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Ava Maria - video ~ link  
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281 Days Since Hillary Clinton Has Held a Press Conference 


Hillary collapses at 9/11 memorial event in New York City this morning.  Even though they are attempting to lie their way, once again, out of the obvious by claiming she was "overheated", when in fact it was in the 70s with low humidity ... This is likely the End of her Presidential Race...It's Over!!! 


Clinton leaves 9/11 memorial service due to 'medical episode' ~ link ~

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton abruptly left a memorial for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, due to what her campaign described as feeling “overheated.”
The former first lady’s entourage helped her to a van after she fainted during the ceremony at New York's National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Fox News reported, citing a law enforcement source.  According to the report, Clinton stumbled off the curb while her "knees buckled" and lost a shoe as she entered the van.
Mainstream Media Meltdown - Chaos after Hillary "faints" ~ link

Just so there is no more confusion, that's a rhetorical quesiton. As for writers who do have a relevant perspective, here is Mike Krieger who summarizes today's sad fiasco best:
Mainstream media should be totally finished after all this. It’s been obvious for a long time now that Hillary health concerns are not a conspiracy theory, yet the mainstream media yelled and screamed about how there was no story to be told. Well there is a story, and anyone who told you otherwise should be forever discredited as a “reporter.
Here's the video of Hillary stumbling after passing out and leaving the 9/11 Ceremony ~ link 
Media is Locked Out after Hillary's medical emergency - She heads "back to Chappaque" ~ link ~ How do we really KNOW that she went back to her home in chappaque???  The press was NOT allowed in that motorcade!!!  She may be in a hospital!!!  Stirling   
More surprising for a presidential candidate who is "feeling great", Hillary's campaign also did not take reporters in the motorcade after Clinton's departure from her daughter's apartment. An aide said the former secretary of state was heading to her home in Chappaqua, New York. 
Hillary caught on video losing the ability to stand ~ link

Video shows Secret Service agents allegedly breaking protocol by rushing the unsteady presidential candidate to a can before she is whisked away.

The 68-year-old's campaign team said she 'overheated' during the service, but witnesses and the video suggest her symptoms were much worse. The temperature at the time was 80 degrees with little humidity.
Hillary's nomination will be terminated - A physician has diagnosed her with terminal Parkinson's ~ link ~ This article was posted yesterday, before this morning's medical meltdown in public!!!  Stirling  
Clinton leaves 9/11 memorial event in New York City ~ link ~  
US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had to seek rest at her daughter’s apartment after feeling “overheated” at a 9/11 commemoration event, according to a statement from her campaign spokesperson. 
According to the release, Clinton had been at the event for just over an hour when she began to feel ill.

Hillary leaves 9/11 memorial ceremony early - Dragged into van ~ link
If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.
Hillary Clinton just became unelectable.

Hillary Clinton has only one year left to live says medical school professor - video ~ link  

Hillary Clinton's Illness Revealed - video ~ link ~ Do take the time to view this one.  This doctor does an excellent job of describing Hillary's illness!!!  Stirling 

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