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Holy Shroud of Turin
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



Iraq: Worst bombing since invasion with 250 deaths ~ link ~ The evil sick forces behind ISIS, that is the Khazarian Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists, seem intent on creating as much murder, chaos as possible on the Road to a General Middle East War and WWIII.  Stirling  
The death toll from Sunday's suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has risen to 250, the Iraqi government says, making it the deadliest such attack since the 2003 US-led invasion.

A lorry packed with explosives was detonated in the Karrada district while families were shopping for the holiday marking the end of Ramadan. So-called Islamic State (IS) has said it carried out the suicide attack.

Chinese and Japanese fighters almost in 'dogfight' over East China Sea ~ link

As I reported previously, during fiscal year 2015 the JASDF had to dispatch its fighter jets 571 times to intercept Chinese military aircraft approaching or intruding Japanese airspace — an all-time high since Japan’s Ministry of Defense’s Joint Staff Office began to keep records in fiscal year 2001 (See: “Japan’s Fighter Jets Intercepted Chinese Aircraft 571 Times in 2015”).

In February 2016, the JASDF stood up the new 9th Air Wing consisting of 40 Mitsubishi F-15J all-weather air superiority fighters at Naha Air Base, located in the capital city of Okinawa, in order to prop up the defenses of the Ryukyu Islands chain, a move widely seen as a response to China’s growing military assertiveness in the region (See: “Japan Forms New Air Wing to Fend Off Chinese Advances in East China Sea”).

Russia will deploy aircraft carrier to Syrian waters this coming Fall/early Winter ~ link ~ I have a feeling that October could be a very "interesting" month!!!  Stirling  

In Memoriam: Holy Holohoax!  My Government Would Not Lie To Me ~ link ~ Also see ~ link
Elie Wiesel has died. He spent his life promoting the Holohoax. He made a living and won a Nobel Peace Prize as did Barack Obama. Some day we will be allowed to ask the following questions on TV and radio. They appeared first in an article I wrote 4 years ago.
Kazakhstan receiving thanks for Russian - Turkish Rapprochement ~ link

The quick thawing of icy relations between Russia and Turkey came with thanks to both Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told Turkish media last week, “The ice in relations of the two countries has melt[ed], thanks to the contribution of our fraternal countries — Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan — who exerted every effort to normalize the relations between Turkey and Russia. We express our gratitude to these countries.”

The sentiment was echoed by the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, from Sochi where he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization foreign ministers meeting. Cavusoglu reportedly noted the important role both Baku and Astana played in bringing about the normalization process now underway.

FBI ignored Federal Law and the very 'Rule of Law' to allow Hillary 'off the hook' over email scandal ~ link ~ linkAnd see this story ~ link ~ America has become a Third World nation in its laws, its economy, its politics  and its very future thanks to the Globalists!!!  Stirling 
There is no way of getting around this: According to Director James Comey (disclosure: a former colleague and longtime friend of mine), Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation of Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust. 
Director Comey even conceded that former Secretary Clinton was “extremely careless” and strongly suggested that her recklessness very likely led to communications (her own and those she corresponded with) being intercepted by foreign intelligence services. Yet, Director Comey recommended against prosecution of the law violations he clearly found on the ground that there was no intent to harm the United States.
What a Shocker: If elected Hillary says she may keep Lynch as Attorney General ~ link
Looks like all those private meetings on planes right before big announcements about the DOJ protecting the Clinton Foundation are paying off for Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
Could it be because Lynch provides Criminal “Just Us” System same-day service to the Clintons
After Brexit: A Revolt Against the Banker Occupation and A Northern Union ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling 
Brexit was a wake up call to the elite. There was so much opposition to the European Union that the ruling parties could not rig the vote as they did in the Scottish Independence referendum. In fact video cameras and eyewitnesses documented enough vote theft in Scotland that the Leave supporters were highly motivated to send thousands of observers into the polls to guarantee a relatively more honest count. But I do think that Leave scored closer to 60% of the pre-theft vote than the reported 52%.
The wild swing in the financial markets post-Brexit have opened up Deutsche Bank to a possible collapse because they have $70 trillion in exposure to derivatives. There are also more severe financial problem in Italy and France. Italian law requires the banks in their nation to accept government bonds even if they are worthless. The Italian banks are insolvent. Dr Jim Willie sees the most likely next big failure to be an Italian bank collapsing which will take down a major French bank and Deutsche Bank as well.

In a few months nobody in their right mind would stay in the EU and assume a trillion dollars in Unpayable Italian Debts and then create tens of trillions of euros to solve the problems of the French and German banks. The coming economic malaise originating in Europe will spread to America where the voters will not go for a 20 trillion dollar loan to bail out Europe.

Australia's Cliffhanger of an Election ~ link
The results have left Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor party leader Bill Shorten facing a potential test of their negotiating skills in forming the next government of the world’s 12th largest economy.
Coalition secures 73 seats - Majority possible ~ link
ABC election analyst Antony Green has projected the Coalition will secure at least 73 seats, and says it is possible they could reach the magic number of 76 required to win majority government.
Coalition NOT predicted to win majority ~ link
The outcome of the federal election is still unknown despite electoral officials spending the day sifting and counting postal votes.

The numbers were firming hourly on Tuesday evening, with different analysts projecting slightly different results, but the Coalition can now claim 68 seats in the House of Representatives, with the chance of picking up at least another four seats. The Coalition needs 76 seats to claim an outright majority. By 8pm on Tuesday, no analyst was projecting that to happen yet.  

Counting resumes to determine results of election Down Under ~ link

IT WAS a humbled Prime Minister who faced the media yesterday, saying he’d heard the message of the Australian people and would look at how to address the concerns. “I want to make it quite clear that as Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party, I take full responsibility for our campaign,” he told media during a press conference on Tuesday. Malcolm Turnbull said the outcome was still unclear and he expected up to three million votes to be added to the count over the next few days.

This includes up to 1.5 million postal votes that have until July 15 to be received, as well as more than one million “declaration votes” from silent voters not listed on the electoral roll, or who voted outside their electorates.

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