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On the Road to the Third World War


Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Europe at WAR: 84-Year-Old priest killed by ISIS attackers at Mass in northern France - Others taken hostage ~ link ~ link ~ Attacks are now coming about two a day in Europe...It is as if someone 'turned on a light switch'.  Since ISIS is the creation of and funded by and controlled by the CIA and Mossad it is high time that this public bullcrap that "we are fighting them" needs to end.  The totally bought-and-paid-for politicians in Europe and North America are using these attacks for two things: One, to take more rights away from the people; and Two, to drive us into WWIII (based on the long-time Khazarian Globalist strategy of the Third World War being fought by 'the Christians vs. the Muslims'.  We are NOT hearing anything from these same traitorous politicians about KICKING THE PARASITIC MUSLIMS OUT OF EUROPE!!!  This is NOT an accident...they are playing the citizens for damn fools and we need to put a stop to this crap and the evil forces at work, before we all die in WWIII.   Stirling   
An 84-year-old priest was killed and four other people taken hostage by two armed men who stormed his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France.

The two attackers, who said they were from the so-called Islamic State (IS), slit Fr Jacques Hamel's throat during a morning Mass, officials say.

Europe at WAR: Berlin: Terrorist shooting at medical clinic injures staff ~ link ~ The German people need to force an end to the Merkel Government and drive the Muslim invaders OUT of Europe!!!  Stirling  
Germany’s local media reported a shooting Tuesday inside a clinic in the capital Berlin.
The Bild newspaper said an unspecified number of medical staff members, including a doctor, were injured in the shooting, which was carried out in Steglitz district in southwestern Berlin at about 11:00 a.m. local time.
Europe in War: Germany considers internal Army use ~ link
Officials in Germany are considering deploying the army inside the country in the wake of multiple attacks, while the governor of Bavaria says Islamic terror has already “arrived.” 
“Each attack, each act of terrorism, is one too many. Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany,” Horst Seehofer, the governor of the German state of Bavaria, told reporters on Tuesday. The official gave a joint news conference with Bavaria’s interior minister, Joachim Hermann, following a summit of the local government, where security issues dominated the agenda.
Europe in WAR: Norman church attack 'symbolic' attempt to 'cultivate war between West and Islam' ~ link ~ The real terrorists are those who are behind ISIS and seek the Third World War!!!  Stirling  
The murder of a priest in a church in the Normandy region of northern France is very symbolic and is part of terrorists’ psychological warfare aimed at demonstrating nowhere is safe and creating a gap between Christians and Muslims, experts say.  
Europe at WAR: Holland vows "All Out War" against ISIS after priest killed ~ link
Well Mr. Holland, I have a simple question for you, "Why have you not ordered the Muslims out of France???" Stirling  
Europe at WAR: German police are investigating the Ansbach terrorist suicide bombing ~ link ~ Attacks are coming very fast now!!!  Stirling   
Europe at WAR: Munich pays tribute to the victims of mall terrorist shooting ~ link ~ It was NOT one person that did the shooting...eyewitnesses say THREE shooters were involved!!!  Stirling  

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