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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link
Ava Maria - video ~ link 
Ava Maria - video ~ link  
Pray for Peace
On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means the Second Coming of Christ is Near

 I believe that the dates between October 16 and October 23, the Feast of Sukkot, are very dangerous for events in the Middle East and elsewhere to get out of hand!
Tim Earl of Stirling 

Things happening at an Alarming Pace in the Syrian War - Russia gears up for WAR ~ link

The United States has remained bull-headed in its “diplomacy” in Syria, and has brazenly refused to even discuss problems with Russian diplomats on the world stage. As a result, negotiations and diplomacy have broken down altogether, and the Russians are instead issuing dire warnings to the West not to start a war by intervening directly against Assad.

Escalating War Games in South China Sea ~ link ~
Washington is now exploiting “freedom of navigation” as the pretext for strengthening military ties with South East Asian countries and pushing its Asian allies to consolidate their own military relations. The South China Sea is critical to the Pentagon’s AirSea Battle strategy for war against China, which foreshadows a massive aerial and missile bombardment of the Chinese mainland, supplemented by a naval blockade.
The result is a dangerous intensification of military activity in the South China Sea as indicated by the current war games taking place.

Russian options against an American attack on Syria ~ link ~
In theory, these are, very roughly, the possible levels of confrontation:
  1. A military standoff à la Berlin in 1961. One could argue that this is what is already taking place right now, albeit in a more long-distance and less visible way.
  2. A single military incident, such as what happened recently when Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 and Russia chose not to retaliate.
  3. A series of localized clashes similar to what is currently happening between India and Pakistan.
  4. A conflict limited to the Syrian theater of war (say like the war between the UK and Argentina over the Malvinas Islands).
  5. A regional or global military confrontation between the USA and Russia.
  6. A full scale thermonuclear war between the USA and Russia
There are basically two options of deterrence: denial, when you prevent your enemy from hitting his targets and retaliation, when you make the costs of an enemy attack unacceptably high for him. The Russians appear to be pursuing both tracks at the same time. We can thus summarize the Russian approach as such
  1. Delay a confrontation as much as possible (buy time).
  2. Try to keep any confrontation at the lowest possible escalatory level.
  3. If possible, reply with asymmetrical/horizontal escalations.
  4. Rather then “prevail” against the US/NATO – make the costs of attack too high.
  5. Try to put pressure on US “allies” in order to create tensions inside the Empire.
  6. Try to paralyze the USA on a political level by making the political costs of an attack too high-end.
  7. Try to gradually create the conditions on the ground (Aleppo) to make a US attack futile.
Pakistan and India continue to trade fire ~ link ~ Just another place that can take a "limited war" in Syria into a global war!!!  Stirling
Pakistan's military on Wednesday accused India of another "unprovoked" attack in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, saying it "befittingly" responded by returning fire, a sign of increasing tension between the two nuclear-armed archrivals.
In a statement, the military said Pakistani and Indian troops were still exchanging fire in Kashmir.

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