Thursday, October 27, 2016

Special Report: What Happens If There Is A Landslide For Trump And They Still Steal The Election




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 Special Report

What Happens If There Is A Landslide For Trump And They Still Steal The Election?

I am a way outside-of-the-box kind of a guy.  I am a former Roman Catholic who is now Eastern Orthodox.  I am a American Midwesterner and also a Scottish Earl/Viscount/etc.  I am a former antiwar activist, who served as a theoretical warfare/weapons strategist and designer.  I am a 6'02" good old down-to-earth Indiana boy, with a beard, who has multiple degrees and was Scottish Editor at the famous Burke's Peerage Publishing and Genealogical firm in London (known as the 'Bible of the Aristocracy' in the United Kingdom for generations).  I could go on, but who cares.  

One thing that I am is a person who since childhood has had a overriding desire to acquire knowledge and to figure things out, especially things that "I am not suppose to know about".  I read more than maybe 100 average university-educated adults, day in and day out.  I am on talk radio with hundreds of thousands of listeners, at least twice a week.  And yet, I am at a place where I simply do not know where we, as a nation or a world, are going in the next few weeks.

We truly are in strange and 'interesting times' (an old Chinese curse: "May you live in Interesting Times" comes to mind).  We have a group of global banking families, whose operations go back two, three or more centuries.  Who are in effect 'legal counterfeiters'.  Who print paper money (actually now it is mostly just data entries on computers) from nothing and loan it to nations at compound interest with both the interest and principal having to be paid back.

They "have more money than God" (I don't mean to be disrespectful to the Almighty here, but that is a term that is used).  The Rothschilds, the 'leaders of the pack' of perhaps 30 mostly Jewish global bankster families, have a combined wealth of $500 TRILLION or so (a significant percentage of all 'wealth' on the planet)!  Yet they want more!!!

It appears that they are multi-generational satanists who desire a demonic and hellish New World Order in which over 6 billion human beings have been killed off in World War III and most of the remainder are serfs (a 21st Century version) to the high and mighty cabal families.

You can call them Illuminati, Globalist Banking Cartel, Khazarian Global Mafia, etc., but sadly they exist at the highest levels of current human existence. However, they are not the only powerful families, individuals, groups, tribes, nationalities, etc., on Earth, and in fact, there are a number of others with important economic/political/military power outside of this hidden global super-elite.

I have long said that the most dangerous time of our history will come when one very powerful group/grouping attempts to grab it all and to consolidate their power into a truly all-encompassing global empire with 21'st Century security state technology.  That those, whose independence and wealth and possible very existence must be sacrificed in order to facilitate the building of this satanic empire, might not roll over without a gigantic struggle ... a gigantic struggle with 21'st Century weapons of mass destruction!  

That the globalists might actually desire a mega-destructive WWIII is really rather far out in terms of probabilities.  However, there appears to be ample indications that this is, in fact, a key part of the Grand Strategic vision of these families. 

The struggle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represents two sides battling it out for their vision of the near future to be successful.  Trump represents not only his personal desires, but the interests of many diverse groups/interests/people.  Many wealthy billionaires, for example, fear the trillionaire 30 families and their crazed road map to what many see as the destruction of this planet and the high probability of a human life extinction event.  Trump also gives the masses hope that their desire, for a peaceful and safe and prosperous future  for themselves and their offspring, will be fruitful.

Clinton represents those criminal/political/financial mega-elites (Illuminati/etc.) who desire to see their demonic New World Order come to fruition.   

Indications grow by the day, based on early voting in diverse parts of America, that Trump will win by a Landslide!  That this is in spite of the almost total control of the mainstream news media by the Globalist forces and the extensive use of the MSM as a propaganda arm of the Clinton Campaign.  

The polling is screwed and deliberately repeats a narrative of "some" polls showing Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead and "other" polls showing a 2 point or so flip flop back and forth between Clinton and Trump.  This in spite of very limited campaigning by a reportedly very ill Hillary Clinton and very small crowds for her (in the hundreds) compared to tens of thousands daily for Donald Trump.  Clinton's Vice Presidential running mate actually suffered the humiliation of a "crowd" of 30 at a Florida rally a couple of days ago.  His VP opponent routinely pulls in thousands.

Even though a significant percentage of the American electorate votes using totally insecure electronic voting devices, there is assumed to be a upper limit on 'stealing a election' by fraudulent electronic means. A candidate, who is ahead by only a few points, might be surprised on election day but a candidate who is strongly motivating his voters (Trump is currently breaking all records for early voting numbers) and is truly winning by a landslide, who suddenly loses in a shocker is apt to be a victim of electronic election fraud. 

