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Special Report: People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones




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Post-Debate Update (1:00 am 10 October 2016):
In one of the greatest political backfires in modern history, the psyop release of the 11 year old tapes of Donald Trump 'talking dirty' and the MSM's overly strong hyping of same has enabled Trump to take the issue of criminal behavior by Bill and Hillary Clinton into the forefront of the Presidential Election!!!  This may prove to be a mortal blow to the campaign of Globalist candidate Hillary Clinton!!!
Tim Earl of Stirling  

This is an exciting weekend in the US Presidential Election.  Tonight is the Second Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  This weekend saw the worst dirty tricks in living US election history (with the possible exception of the Iran hostage raid mess under former President Carter).

An old, eventually secret, recording of a younger Donald Trump talking 'boys locker room trash' was leaked by the forces behind Hillary.  The timing was key.  It was designed to cover up the WikiLeaks disclosure of what she said in private speeches to Wall Street bankers.  She told them that she supports UNLIMITED OPEN US BORDERS and Free Trade.  This would result in many millions of Muslim and other poor immigrants that would absolutely destroy the American economy, every city and town, and for that matter every neighborhood in America, would be decimated.  Further, the timing was designed to throw Trump off footing for the debate.  A number of Globalist bought-and-paid for Republican hacks came out against Trump and the Globalist controlled mainstream news media ran full steam with this 'tempest in a tea pot' demanding that Trump withdrawal from the race!

In years past, the two major parties would NEVER have sunk so low in such a personal attack and the press would never have cooperated in such a obvious psychological warfare type operation.  

Donald Trump is from outside the totally corrupt Washington political establishment.  He is a multi-billionaire and is not a puppet to the Globalists.  This scares the living hell out of them.  They appear to be ready to use a War with Russia in Syria, as a Option, if necessary, to maintain control over the World's sole Superpower.  That this might spin out of control and cause a all-out Third World War that would kill SIX BILLION or so human lives does not seem to be a problem to them.  

Actually, I think they overplayed their hand on this one and it is showing.  Since they have 'taken the gloves off' Trump will be free to respond in kind.  The trouble is, on the balance of things, his 'potty language' vs. Bill Clinton's multiple documented  rapes of women, with Hillary acting to intimate Bill's victims into silence will NOT work in Hillary's favor!  Furthermore, the misdeeds of the Clinton's in over 30 years of "public service" are very extensive.  Bill Clinton is after all, only the second US President to have been Impeached by the House of Representatives in American history.  

Contrary to the Globalist-controlled MSM hype, 'it's not over yet' and Trump could still come in with a landslide in November! 

Tim Earl of Stirling        

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