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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third  World War


  Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Syrian War: Allepo "medics" appeal to Obama for "help" ~ link ~ This war has been going on for years now ... but all of a sudden, as the key battle of the war heats up, they call for a NO FLY ZONE which would only help the foreign invaders (backed by Israel, USA, UK, France, NATO, Saudi Arabia and Qatar).  Remember, any NO FLY ZONE would pit NATO fighters against Russian fighters!!!  This is actually a case of the Khazarian Global Mafia laying the groundwork for a truly massive General Middle East War SOON!!!  Stirling  
A letter signed by 29 physicians warns that if attacks on medical facilities continue at their present rate, there could be none left within a month. It calls on Mr Obama to impose a no-fly zone over Aleppo to stop air strikes.

Russia has meanwhile said its forces will hold fire for three hours each day from Thursday to let aid into Aleppo.

Is the Ukraine About to Blow ~ link ~ There are indications, in the Ukraine, in Syria, in the East China Sea and the South China Sea that the Khazarian Globalists are seriously considering using the 'WAR OPTION' in the drive to defeat Trump and to hold onto the sole superpower!!!  Stirling 

The more the Establishment Freaks Out over Trump - The More Attractive he becomes ~ link ~ link ~ YEP...even if you don't like the man, look at who his main enemies are...the enemies of the Human Race, and embrace him!!!  Stirling 

The Establishment is freaking out about Donald Trump for one reason: they didn't pick him. The Establishment is freaking out because the natural order of things is that we pick the presidential candidates and we run the country to serve ourselves, i.e. the financial-political elites.
Donald Trump's candidacy upsets this neofeudal natural order, and thus he (and everyone who supports him) is anathema to the Establishment, heretics who must be silenced, cowed, marginalized, mocked and ultimately put back in their place as subservient debt-serfs.

New York Corruption Involved in the Plot to Kill Donald Trump ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link!  Stirling 

The Pentagon and CIA form a Praetorian Guard for Hillary as Warmonger President ~ link

Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael J Morell is the latest in a phalanx of senior US military-intelligence figures who are shedding any pretense of political neutrality and giving their full-throated endorsement to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The hoary, old scare-theme of «national security» is being rehabilitated as the criterion for electing Clinton. It also has the disturbing connotation of an increasingly militarized totalitarian regime that the United States is becoming.

Elite's 'Plan B' emerges as Hillary's failing health becomes oblivious ~ link ~  
Both doctors said the same thing about Clinton’s health. Both felt a brain tumor was a distinct possibility and one said from what he’s seeing it is a probability. One of the doctors said it appears that she is highly medicated. In a soon-to-be-released interview, Dr. Ted Broer essentially said the same thing. One moment Clinton appears to be 50 years old and in good health and the next moment, she appears to be at death’s doorstep. Both doctors and Dr. Broer feel that this is the sign of someone who is heavily medicated, but the medication has limits in terms of how long the drugs can keep her on her feet.
 Another possibility is brain cancer and it is brain cancer and it is already impacting motor skills, she would have less than six months to live. We could also be seeing the end result of dementia and Alzheimer. However, the signs to appear this rapidly and with such severity, I was told that attempts to cover it up would be very difficult at best. Both agreed, that Clinton shows signs of being heavily medicated and the medication is now failing in the attempt to mask symptoms.

Argentina has a virtual 'City of Death' thanks to Monsanto ~ link

Monte Maíz, a city in Argentina, has five times the rates of miscarriages and cancer than among half the world’s population – all eyes are on glyphosate. Here’s the scary part – they only have a population of around 8,500 people. Furthermore, lung cancer accounts for 40% of the deaths there, and Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide is said to be the direct cause.

Glyphosate is an active ingredient in Monsanto‘s Roundup, but also makes an appearance in other companies’ pesticides since the patent expired. Roundup is heavily used – legally – both here in the States and in Argentina especially because genetically modified crops are engineered to allow incredible amounts of Roundup to be sprayed without killing the crops themselves.

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