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The Constitutional Obama Third Term ~ Special Post




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284 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference 


Michele Obama for President
Roger Stone: The DNC will pick Michele if they replace Hillary.
The strangest American Presidential Election in living memory, just got one hell of a lot stranger!!!  A key Trump insider, one whose analysis I frequently find 'on the mark' is predicting that the Democratic National Committee will turn to First Lady Michele Obama if they replace Hillary Clinton...Damn, I have to admit that I did not see that one coming (assuming he is correct).
Hillary is dying of advanced Parkinson's Disease and assorted other medical conditions.  The plan to keep her alive and steal the election, is yet another Globalist plan that failed due to arrogance. Since they now have little choice but to abandon the dying witch Hillary, most (including myself) thought the choice would be either Tim Kaine or Joe Biden (some thought Bernie Sanders had a chance).  But Michelle Obama is the most "insider of all insiders" to the successful Obama Front Man Administration for the Rothschild-headed Global banksters.  She has far less negative polling percentages as Hillary does and will retain the women voters and black voters that Hillary was using as a base.  She may even regain the gay/transsexual community vote that was moving away from Hillary.  A deal may be cut giving some high level position to Bill Clinton for his support in the remaining campaign. 
In the end I suspect that this will be too little too late to save the White House for the Globalists...unless they steal the election with the computer source code that Diebold and other US computer voting systems use.  The Trump Campaign should immediately go into every county court in America, that uses computer voting to seek, an injunction against the use of this common computer source code that has been proven to exist with only one use possible, the stealing of elections.  
That said, Michele Obama will bring with her all the crimes of the Obama Administration and will make a large target for the most effective presidential campaigner, Donald Trump, since John F. Kennedy.  

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