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Europe at WAR: London Russell Square terrorist stabbings ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ linkNotice the BBC, a totally controlled Globalist mouthpiece, and the police attempt to spin this as simply a crazy person even though he is a Muslim "refugee" male of military age!!!  Stirling  

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a US citizen was killed and five other people were injured in a knife attack in central London.

The woman who died was thought to be in her 60s. The injured people were from Britain, America, Israel and Australia. Police arrested a 19-year-old Norwegian national of Somali origin. They say there is no evidence of radicalism.

Europe at WAR: Vile ISIS supporters celebrate the London Russell Square terror attack ~ link ~

SUPPORTERS of the barbaric Islamic State are celebrating the horrific knife attack which left a woman in her 60s killed and five others injured during a bloodbath in central London believed to be terror-related.

Sick messages were posted on an ISIS-linked social media channel spreading the news of the attack.

Europe at WAR: Jailed Jihadist: ISIS wants "loads of attacks in England, Germany and France" ~ link ~ WHO does this benefit???  Those who seek a Third World War based on a 'Clash of Civilizations' ... The Khazarian Global Banksters!!!  Stirling  

A former Islamic State jihadist, German-born Harry Sarfo, has revealed that the terrorist group is actively seeking volunteers in Germany and the UK to carry out “loads of attacks at the same time in England, Germany and France.” 

Members of the far-reaching Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS) intelligence service, called Emni in Arabic, allegedly told Sarfo they were first and foremost interested in waging terrorism across the globe.

Europe at WAR: London wakes to greater armed police presence after the Russell Square terrorist attack ~ link ~ If this was not a terrorist attack, as the London police and MSM have tried to convince us, WHY the increase in armed police???  Stirling   

Londoners were waking up to a greater police presence on the streets of the capital on Thursday after a stabbing rampage at Russell Square left one dead and five injured.  

Europe at WAR: List of ISIS Terrorism over the last 30 days ~ link ~  
This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by

During this time period, there were 141 Islamic attacks in 22 countries, in which 1165 people were killed and 1803 injured

Europe at WAR: London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for public to remain "calm and vigilant" as police investigate the Russell Square terrorist attack ~ link

One woman was killed and five people were injured in the incident last night.

Two women and three men suffered "various injuries" in the incident in central London and are receiving treatment in hospital.

Europe at WAR: London Russell Square American female stabbing victim named ~ link ~  

Florida Governor Rick Scott named her as Darlene Horton, the wife of Richard Wagner, an eminent psychology professor at Florida State University (FSU).

The couple, who were in London while he taught in the summer session at FSU's London Study Programme, were due to fly home today. 

Europe at WAR: Pictures from the moment police bundled Somali attacker to the ground ~ link ~ Fear and anger is what the Globalists are using to drive us to WWIII. Stirling 
  • Tourist Chanel Britton, 19, captured moment teenage murder suspect was pinned down by eight officers
  • Somali, who  Tasered and spent night in hospital before being taken to a South London police station
  • Other victims are British, American, Israeli and Australian. Two are in hospital and three were discharged

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Europe at WAR: Paris police on alert for Afghan who may be planning terrorist attack ~ link ~  

Security agencies in Paris have circulated a photo of an Afghan asylum seeker on suspicion that he might be plotting an attack on the capital, a police source said on Thursday, as France reels from two strikes in a month by Islamic State loyalists.

Police did not have a name for the Afghan, the source said, and no active manhunt was underway. Metronews reported that the man had been in France for the past two months.

Europe at WAR: French police refuse to make picture of wanted Afghan 'asylum seeker' public in spite of fears that he is planning terrorist attack ~ link

The unnamed man has reportedly been in France for the last two months and police are understood to have circulated a picture of the suspect. But incredibly, French intelligence are not making the image of the suspect available to the public.

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