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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link  

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third  World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

278 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference 


The Sun Newspaper: WWIII WARNING: Planet is closer to catastrophic Third World War than at any time for sixty years, experts warn and it does NOT look good for Britain or America if it happens ~ link ~ Sadly this is very true.  The Khazarian Globalist banksters DESIRE WWIII in order to bring about their demonic NEW WORLD ORDER!!!  Stirling  
A range of experts have identified several flashpoints across the globe which are today the most likely triggers for such a war.
President Putin's was killed in strange automobile "accident" involving President's car - Was it a failed assassination attempt on Putin or a violent Globalist message to him???  ~ link ~ link

Now unsubstantiated claims posted on a pro-Putin website claim it was carried out by Western spies.

The presidential BMW was travelling on Kutuzovsky Avenue in the Russian capital when a Mercedes veered from the other side of the road, smashing into it head-on.

Syrian War may escalate as Obama-Putin talks fail ~ link ~

Yesterday, Western media outlets fueled this narrative by widely reporting as fact unconfirmed allegations that the Assad government had launched a chlorine gas attack in Aleppo. The claims were based on a video posted online by the Syrian Civil Defence, a rescue team which operates in areas controlled by government opponents. They alleged that four barrel bombs containing poison gas were dropped, injuring 80.

In the past, the US has repeatedly seized on such allegations to prepare the ground for direct military intervention. On each occasion, the claims have turned out to be fraudulent, including most famously in 2013 when Obama pulled back from an all-out war with the Assad regime.

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is 'totally unfit' to be the Commander-in-Chief - video ~ link ~ She is an agent for Lucifer himself and his chief minions!!!  Stirling  
Newt Gingrich on why the polls are tightening in the Presidential race - video ~ link ~ Even the MSM and related polls can no longer push the big lie that Hillary is way ahead of Trump!!!  Stirling   
Globalist knives out for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ~ link ~ How dare he put the lives of his countrymen above the Globalist agenda...Right!!!  Stirling  

On September 3, the Australian Financial Review (AFR), the country’s leading business newspaper, published allegations that the Australian intelligence agencies believe the prime minister “isn’t taking their warnings about the security threat posed by China seriously enough.” Turnbull’s attitude was directly linked to his previous business relations in China and statements he made in 2011 questioning the aggressive US policy toward Beijing. An unnamed source claimed that there was so little trust that the intelligence agencies were “hesitant” about reporting issues involving China to Turnbull and his senior ministers.

The AFR claims are part of a hysterical focus throughout the media on Chinese “agents of influence” in Australian society. Peter Hartcher, the international editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, called yesterday for a campaign to purge the “rats, flies, mosquitoes and sparrows”—namely politicians, former politicians and academics, business people and Chinese Australians allegedly bought off by Chinese “soft power” or who, because of their Chinese background, owe allegiance to a “foreign power.

You should be paying attention to Obama's Quiet War On Cash ~ link

Government campaigns of intimidation — like the wars on drugs, terror, and poverty — have been used to extort the public for decades. Despite the previous failures of institutional “wars,” a new war on cash is being waged that threatens freedom in a more subversive way than ever before. Banks and governments around the world are cracking down on the use of paper money, and in turn, eliminating any anonymity left in the current system. Through strict rules on cash transactions and civil asset forfeiture laws, for example, the system has already instituted penalties for using cash. But as payments evolve into a purely digital network, the consequences of this new paradigm are being brought into the spotlight.

The ability to track, record, and mediate transactions of all individuals is a power that dictators throughout history could have only dreamed of. Those who value privacy are turning to alternatives like cash, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals, but these directly threaten central bank dominance. This ongoing tug-of-war in financial innovation will determine whether we enter an age of individual empowerment or centralized enslavement.

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Anonymous said...

Plot the kill Putin?

Who is able to steer his car into another car at high speed? A CIA-controlled patsy.

Or was the Mercedes remotely controlled just to hit Putin's BMW?

Both limousines were speeding down the motorway.

Placing one or more IEDs somewhere down the road is a lot easier, in my opinion.

Anyway, Putin, the tiger-whisperer, has survived.