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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Ava Maria - video ~ link  
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Marquess of Salisbury: Following Trump's victory: 2017, with elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands, will be "a huge year in the history of Europe and of the EU" ~ link ~ I agree with Lord Salisbury.  The public is posed to kick out the lackeys of the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel in Europe, much as they did in America!!!  Stirling   
The Marquess of Salisbury suggested Brussels bosses “will soon find out” whether the bloc is equipped to survive a series of potential rejections at the ballot box as early as next month. 

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders and Germany’s anti-migrant Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party have all hailed President-elect Trump’s success as a sign their far-right politics could sweep to success next year.
War in Syria: Trump likely to support Russia's stance on Syria in order to End the War ~ link ~ Ending this nightmare war is the only intelligent and moral thing to do!!!  Stirling  
United States President-elect Donald Trump will probably share Russia’s approach to the Syrian crisis, said Fabien Baussart, head of French think-tank Center of Political and Foreign Affairs.
Congressional Probe Will Absolutely Continue says House Oversight Committee Chairman ~ link ~ This coupled with criminal charges and trials will open the eyes of Americans to the Satanist cult that has been operating behind the scenes and the total outrage over this WILL EMPOWER the new Trump Administration in its struggle with Globalist forces in Congress, the MSM and elsewhere!!!  Stirling   


Michael Savage predicts Obama will use a 'poison pill' to make things difficult for incoming Trump Administration ~ link
Talk show star and best-selling author, Dr. Michael Savage, is warning that President Obama, on his way out of office, may be planning to sabotage President-elect Donald J. Trump, leaving an ultra-disruptive "poison pill" that would throw the incoming administration, and the country, into chaos.

In a recent issue of his free newsletter and also during a broadcast, Savage pointed out that the poison pill is likely already in place, in that most of Obama's political appointees – especially in the Justice Department – are far-Left radicals that are responsible for much of what ails the country. 
Left-wing violence post-Trump victory will not stop until USA completely shuns the corrupt MSM ~ link ~ Ask yourself why should any person/company/group be allowed to own more than one radio or television station or more than one newspaper???  These should be locally owned and operated!  Stirling   
In the days following President-elect Donald J. Trump's historic upset victory over the mainstream media's (MSM's) handpicked candidate, Hillary Clinton, demonstrations, violence and threats of assassination against the real estate mogul-turned-politician have continued to proliferate. One of the main reasons for this is that the same MSM is using the opportunity to further propagandize Trump's victory and make it seem as though a sizeable portion of the country is against him.

That's simply not true, and any logical, thinking person can figure that out, for if it were the case, Trump would not have won. But he did win, and in doing so he flipped millions of Obama voters to seal the deal.

Trump Protests Sponsored by Soros-Clinton Cabal ~ link ~ The real Cabal is headed by the Rothschilds and is composed of about 30 families, Soros and the Clintons are just Front Men!!!  Stirling 
We are living in a DEPRESSION - That's why Donald Trump won the White House ~ link ~ I have been saying for many years now, that we are not in a "recovery from a recession", or a "recession", or the "Great Recession", that we are in a real DEPRESSION!!!  There is no real reason why we in America, Europe and around the World should not be in the greatest period of economic prosperity in history!!!  It is only because a tiny super-elite globalist banksters have so spun the world's economy into a mess that only benefits them, that we are in a Depression!!!  I believe that Donald Trump can usher one of the greatest periods, of outstanding progress and prosperity in history, for the great masses of people in America and elsewhere!!!  Stirling   
Putin has issued an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros - Dead or Alive ~ link ~ I think that Mr. Soros would not want to end up in a Russian prison.  I would love to see him in Russian prison clothes and in a typical "delightful" Russian cell.  Stirling 
Blocks of anti-Trump protesters caught on tape ~ link Anywhere these protesters have engaged in violence, the local and state authorities should issue arrest warrants for those behind the efforts ... No need to wait until Trump is in office for this!!!  Stirling  

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