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Holy Shroud of Turin
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third  World War


Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Dr. Bill Deagle and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ On yesterday's show ~ link
Russia is bolstering its Air & Missile Defense in its Far East ~ link ~ Russia and China are getting ready for a Khazarian Globalist imposed World War III.  Stirling  

Ongoing Russian deployments of air and missile defenses in the Baltic region and Crimea have received extensive attention from Western analysts and officials. In January 2016, for example, the head of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa, General Frank Gorenc, called the build-up of Russian surface-to-air (SAM) systems in Kaliningrad a “very serious” concern for NATO. Yet the bolstering of Russia’s air and missile defenses isn’t limited to Eastern Europe alone. The Kremlin has been actively deploying sophisticated new SAM systems to other parts of the country over the past year as well, most notably to the Russian Far East.

In mid-2015, a Russian Navy SAM regiment stationed in the Kamchatka Peninsula was equipped with formidable long-range S-400 Triumf SAM systems for the purpose of defending key Pacific Fleet facilities in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yelizovo, and Vilyuchinsk (the latter includes the Pacific Fleet’s ballistic missile submarine base). The regiment, comprised of three S-400 battalions, more than doubled the number of S-400 systems deployed in Russia’s Eastern Military District; previously, the Triumf was operated only by the district’s 589th SAM Regiment stationed near the port city of Nakhodka in Russia’s Primorsky Krai (two of this regiment’s battalions received the S-400 in 2012). In November 2015, two additional battalions, belonging to the Aerospace Forces’ 1533rd SAM Regiment stationed near the city of Vladivostok, were equipped with S-400 systems as well. Commenting on the latter, the Pacific Fleet’s press service stated that the deployment of the new SAMs is intended to “more effectively solve the tasks of covering the skies over the Pacific Fleet’s HQ.”

Provocation in the Crimea and the Threat of World War III ~ link
The abortive terrorist attack launched against Crimea by elements of the Ukrainian secret services, undoubtedly with the full backing of Washington, has plunged Europe into one of its most serious crises since the end of the Second World War. 
The Financial Times of London bluntly characterized the situation in an editorial, declaring, “Ukraine and Russia stand once again on the brink of open war.” The newspaper added that “the Ukraine situation remains the biggest threat to European peace since 1945.” In keeping with the bellicose policies of both the Obama administration and the British Tory government of Prime Minister Theresa May, the newspaper advocated a further escalation of threats against Russia. 

America in Crisis: Soros - Rothschild Agent - is the real Controlling Power behind the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement ~ link
What we are witnessing in the BLM movement in simple terms are the deliberate efforts by the liberal progressives in America under the influence of Marxism to infiltrate and manipulate the black community. What’s behind their dastardly plan is to replace capitalism with socialism and to ultimately remove the influence of our Judeo-Christian heritage from the public square. 
Expecting WWIII? Russia conducts 'Armored Train Drills for the First Time in 15 Years ~ link ~  
One could only conclude that Putin is not playing around anymore.

Instead, Russia is out and out prepared for war. It is likely enough that we should expect it, too. Can you feel things heating up?
Deutsche Bank Cannot Be Saved: Its crash will make Lehman Brothers look minor ~ link
Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the continued collapse of Deutsche Bank as central planning inflates the problem and bailouts bankrupt the people. John goes over all of the stats and the massive web that this problem creates as it effects banks like HSBC and others. Their CDS looks terrible, their derivative exposure is still over 50 trillion dollars and considering all of the above, the bank will crash causing a calamity like nothing we’ve ever seen. Fractional reserve banking perpetuates despite failure and destabilization recorded thousands of times throughout history.
Isn’t it amazing what it takes to educate people? People don’t learn. The government and banking system enslaves the populace using big words and shiny incentives on a fishing line. The system thrives on debt because the more enslaved by debt the populace, the more dependent they are on government and banks. It’s one of history’s most destructive scams, repeated to exhaust.
Fukushima's Zombie Radiation reaching California coast ~ link
The Fukushima disaster has been out of the news cycle for more than a year now, but the radioactive fallout and its cascade of adverse effects is far from being just another page in the history books. Reports from around the world indicate that Fukushima radiation is still wreaking havoc on people's health, in some cases eating away human brains in some bizarre, zombie radiation apocalypse.

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