The American public is now very aware of Clinton's criminal history and of the high likelihood that her campaign will attempt to steal the election. This makes it very hard to steal the election without mass protests and civil unrest up to and including  something like a breakdown of order throughout the land.

One might think that the Globalists would simply fall back and try again later having the benefit of great wealth and a long history.  However, the rise of the Internet has had a earth changing effect on human events, not unlike the invention of the printing press did centuries ago.  The Globalists have found themselves at a crossroads.  One path takes them to their long-sought New World Order; the other path takes them to exposure by the masses, something no secretive tiny super-elite bent on human genocide and enslavement could possibly want.   

The Globalists must win or it is they that face extinction, not the great masses of this planet.  They simply cannot win without maintaining the control of the world's sole remaining superpower, America. That requires the control of the White House.

One option, in the event of losing control over the US Executive Branch of Government, is to deliver to the new President a fait accompli to a almost totally insurmountable cornucopia of problems: World War III, a global financial crash, a new great depression, chaos in the streets, a EMP strike and/or false flag "terrorism" events throughout the land, etc.  And as the long-time 'lords of chaos' on this world, use the chaos to muscle control and remain on the path to the New World Order.

What is really going to go down in less than two weeks?  And more important, what will that trigger?

Tim Earl of Stirling   

Please post and distribute this. Thanks, Tim             


TennesseeVolunteer said...

Tim, as an old Ohio boy, I always wondered why your words resonated with me? That Earl of Stirling thing had me fooled ! And all this time you were a Indiana farm boy! My Dad owned a small farm in Sunman, Indiana where we played farmer, many of my best memories with my Dad, we had a old farmhouse that was an original log cabin from the mid 1860's. The logs were given to a historical town that was being build not far away....good memories all.) Thanks for all you do. I think there are many of us from our generation who are agog at the state of our nation.
I, like you, have been reduced to continuing to work hard, taking care of my family, ready for the possible worse to come but still praying for a outcome that allows mankind to come through this without death and destruction worldwide.
all the best, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Just two new pieces of news from good ol' Germany:

1. A head of the Turkish member of the parent association in Hamburg insults Germans as cur-race, according to NDR (northern German radio), because our parliament has decided that the murder of the Armenians by the Turks was a genocide.
He also said that from now on you (the Germans)won't know what has hit you!

2. A German judge has been hit and injured by a Muslim wog from Eritrea.

The Muslim dago has commited several crimes up to now:
arson and bodyly harm (also with fireworks).

He hit the judge with a metal dust bin. The police officers could not prevent it, because he was as quick as lightning.

Now, the Muslim cultural enricher is in a psychiatric clinic which costs the stupid German tax payers about 8,000 dollars a month.
Can you dig it?

If you don't speak German, you can use google translate to get an impression of these crimes against the German people.

BTW: our left-green politicians and their ilk are collaborators for the Islamisation of Germany and Europe.
History tells us what collaborators have to go through after the revolution.
The rivers will be red for a long time and stray cats and dogs will get fat after the carnage.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

One more mad and weird bit of info from good ol' Germany:

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

If this is true, we are headed for WWIII in the next few days or weeks. Full stop!

Joaquin, Germany

Alain DENIS said...

they will die for nothing; but their number is in nwo office excel boards.
reduce world population to build their enslaved ressources.
brics, russia, china are not your ennemies.
very most countries borders have been defined for years. who would like to redefine them?
are you not independent? did not God make you independent to work for living?
if you are looking for a ressource, get it from your own Nation, or invent a substitute.
did not God create you clever enough?
respect others and the world will be peaceful.

how much do you spend for politicians (leading you to war)?
how much do you spend for banksters (loaning to you to war)?
but they tell you daily, you are not profitable enough.


you are no more a family
(at any level: parents-children, entreprise, church, town, nation, world ... ...)
you let them separate your-selves with competition brain-stormings,
God did teach you Fraternity. (sorry!!!!
because now this word sounds like an insult...... would you permit i speak a little about Fraternity? i have no weapons!! :)
Fraternity does not lead to war or mega-nuclear war.
and so, not to nuclear diseases, worldwide.
competition is only to apply to one-self, not between others.
do you want Usain Bolt to run with guns in his hands?
or him to drug the others before the start?

second ennemy,
with supernation budget (greater than usa nation budget) and an ARMY of all society levels puppets.
(from western presidents to no-brain legionaires)
easy when you have drowned super-nations under colossal fictionale nOtionale debt.
money does not mean anything anymore.
landing will be violent.
today anti-nation, tomorrow imperator anti-Christ.
... bringing a so-called peace (global enslavement)

Vladimir Poutine may help you, contrary to what you may think.