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On the Road to the Third  World War


Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Syrian War: ISIS breaks the Aleppo Siege by Syrian forces ~ link ~ The war in Syria is heating up as we come to the end of Summer and into the US election in early November.  The Khazarian Globalists are, once again, doubling down, as are the Russians and Syrians and their alliesStirling  
ugust 6, the Jaish al-Fatah operation room seized the Ramouseh Artillery Base and the Ramouseh Neighborhood from the pro-govOn Aernment forces, de-facto, breaking the Aleppo siege and setting up a siege on the government-controlled areas of western Aleppo. However, the govt. forces are still able to supply the area via the Castello Highway. The first aid convoy arrived western Aleppo last night.

Thus far, the jihadists are in control of a major part of the Ramouseh Neighborhood. However, the Syrian army is still holding the Cement Plan there. The Jaish al-Fatah is also in full control of the Ramouseh Artillery Base after the Syrian army and Hezbollah have withdrawn from the base’s Airforce Technical College. Jaish al-Fatah is also in control of about 80% of the 1070 Apartment Project. On August 8, Jaish al-Fatah announced further operations in Aleppo in order to seize the whole city.
Syrian War: The city of Aleppo remains the focal point of the War on Syria ~ link ~  
The Syrian government forces are bringing up reserves and additional forces. A counterattack is likely to follow soon. The battle for Aleppo is now the strategic Schwerpunkt, the focal point of the fight for north-Syria if not of the whole war.

According to earlier reports by the Guardian journalist Chulov, Vice News and Dutch TV, east-Aleppo is essentially empty. The population has long fled to government held areas. “Spookstad“,  ghost-town, is the title of the Dutch TV documentary from there. “Western” media now laud the Islamists for lifting the siege the Syrian government held over the area. But the new Jihaid corridor in south-west Aleppo is cutting off 1.5 million people in government held west-Aleppo. Now these are under siege with the besieging forces having promised to slaughter many of them. This is somewhat recurrence of the situation in 2013 when west-Aleppo, to little attention of the media, was also cut off from all resupplies by “moderate rebel” forces.

USA-Turkey relations in jeopardy? Putin and Erdogan meeting in St. Petersburg tomorrow ~ link ~ I am not so sure that there will be a strategic realignment, but if there is, it would fit into the coming 'Clash of Civilizations' based WWIII that the Globalists want!!!  Stirling    

Pakistan terror bombing: False Flag 4'th Generation Warfare ~ link ~ link ~  

Though the targets were Shia Muslims and their legal defenders, the extremist sect behind the bombing is not Sunni, nor Wahhabi, nor even Takfiri.

This bombing, like most other mayhem in Pakistan, was likely the work of extremist neoconservatives – ultra-Machievellian cult followers of political philosopher Leo Strauss. These are the people who created a “clash of civilizations” using false flag terror, and who are trying to destabilize and destroy the nation of Pakistan in general, and the Baluchistan region in particular.

50 Republican "security experts" blast Trump in 'open letter' ~ link ~ Fifty more reasons to support Donald Trump.  The elite war party, that is bleeding America dry by its constant wars for Israel and the Global banksters hates Trump ... Good ... those bastards deserve the spots that await them in Hell.  Stirling  
An open letter signed by 50 Republican national security experts has warned that party nominee Donald Trump "would be the most reckless president" in US history.
Also among those who signed the letter were John Negroponte, the first director of national intelligence and later deputy secretary of state; Robert Zoellick, who was also a former deputy secretary of state and former president of the World Bank; and two former secretaries of homeland security, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff.  

Saving the Empire: The Elite in Government and Business will do anything to keep it ~ link ~ And don't forget who the Empire REALLY BELONGS TO ... The Rothschild-headed Khazarian Global Banking Cartel.  America, after WWI and especially WWII replaced the old British Empire as the enforcement arm of the Globalists!!!  Stirling  
'Snopes' gets busted for trying to cover Obama's lies ~ link ~ This is the same crap outfit that "debunked" the Trump Tower Assassination Attempt supporting the MSM all the way!!!  Stirling  

Rumor-disproving website Snopes has proven itself especially unreliable on all matters political, and it did so again this week when it tried to “bust” the myth that President Obama had paid Iran $400 million in exchange for American citizens being held in Iranian jails.

As you may recall, back in January, the Obama administration managed to win the release of the men. Within days, nearly half a billion dollars was transferred to Iran. Both Snopes and the Obama administration insist that the payment was part of the Iran nuclear deal and completely unconnected to the release of the men. 

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