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The Perfect Cornucopia From Hell Unfolds 
Well, I'm back!  As I was preparing for my 2-3pm (Central Time - USA) Thursday slot on the Nutrimedical Report Show, my city (Evansville, Indiana) was hit with a brief but violent storm with lighting and 70 mph winds.  I lost a big walnut tree and my power was out for over 48 hours. Many thousands of people in my area were without power and some are still without power as I write this.
I was not able to cover the breaking news of the snipers killing and wounding a large number of police officers in Dallas.  I would, however, like to make a couple of observations on this horrific event.  First, it did serve to take attention away from the death of the Rule of Law that stems from the actions of the Director of the FBI and the US Attorney General with regards to multiple serious criminal acts by Hillary Clinton.
Secondly, the drama seems to be right out of the Play Book for Color Revolutions by various elements funded by the Khazarian Globalists, often using George Soros as the Front Man.  In fact, the Black Lives Matter organization has been linked to Soros.  There clearly were at least four snipers involved, and they clearly were professionals.  This reminds me of the US/Israeli staged "revolution"/coup in the Ukraine where, it was later discovered, that Israeli snipers were firing on both the police and the demonstrators.
Is this a major attempt to drive America into a Race War and result in Obama declaring Martial Law and maybe even suspending the November election???  This is possible, but I suspect that race troubles alone would be insufficient and multiple horrific False Flag/ISIS terror events will be used, if in fact that scenario is in play.  And perhaps, even a unfolding of WWIII as well.

As I am, thank God, not an insider to the inner workings of the demonic forces at work (Khazarian Global Banksters), I cannot definitively say what their Play Book strategy calls for the remainder of this year.  But I can point to multiple on-going events that 'point the way' to our near future.  The Khazarian Globalists bought-and-paid-for major parties in most of the European Union have allowed a massive invasion of many millions of mostly military aged Muslim men into Europe.  This in spite of the considerable opposition to same by the citizens of evey nation in Europe!  Why ... well the event serves at least two purposes: First, it is a deliberate war against European culture, society, history, economics, freedom, and the Christian religion; Second, it lays the psychological groundwork for the Third World War - a planned war between the Christians and the Muslims.
Additionally to the mess in Europe, we see multiple Population Reduction programs on-going that are the result of Khazarian Globalists.  These include the Fukushima radioactive poison that is slowly killing very large numbers of Canadians, Americans, Japanese and Koreans.  The "earthquake" that triggered the tsunami that caused the triple China-syndrome nuclear plant meltdown could NOT have been a natural event based on a scientific analysis of the Q-waves.  Many have linked the event to a series of undersea tactical nuclear warheads going off and some have clearly pointed to Israel as the "usual suspect".  
The widespread use of Roundup is slowly poisoning untold billions of people and their descendants in much of the world.  Likewise, the aggressive demands of some in the very corrupt western medical community for multiple vaccines, even with extensive proof that most are at best of no value and many are very dangerous to the recipients, are an indication of another on-going Population Reduction Program. 
All the above points to a drive towards the elimination, via war and other means, of most of the Human Race as a key part of the establishment of the demonic New World Order.  That such a scenario is "nuts" and makes no sense is reflective of the fact that non-human demonic forces are at play!
Things are apt to get very 'hot' the remainder of this summer and into the autumn!!!  Tim Earl of Stirling