Thursday, June 9, 2016

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I am doing a Special Link to just this one article on the BILDERGERG 2016 ANNOTATED MEMBERS LIST ~ link ~ It is important to note that in general, these people are NOT the 'A List' of hidden forces (no male Rothschilds for example) but do work for them, at a high level, or are senior associates in some way or another.  This is not a short article but one you should take the time to read in full at the link.  Stirling  

I can sense Bilderberg goals by who is being invited and by who is not being invited back. Fortunately, the crazy warmongers like Richard Perle  were not invited back this time. I also noticed a shift in the Turkish delegation. I think Bilderberg has a new initiative on that front. Maybe to do with refugees and the prospect for war and peace in Syria and Iraq. We will have to read headlines about Turkey after the Bilderberg participants reach a consensus and issue orders through the press and the governments involved.

I noted Peggy Noonan’s attendance with interest. She wrote of Donald Trump that ‘he is the spark and not the fire.’ They also invited Lindsey Graham  because he is anti-Trump. That was a waste of time. He knows nothing. They did invite a couple of people who have studied the declining wages of white American workers. That is the source of Trump’s support but many of those men and women voted for Sanders. They also invited a spokesman for the UMP Presidential candidate against Marine Le Pen. And they have invited several Muslim-European politicians together with supporters of Muslim immigration.

Three of Angela Merkel’s key backers in her parliament have been invited. She might attend but not be acknowledged in print by the corporate media. Bilderberg is standing by her because she is destroying the white race in Europe.

In the past Bilderberg would invite people with something to say about the war in Syria or war against Russia or China. Not this year. That is a good sign. Bilderberg is worried about the economy and about resistance to the centralization of world government into the hands of a few billionaire bankers. And they wonder why we vote against them every chance we get.


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