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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michel the Archangel - video ~ link

Ava Maria - video ~ link 

Ava Maria - video ~ link  
Pray for Peace
On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means the Second Coming of Christ is Near

298 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference


How the evil forces behind Hillary will steal the election ~ Part 1 link ~ Part 2 link ~ Part 3 link ~ Part 4 link ~ Part 5 link ~ Part 6 link 
~ Do yourself a favor and read through these!  The Trump Campaign should be filing lawsuits in every county in the nations that uses the GEM source code for computer voting, to stop its use and to mandate paper voting.  Stirling    

As the Obama White House helps ISIS, America is on the Verge of War with Russia over the Syrian War Time Bomb - video ~ link This is now very serious.  Is the Khazarian Globalist Cabal playing the War Card in the US Elections???  

US officials call for War with Russia in Syria as Wall Street Journal admits Obama Administration is still arming terrorists ~ link ~ When/if the war starts they will say that Trump is in league with the Russians ... in an attempt to defeat him by 'Waving the Flag' in a time of war!!!  Stirling   
US State Department threatens Terror Attacks inside of Russia if Moscow keeps fighting ISIS ~ link ~ link ~ This is somewhat like the Spanish 'Civil War' just before WWII, however the major powers (Germany and USSR) backing the two sides were much more open as to their support.  In Syria the Globalists/Israel are lying through their teeth day in and day out about what they are doing!!!  Stirling    

In extraordinary comments that have gone virtually unnoticed by the media, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby threatened Moscow with terror attacks in Russian cities and even shoot downs of Russian jets if Vladimir Putin continued his fight against ISIS in Syria.

Russia rejects calls by Obama Administration to halt bombing of ISIS in eastern Aleppo ~ link ~ link ~ We should be aware that events could quickly GO TO HELL in Syria and elsewhere as the Battle for the Control of the Planet Earth rages on!!!  Stirling   

Syrian War - US deploys some troops near Aleppo ~ link ~ NUTS BEYOND NUTS!!!  Stirling  

The joint forces of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have continued attacks on the Syrian government forces in northern Hama. Terrorists seized the village of Junaynah and attacked the nearby village of Qarah. The government’s counter-offensive in Talisiyah and Sha`tha has resulted in no gains.

US troops have entered the Syrian towns of Marea and Azaz located north of Aleppo city, Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported. The US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the FSA and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area.

India launches strikes against militants inside of Pakistan ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link
India woke up to news on Thursday morning that the Indian Army has launched surgical strikes across the border in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), killing 38 terrorists and destroying seven terror launch pads. For the uninitiated, surgical strikes are limited and lightning fast incursions into enemy territory meant to neutralize tactical threats. Following the night-long operation, Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, the Indian Army’s director general of military operations (DGMO), held a press briefing to inform the Indian media of the developments, noting that the strike was based on specific intelligence that “terrorist teams” had gathered on Pakistan’s side of the Line of Control (LoC) waiting to infiltrate into India.

Another "routine drill" over the Western Pacific by Chinese warplanes - photos ~ link  

Europe at War: Hungary's Prime Minister wants to DEPORT all illegal migrants ~ link ~ Now that is a man of the people, unlike so many EU "leaders" who are nothing but Cabal whores!!!  Stirling     

Pope Francis labels as "terrorist" any journalist he subjectively labels as "gossip" or "rumor" ~ link ~ Pope Francis the 'Rothschild Pope'!!!  Stirling   

Clinton Secret Police - video by Dick Morris ~ link  

How Reuters "Tweaked" latest poll - once again - to show a false Hillary lead ~ link ~ The Rothschilds have controlled Reuters for many many years!!!  Stirling   

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