russian presidential candidates won run-off elections in both Bulgaria and Moldova on Sunday. The results have caused domestic and international tensions and have deepened the crisis of the European Union (EU), because the EU and NATO member Bulgaria and strategically located Moldova, situated between Romania and Ukraine, will both now orient more strongly towards Moscow.
Paid protesters 'Planning to cause chaos in Washington' and block a peaceful inauguration for Trump ~ link ~ The 'paid' part should open up both the organizers and funding sources, as well as the protesters, for criminal charges under the Patriot Act, and this should be make clear by the incoming Administration!!!  Stirling  

If Soros money and its ilk proves effective, inauguration day on January 20th will become one of the largest demonstrations on record, with a group calling itself #DISRUPTJ20 planning to block “peaceful transition” and disrupt Trump’s swearing in.

The groups promoting it are calling on people nationwide to join in, and for business in D.C. to take sides and take “direct action” and attempt to stop the parade, block streets and other delay the events as scheduled:

'Elites that distance themselves from the voters will be voted out' says Austria's Hofer on the Trump victory ~ link ~ He was elected but the Globalists cheated and tried to place his opponent in power but the Constitutional Court ordered a new election.  One that he is likely to win.  Stirling  
Austrian far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer says Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections proves the public has had enough of political elites and he now sees his own victory in his country’s upcoming elections as more likely.

“Wherever the elites distance themselves from voters, those elites will be voted out of office,” Hofer of Austria’s Freedom Party said in an interview with Reuters news agency. Inspired by Trump’s surprise victory, the politician now believes his election campaign is on the right track, despite its sharp stance on Austria’s EU membership and immigration.

Eurosceptic Trump has the German political class 'really worried' ~ link ~ The German people have suffered so much because of Merkel and her supporters.  Now they see that the 'Tide of History' has turned against the Globalists and they are out for blood!!!  Stirling   

The billionaire businessman-turned-politician’s election sent shockwaves through the European establishment last week after his surprise win over Hillary Clinton.

Mr Trump has frequently spoken of his disdain for the EU and sought to link himself to Brexit during his campaign. There are now concerns his election could destabilise the EU-US relationship.

Real 'Check and Balance' has returned as the Era of the Alternative Media has arrived ~ link ~ Another segment of the Globalist power structure falling apart!!!  Stirling   

'It's run into the sand!': UKIP MEP calls for the break up of the EU ~ link 

Speaking on BBC Two’s Daily Politics on Thursday, Patrick O’Flynn, suggested the end was in sight for the European bloc with Eurocrats losing “popular support”.

French PM: EU is in Danger of Falling Apart ~ link ~ There were many good things about the EU but overall it was designed for and by the Rothschild-led Global Banking Cartel, NOT for the people of Europe!!!  And now the people have woken up to that fact!!!  Stirling  

Merkel's reign and legacy dubbed a 'shambles' ~ link ~  

ANGELA MERKEL has been slammed for antagonising other European countries and overseeing a disastrous open door migration policy in a damning verdict on her leadership which has left Germany in a "reformation shambles". 

'She has been outstanding': Obama tells Germany to be Grateful for Merkel's migrant madness ~ link ~ Obama is a total jerk...I will be so glad to see him out of the White House!!!  Stirling 



Trump supporters launch #BlackoutCNN - Another sign that Americans are fed up with Globalist media dishonesty ~ link ~  

We have a dishonest North Korea-style, government-run, propaganda media that exists to be the far left-wing of the globalist movement.

They are a methodical machine that pumps out a constant stream of ideological garbage disguised as "unbiased" news. 


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