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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
Ava Maria - video ~ link 
Ava Maria - video ~ link  
Pray for Peace


On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

292 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference 


US Coalition Intelligence Operations Room Inside of Syria is Destroyed by Russian Cruise Missile Attack - 30 Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari Intelligence Officers Killed ~ link ~ This is the Russian Bear striking back over the US - Australian airstrike on the Syrian Army in support of an ISIS attack, while the 'Truce' was in effect.  The Russians are showing that they know how to hit back in a way that takes the key people on the ground out!!!  We are very close now to a full public outbreak of war in Syria involving Russia/China/Iran/Syria and others vs. Israel/USA/UK/NATO and others!!!  Thanks to several readers for sending me this link and other similar links.  Stirling 

The US and its allies  had  established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20,  this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel. 

According to Fars News, this intelligence facility was attacked by Russia in the immediate wake of the US Air Strikes against Syrian SAA forces at Deir Ezzor in support of the ISIS-Daesh terrorists.The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers”

“The Russian warships fired three  Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,” The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam’an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

3M-54 Klub - Kalibr Cruise Missile ~ link ~  
The Kalibr (Russian: Калибр) missile system are Russian land-attack cruise missile, anti-ship missile and anti-submarine missile developed by the Novator Design Bureau (OKB-8). Its NATO codename is "Sizzler". Derived export versions are the 3M-54E and the 3M-54E1. The 3M-54E has a US DoD name SS-N-27B; (it does not have a NATO codename). The 3M-54, 3M-54E, 3M-54TE and 3M-54AE have a second stage that performs a supersonic sprint in the terminal approach to the target, reducing the time that target's defense systems have to react. The 3M-54E1 only travels at subsonic speeds during its entire flight, though range is longer than that of supersonic versions accordingly.

Thirty foreign intelligence officers killed in Russian missile attack near Aleppo ~ link
Reports have been appearing in various pro-government media outlets since September 20 that some Russian warships, deployed in Syria’s coastal waters, hit with missiles a foreign-led military operations room near Aleppo city, killing 30 Israeli, US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers.

U.S.-Russia-Syria 2
30 Israeli and foreign intelligence officers killed in Russia's Kalibr cruise missile attack ~ link ~ link ~ link

The Russian warships stationed in Syria's coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

Med warship launch missile attack to kill foreign command center near Aleppo ~ link ~  
This has been lightly reported but not picked up or even commented on by the involved combatants. We will be looking for confirmation during the day and updating.

This would be quite unusual for a missile attack to not have been reported, but if it were a “payback” strike for Deir Ezzur, such responses are sometimes never acknowledged… 

Syrian Politician: 'World War III has begun and it is being fought in Syria ~ link
Speaking to Sputnik, party representative Tarek Ahmad said that the military situation in the country has come to an impasse, with the political crisis only fueled and intensified due to the intervention of multiple uninvited regional and global powers.


Anonymous said...

That Morell guy is saying out loud that he wants to kill Syrians, Iranians and Russians. And now the CIA is doing just that. What a world.

Alain DENIS-REYES said...

u.s. nation, do you think i should talk to your president?
(i don't think either...)

u.s. nation, here's your new anthem.

u.s. nation,
run fast to take back control of your nation,
return to God's Manners,
help all the countries you have crippled,
do not judge other cultures,
do not steal your neighbours,
see the good in others and walk with them, the part they agree, on a good way.
forget mamon, your false god,
kinda god of money, lies, egotism and megalomania,
it's not for You :)
u.s. nation,
run fast back to God's Manners.
-> very short is the time remaining, to save your nation, as body.(!)
do this and get back THE US Nation we once loved.

verse I:
What do you think God has seen over your country on 9/11/2001 daylight?
your paganism, bacchanal, sodom and gomorrah temple or your Holy nation?
--> chorus! !!loud!!

verse II:
after all those years, do you think God has taken a Stop Judgment on your nation?
--> chorus!

verse III:
in this Time, do you think, when you go in war,
God is behind or in front of you, facing you?
--> chorus

you will certainly 'win' next war, BUT after your victory (!!!).
-> very short is the time remaining, to save your nation, as body.

Anonymous said...

Friday, September 30th, 2016: D-DAY FOR THE U.S DOLLAR

On Friday, September 30th a new kind of "world money" goes live.

The Epoch Times recently published their follow up to the G20 Meeting held in early September in China. It is interesting to note how their reporting dramatically differs from the typical Western media reporting. Had a person followed only Western media outlets for reporting on the G20 meeting one would have come away with the sense that the only thing accomplished was Obama and Russian President Putin facing off in a stare down that looked like two boxers about to go toe-to-toe.

In an article The Daily Coin published we clearly stated the meetings that would take place on the “sidelines” would be where the real meetings would determine the next step(s) in the, currently, unfolding monetary shift. The Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, is now on the chopping block of history. While the axe has not been lowered it is certainly being sharpened. China has made it clear there is going to be a change and “the United States had to go along with the Chinese because they hold a large portion of the U.S. government debt.” I have heard it said before – the debtor is the slave to the creditor and the master determines the fate of the slave.