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Turkish Army tanks cross Syrian border ~ link ~ There are several important questions here:  Have the Turks made a deal with Russia and Iran and Syria and will they accept this military operation???  If not, what will they do???  Was the recent bombing of a Turkish wedding party a False Flag Operation to enrage the Turks to support such an invasion???  Is this a start of a "Western" expansion of the Syrian War, and a playing of the 'War Card' in the US election, and how will that play out ... General Middle East War or even World War III??? Stirling  
Turkey has launched a ground incursion into Syria targeting Islamic State and Kurdish fighters near the town of Jarablus. Ankara says it wants to take the town to stop cross-border attacks, while the Kurds warn that Turkish troops will get into a quagmire
“At 4:00 this morning, operations started in the north of Syria against terror groups which constantly threaten our country, like Daesh [Arabic name for Islamic State] and the PYD [he Democratic Union Party of Syria],” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara, adding that the incursion had been prompted by cross-border attacks originating from Jarablus that should be “stopped.”
Turkey sends in the Tanks as Government Minister warns that Turkey is under attack from ISIS ~ link ~ Turkey has been a key supporter of ISIS since the CIA and Mossad started ISIS.  In fact, without Turkey ISIS could not exist.  If, in fact, Turkey has REALLY turned against ISIS it signals a major realignment in the Mideast!!!  However, if this is Not the case, then this may be the beginning of a major "Western" increase in the Syrian War and that could prove very dangerous to the entire World!!!  Stirling  
Turkish fighter jets and special forces stormed across the border on a mission to drive the Islamists out of the border town of Jarablus, and were quickly followed by ground forces. It is the first time Turkey has invaded Syria, following years of minor skirmishes which have seen rockets fired across both sides of the border

The military escalation was immediately condemned by Syria's foreign ministry as a 'flagrant violation' of its sovereignty.

Turkish Special Forces are in Syria "to fight ISIS" with US air support ~ link ~ There is so much bullshit and lies that discerning what is really going on is difficult, it will take some days for the picture to clearStirling   

Turkish special forces have entered Syrian territory in what they say is an operation against the Daesh terrorist group in a Syrian city near the Turkish border.

The Turkish air force and aircraft from a US-led military coalition have pounded targets in and around the Syrian city.

The Turkish officials said the special forces are in Syrian territory to open a passage for Turkish ground forces for a larger-scale incursion into Jarablus. They asserted that the operation is aimed at “clearing Turkish borders of terrorist groups, helping to enhance border security and supporting the territorial integrity of Syria.”

Damascus slams Turkey's military aggression in Syrian territory ~ link

Syria has denounced Turkey’s recent military incursion into the Syrian territory, backed by the US-led coalition, saying the offensive violates the Arab country's sovereignty. The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned Turkey’s military operation in a statement released on Wednesday, Syrian media reported.

The ministry called for an immediate end to the Turkish "aggression," adding that the operation is being carried out under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
"Any party conducting a battle against terrorism on Syrian soil must do so in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian army,” the statement read, adding, "Chasing out Daesh and replacing them with terrorist groups backed by Turkey is not fighting terrorism."
The reaction came hours after Turkish special forces, tanks and jets backed by planes from the US-led coalition launched their first coordinated offensive in Syria.

Turkey's Operation "to free" Syria's Jarablus ~ link ~ Like many Greeks that I know, I do NOT trust Turkey and its dictator Erdogan!!!  Stirling  

The top Turkish diplomat said Ankara believes Daesh should not be able to hold any area under its control. He also promised to help "cleanse" Daesh terrorists from neighboring countries, saying, "We do not want Daesh to exist in Iraq and Syria."

Turkish Army with US air cover enters Syria by force - Russia and Syria previously warned that such troops would be attacked ~ link

Despite being warned by both the Syria and Russian governments that the entry of foreign troops into Syria without permission would result in them being ATTACKED, Turkish Special Forces have entered Jarablus, Syria by force . . . with US fighter jets as cover.

This is an open act of aggression by NATO ally, Turkey, against a sovereign country - being done with the protection of US military force. It is not yet known what response will be made by either Syria or its ally, Russia, but we are literally just hours away from what may be the outbreak of war between the TURKEY/US/NATO and Russia.

Order given to Shoot Down a Russian Jet within 72 Hours ~ link

The order has been given: US Forces inside Syria have been told to SHOOT DOWN A RUSSIAN JET within 72 Hours and claim it was "threatening US Forces" in Syria.  According to two separate sources inside the Pentagon, it appears the west has grown impatient for war with Russia, so they began laying the groundwork for it over the past few days, claiming Syrian aircraft are bombing too close to US forces.  There are now strident public statements by the US that it will "defend its forces in Syria."  

These strident public statements are not a warning to Russia, the statements are laying the public paradigm for going to war with Russia.

Turkish backed "Syrian rebels" take Jarablus ~ link

Syrian rebels backed by the Turkish military say they have taken control of the town of Jarablus, which had been held by so-called Islamic State. The assault began at dawn when Turkish warplanes, tanks and special forces personnel crossed the nearby border.

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