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Special Report ~ Hillary's Campaign in Total Panic - Sends in the Doubles




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Ava Maria - video ~ link  
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286 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference 

Special Report
Crisis of the American Election 
Hillary's Campaign in Total Panic Sends in the Doubles  

Will the real Hillary please stand up ~ link ~ Good work Jim!!!  Do check this article out.  Stirling  
We are confronting the most brazen political move in American history. When will the press begin to fulfill its ethical obligations to the American people? Will the real "Hillary Clinton" please stand up? 
First video of "Hillary" since her collapse on 9/11/2016 - video - What is in her mouth??? ~ link   

Hillary's Body Double - It's all in the nose!  They are gambling that people won't notice ~ link ~ This comes from some super-elites who view the American people as stupid trash that they can fool any day and any time and get away with it!!!  You need to see this one and the large collection of photos!!!  Stirling    
Where did Hillary's mole go??? - photos ~ link ~
The Real Hillary Has A Mole Above The
Right Lip Near The Corner Of Her Mouth - See more at:
Hillary, the real one, has a mole over her upper lip on the right side of her face.  This can be seen on countless photos over the years, yet the "Hillary" on today's jet trip to a campaign stop in North Carolina did NOT have a mole there!!!  Stirling   
Report: Hillary is Dying of Sepsis Encephalopathy in a Secret Medical Facility ~ link ~ Is this true?  I don't know, but I do know that something is very wrong!!!  Stirling  
Looks Like They Are Going With A Body Double! Where Is Hillary? Questions!
Did She Die On 9/11 After They Dragged Her Limp Body Into The Van? If True, The Brazen Arrogance Of The Controllers Is Astounding
'Hillary' On Her Jet With The Press Today, Thursday, 9-15-16…Just Four Days After Her Total, Complete Collapse. Now, look At The BOTTOM Of The Nose, The Septum, Where It Joins The Upper Lip. The End Of The Nose Irrefutably Extends DOWNWARD...Farther Than Hillary's Does. Furthermore, The Nostrils Are Also MARKEDLY Differently Shaped.
- See more at:
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Photos: Hillary's Body Double - You Look You Decide ~ link ~ I say Body Double!!!  Stirling  
The Internet thinks that Hillary has a body double ~ link ~ Actually I suspect that she has two or more doubles ... they can afford it with a $2.5 Billion campaign budget!!!  Stirling   

Fantastic Tales that Americans Must Believe to be Admitted to Polite Society ~ link ~  
The following is an example of a Fantastic Tale: On Tuesday June 4, 1968 Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic primary. We are told that Sirhan Sirhan was the lone assassin. Men and women in Polite Society are required to believe that Sirhan’s 8 shot 22 caliber revolver fired 13 times without reloading. Sirhan who was standing in front of RFK was able to fire five “Magic Bullets” that flew upward and over Kennedy’s head, went past him and then down sharply only to reverse course, travel downwards only to reverse course again and strike him from behind at an upward angle. Somehow the powder burns from these “Magic Bullets” followed their rather strange trajectory sufficiently so as to convince the Coroner that they had been fired only inches away from the likely 1968 Democratic Presidential nominee.
Hillary Clinton is a career criminal who has stolen billions of dollars from the people of Haiti and Africa. She has sold American foreign policy for cash and cannot even be indicted. It seems that in America only the poor and the middle class go to jail while everyone in  Washington or on Wall Street is immune from prosecution
The Clintons Plundered the Poor Black People of Haiti ~ link ~  
After the devastating earthquake the Clintons and the United Nations brought with them a Cholera epidemic that infected 700,000 Haitians and killed at least 9,000, $6 billion of aid that was mysteriously squandered, Formaldehyde laced cancer causing trailers and a legion of corporations that would use Haiti’s humanitarian crisis to line their own pockets, taking 25% off the top of every project they were awarded.
"Hillary" resumes campaigning ~ link  

Time to Mandate a Return to Paper Ballots Across the Nation ~ link ~ The Trump Campaign should be going into local county courts in every county that uses computer voting and seeking court orders to prevent the use of computer voting because the source software used in almost every system has been proven to be designed to rig the vote outcome without leaving any trace!!!  Stirling  
Lights begin to dim for Democrats as they watch Hillary's Poll Numbers Sink by the Day ~ link

Hillary: Delete It - video ~ link  
A new problem for the Hillary campaign emerges ~ link

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that is Clinton suffering thanks to third-party nominees Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, whose support has soared among millennial voters. In that poll, Clinton leads Trump by 48% to 43% in a two-way match-up. Her head to head lead is particularly pronounced among voters aged 18-34, who pick Clinton over Trump by a margin of 55% to 34%. 

But when Johnson and Stein are included in the survey, Clinton's lead over Trump falls to just 2%, or 41% to 39%, with Johnson at 13% and Stein at 4%.

Trump's New Deal: "Hillary offers a welfare check, I will produce paychecks" ~ link

With millions of people out of work, worried about finding employment or facing grave doubts about a future transformed by technological labor, Trump is honing in on the most psychologically pressing issues on the minds of the real Americans in flyover country.

They are the ones who are feeling the hurt financially, not Wall Street. It is they who must be convinced to support the government again. 

Hillary's campaign: Nothing short of a disaster ~ link

The repercussions just keep rolling in: Hillary Clinton’s recent decision to call Donald Trump’s fans a “basketful of deplorables” has turned into “nothing short of a crisis” for the Democratic presidential nominee, says veteran pollster John Zogby. Ah, but it gets worse. “The entire fainting and pneumonia issue is nothing short of a disaster,” he continues, noting that the distress and drama of Mrs. Clinton’s health challenges have prompted voters to ask visceral questions about her truthfulness and judgment.

“This has all been badly done. New polls have come out that show Clinton down 5 points in Ohio, down in Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa — and none of these polls reflect more than just one day’s sample. A new CBS Tracking Poll now shows her leading Trump 42 percent to 40 percent. I probably shouldn’t speculate, but I suspect she will lose a few more points,” Mr. Zogby continues.

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