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  I am sorry for the late post today, but I have been fighting intestinal flu since Tuesday and am not up to par.  However, this has worked out OK on the latest 'terrorism' story as it has allowed me to view the story feed for the whole day before writing on it.
Tim Earl of Stirling
Munich Terror Event
Follow the timeline:
Munich shooting: Police say six dead as manhunt continues ~ link

German police are engaged in a huge anti-terror manhunt in the city of Munich after six people died in a shopping mall shooting. Police confirmed six deaths at the Olympia mall and several wounded.

The attackers are still on the run. 

Witnesses said they had seen three with guns. Police urged people to avoid public places.
Nine confirmed dead in Munich shopping center ~ link ~ link ~

Nine people have been confirmed dead in a shooting around the Olympia shopping centre in Munich, southern Germany, police say. Police are checking if one body belongs to one of the attackers.

Authorities say up to three killers are on the run.

18-year-old German-Iranian: "Lone Gunman" behind Munich Terror with 10 dead including "gunman" ~ link

After another day of tragedy and drama, where the police had earlier suggested that as many as three gunmen were behind a deadly shooting in a shopping center in Munich, Germany moments ago the local police reported that the gunman was in fact a lone 18-year-old of German and Iranian origin who is believed to have carried out the "shooting rampage" on his own, killing at least nine people before later apparently killing himself.

The shooting attack at a McDonald's attached to the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shopping center at around 5:50 p.m. local time (11:50 a.m. ET) Friday led authorities to lock down the city. Public transportation was shut down and residents were warned to stay away from public places. Police said nine people had been killed and at least 10 were wounded. Around 100 people witnessed the shooting. Authorities found a 10th body about 1 km (0.6 miles) from the scene that was later determined to be the likely gunman.

Mossad photographer Richard Gutjahr was pre-positioned in both Nice AND Munich! Talk about chutzpah...
Mossad photographer Richard Gutjahr was pre-positioned in both Nice AND Munich! Talk about chutzpah… (Editor’s note: Shortly after this article was posted, Richard Gutjahr’s tweets, including the one shown above on the right, were deleted both from his Twitter feed and from the RT article.)

Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW IN MUNICH ~ link ~ They have such contempt for the 'stupid goy' that they think we will believe anything!!! Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

As I wrote in my latest article on the Nice attack:
The cameraman apparently pre-placed on the balcony to film the beginning of the truck attack is German journalist and blogger named Richard Gutjahr…who just happens to be married to Israeli potentate Einat Wilf, a former Israeli Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200 who served as foreign policy advisor to Shimon Peres, strategic consultant to MacKenzie and Co. in New York, and a general partner in Core Venture Capital in Israel. In 2007 she ran for the presidency of the World Jewish Congress. (The presence of highly-placed Israelis and friends in strategic positions to film terror events is getting out of hand…we saw the same thing with the Charlie Hebdo and Brussels Airport events.)

What Are The Odds??? Same Israeli guy that filmed the Nice France truck attack, on the scene at the Munich Germany mall shooting ~ link ~ If you don't see a real 'problem' with this 'coincidence', you are brain dead!!!  Stirling   

These Seven Realities Remain True No Matter How Many Psyop Shootings Take Place ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link!  Stirling 

Okay, now that we’ve made every single one of the shootings of the past 5 years real, genuine and 100% true (for the sake of this fictional example) let’s see where that would leave us with. Let’s close our eyes and imagine now – real shootings are happening everywhere (in this fictional hypothetical world) and we can’t stop them. We see that the shooters amazingly seem to get their hands on AR-15s, AK-47s, all kinds of guns, gas masks and other military type equipment. Sometimes the weapons are obtained legally and mostly illegally. The shooters do their killing for all kinds of reasons and most of the time they die but not before leaving a manifesto to make it clear why they are doing what they did. Even in this fictional reality we are all trying to imagine, anyone can step back and see that the only beneficiary of ALL of these shooting events is … government. No one, not you or I or anyone who believes in mainstream media, not even anyone who is part of the mainstream media or government including Obama himself or anyone else can deny that the objective end result is that big government is the ONLY beneficiary of these events. We’ll talk more about this later.

In the meantime, here are 7 undeniable crystal clear facts that remain perfectly true and factual regardless of whether all of these events are fake, all are 100% real or whether the truth is somewhere in between. Since we all have an obligation to search for objectivity here they are now. Consider these facts and judge for yourself.

Nice: Lie Propaganda in Overdrive - Murder is the New Normal ~ link

Now that the French Secret Services and their foreign associates have read the accounts of ‘false flag’ suspicion in the non-mainstream media, the French Government had to resort immediately to all sorts of doubt deviating maneuvers.
- The truck driven through the Bastille Day celebrating masses on Boulevard des Anglais, suddenly did not break through the barricade protecting the strip as a pedestrian area for the celebration, but it entered through an unprotected side-street. The ‘drive’ was allegedly prepared days in advance, even with dry runs, according to street cameras and telephone conversations between Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel (MLB), the driver of the truck, and a bunch of friends, whom he also asked to supply him with weapons. Strangely, the videos and telephone conversations emerged just days later.

- Mr. MLB’s psychiatrist in Tunisia has revealed that his patient had indeed a violent and unstable personality – hello! – did you know that MLB, a destitute man, the alleged perpetrator of the crime, had a psychiatrist in Tunisia? – Well, we can’t ask him anymore. He is dead – or is he?
- TeleSur reported that MLB’s brother in Tunisia was surprised having received a sudden transfer of € 100,000 from his brother, as compared to the former small transfers corresponding to MLB’s previously reported poverty and debt. Is this a hint to make us believe that he got paid a lot of money to carry out this mass-murder on behalf of Daesh?

Nice attack: City authorities refuse police call to DELETE CCTV Video images ~ link ~ This is WAY over the top!!!  You NEVER delete EVIDENCE of a major and historic crime/mass murder!!!  Something 'stinks to high heaven' here!!!  Stirling 
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

One day after the killing spree in Munich, the MSM are starting to report that the gunman they have identified as a German-Iranian 18 yo boy was a loner.
So it was not a terror attack, of course.
We have extremely strict laws concerning the possession of guns in Germany.
Well, were did the boy get a gun and 300+ rounds of ammo from?
I do know that you need contact to criminals to get a gun plus ammo in Germany.
But you can travel to Poland or the Czech Republic, buy the stuff over there, and return to Germany via the open border. This is certainly possible.
Anyway, but the presence of the Mossad-linked journo Mr Richard Gutjahr points to a different story.
Maybe the boy was a patsy used by intel operatives. I should also mention that the kid suffered from depression. One fact one should also take into consideration is that he lured juveniles to McDonald's using a fake Facebook account.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany