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Donald Trump now publicly worries that Hillary will steal the election, just as she stole the primary elections!  
I have been concerned about computer voting and computer vote counting for decades.  The key thing to remember is that "He who controls the source code, controls the outcome of the election".  Politics in America has always been a bit crooked, but since the Khazarian Global Banksters set up the Federal Reserve System and began the process of hijacking America away from Americans, things have really gone downhill.  Now that Trump is beginning to address the issue of Hillary stealing the November election, I suspect that he has a plan to stop the Globalists.  This is high stakes poker with World War III and the entire future of the Human Race at stakes!!!  Pray for America, Pray for Trump, and Pray for Mercy for us all in these times!!!  
Tim Earl of Stirling    
Donald Trump: "I'm afraid the Election is going to Be Rigged" ~ link ~ So am I.  This may be why the Federal Government has been militarizing the local police forces and buying up large amounts of guns and amno for all types of non-law enforcement federal agencies!  They are planing for a civil war in America!!!  Stirling  

Following Trump confidant Roger Stone's allegation that Hillary Clinton might "steal this election" using the Supreme Court, and the Reuters' poll "tweaks" which sent her to a 7-point lead, Donald Trump is raising the alarm that he "is afraid the election is going to be rigged." 

Just last week, before the Reuters polls were 'tweaked', Stone told Milo Yiannopoulous of Breitbart that if there is an "illegitimate" election, then there will be "widespread civil disobedience" and "it will be a bloodbath."
And now Donald Trump, speaking today in Columbus, Ohio, raised the concern of a rigged election directly... "Bernie shouldn't have made a deal but he lost [because] it's rigged... and I am afraid the [national] election is going to be rigged." 

Crooked Hillary will try to steal the election from Trump ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~

“If she stole the primary, she’s going to try to steal the general election,” warns Alex Jones, adding, “We need a referendum supporting free and open elections in this country, and that referendum is a landslide for Trump – we’ve got to call this fraud out for what she is.”

Black box voting and illegal aliens being allowed to vote will be the two primary methods via which Hillary tries to steal the election, cautions Jones. “If you think Hillary’s going to stop at stealing the nomination, if you think she isn’t going to try to steal the general election, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you,” concludes Jones.

USA Election Shocker: Is This How The Vote WILL BE RIGGED ~ link ~ Do read all of this article at the link!  Stirling 

“This report summarizes the results of our review of the GEMS election management system, which counts approximately 25 percent of all votes in the United States. The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.”

“GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. At the time of this writing, this system is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in Canada.”
“Instead of ‘1’ the vote is allowed to be 1/2, or 1+7/8, or any other value that is not a whole number.”

“Weighting a race [through the use of GEMS] removes the principle of ‘one person-one vote’ to allow some votes to be counted as less than one or more than one. Regardless of what the real votes are, candidates can receive a set percentage of votes. Results can be controlled. For example, Candidate A can be assigned 44% of the votes, Candidate B 51%, and Candidate C the rest.”

All evidence that [rigged] fractional values ever existed [in the GEMS system] can be removed instantly even from the underlying database using a setting in the GEMS data tables, in which case even instructing GEMS to show the [rigged] decimals will fail to reveal they were used.”

Source code: Instructions to treat votes as decimal values instead of whole numbers [i.e., rigging] are inserted multiple times in the GEMS source code itself; thus, this feature cannot have been created by accident.”

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