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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link  

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third  World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

276 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference 


Hillary has uncontrollable coughing fit on stage at Labor Day Rally in Cleveland, Ohio - video ~ link ~ The totally evil and hyper racist Khazarian Globalist mobsters have such contempt for the goy masses that they think that they can push anything on us and we will believe whatever we are told to believe!!!  However, it is not working!!!  In Hillary's case, she is sick and most likely dying slowing of assorted medical conditions, and they simply cannot hide it anymore!!!  Stirling  

Hillary in her 'new' airplane having a coughing fit that she cannot control - video ~ link ~ I doubt if the Khazarian Globalists can keep this sad monster going to the election!!!  Stirling  

Hacking Hillary ~ link ~  

From concussions to coughing, Clinton has long been dogged by concerns over her health, and whether it will prevent her from being an effective leader in the White House. On Monday, those questions again came to the forefront of the election cycle after she suffered two coughing fits on the campaign trail.

Hillary has a 'new' campaign jet ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

The flying arrangement broke with an age-old campaign tradition of the “Boys on the Bus” (or the plane), and with Mrs. Clinton’s flight patterns in 2008 when she drank wine with reporters on the “Hill Force One.” This time, the separate planes became a symbol of Mrs. Clinton’s caution and aloofness toward the news media in her second shot at the White House.

But midmorning on Monday in White Plains, N.Y., Mrs. Clinton, aides, Secret Service agents and, yes, the news media all boarded the newly designed Boeing 737, which carried the whole motley crew on a maiden voyage, to Labor Day events in Cleveland and Hampton, Ill.

A US President was born last week ~ link

I’m a cynical Jewish Ivy Leaguer from New York. Nothing gets me too excited. I don’t believe politicians. Nor do I believe in politicians. I don’t fall for theatrical political productions. I don’t believe rhetoric or propaganda. And I’ve never in my life teared up over a political speech.

Until Wednesday night.

On that night, I found myself fist-pumping. On that night, I found myself chanting along with the crowd “USA, USA, USA.” And as the procession of mothers and fathers came up to the podium to name their child who was murdered by illegals and then say “I’m voting for Trump” or “Trump is our last chance to save America” I found my eyes tearing up. And the amazing thing is, I couldn’t stop. The tears rolled down my face.

This was the game-changer.

Israel shelling Syria: Hezbollah and Syria preparing joint operation to clear area of ISIS ~ link ~ The danger is very real that the Khazarian Globalist banksters will play the 'War Card' in the American Election, as Hillary is losing, by starting a war with Russia over Syria either this month or next!!!  They simply cannot afford to lose control over the White House!!!  Pray for Peace!!!  Stirling  

In the morning it was reported that Israeli bombers began shelling the border with Syria from the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel. In addition, the Israeli government issued a statement in which it blames Syria for the shelling.

Lebanese sources reported to "Katehon" that the Syrian army together with Hezbollah is preparing the final stage of a large-scale joint operations to sweep the area, including near the Golan Heights, from terrorists. It is reported that Hezbollah has deployed large forces in Kuneyra province, allowing it to connect with the Syrian troops stationed on both sides of Kuneyra.

USA and Russia failed to reach a deal on Syria over the weekend at the G20 summit ~ link ~ The Israelis are determined to overthrow Assad's elected government and to place a puppet regime in its place.  The Globalists want to use Syria as a trigger point for WWIII.  Stirling  

Despite repeated claims in recent weeks that a deal was all but imminent, the US and Russia have once again failed to reach a deal in their attempts to negotiate the start of a new ceasefire within Syria, with President Obama claiming “grave differences” yet remain.

Turkey pushing plans for a No-Fly Zone in Syria ~ link ~ And what happens when Russia, China and Syria refuse and there is a military air clash over Syria and the Middle East???  Stirling 

US preparing for War in European Theater of WWIII with 'Force-on-Force' electronic warfare improvements ~ link ~ Getting ready for the 'Big One'!!!  Stirling   


Labor Day Weekend shootings bring Chicago homicide tally to 500 this year ~ link ~ What we are seeing is the effects of Globalist "welfare reform" that has resulted in millions of kids without fathers in their homes to guide them.  Stirling   

Chicago logged its 500th homicide for 2016 over the Labor Day weekend, with 65 people shot and 13 killed.

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