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Holy Shroud of Turin
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

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ISIS shooting fleeing civilians as the Iraqi Army closes in on Fallujah ~ link ~ Remember that ISIS is the creation of the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad and is controlled and funded by them and Turkey and Qatar and some NATO nations ... so this is YOUR tax dollars at work!!!  Stirling 

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is using Iraqi city residents as human shields to slow down the Iraqi army, which has nearly encircled the city. It is killing those desperate enough to try and flee
The UN estimated that there had been about 50,000 civilians in Fallujah – strategically valuable due to its proximity to the capital Baghdad – prior to the government counter-offensive, which began on May 22. Refugee NGOs say that only 18,000 of those have reached their camps in the past fortnight.
Russia will provide strongest air support to Syrian Army in Aleppo area says Foreign Minister Lavrov ~ link ~ Also see this ~ link ~ The Russians will no longer play along with the western delays in Syria...they are supporting an all-out drive to kill off ISIS!!!  Stirling    
Al-Nusra Front, an al Qaeda offshoot in Syria, went on an offensive in Aleppo last week. The Russian military blamed the US for stalling Russian airstrikes against the terrorist group’s forces in the region. The US said moderate rebel groups mingled with the terrorists in some areas and that Russia should use caution and not strike those groups by mistake.
“We believe there was plenty of time for the ‘normal’ opposition to leave Nusra Front territories since February. Those who didn’t part ways with the terrorists have only themselves to blame,” Lavrov added. Moscow hopes that the US is not trying to do anything behind Russia’s back, Lavrov said. “We expect our partners to cooperate with us honestly and not try to use our regular contacts to secretly go with a Plan B, C or D behind our back.”   

Syrian battlespace June 6th ~ link

Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division and Desert Hawks and supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, are advancing deeper into the Raqqa province. By the situation on June 5, the pro-government forces seized the city of Zakia, the nearby Zakia crossroads and the village of Bir Abu al’Allaj. Now, the SAA and its allies need to seize the Tabaqa Military Airport and consolidate the gain in the area, setting the ground for further advances on the ISIS self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa. The Syrian government forces use Russian-made T90C main battle tanks in the area. This confirms the importance of the operation for the Syrian government.

America has killed 20 to 30 million people since WWII ~ link ~ The old British Empire was the Enforcement Arm of the Khazarian Global Banking Cartel until is collapsed following WWII.  The United States was selected to replace the British Empire as its global thug using American blood and money to kill millions for the worst monsters in human history!!!  Time to put a stop to this evil madness before it gets us all killed in the Third World War!!!  Stirling  

How Russia is preparing for WWIII ~ link ~ I do believe that Russia is desperate to avoid WWIII but is fearful of the demonic insanity of the Khazarian Global Banking Cartel and the nations that they control!!! Stirling  

Canada may purchase F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet fighters instead of F-35s ~ link ~ The F-35 is a super boondoggle piece of grossly overpriced junk that cannot out dogfight a 40+ year old MiG-21!!!  Stirling  

AP: Hillary wins the Democratic Nomination ~ link ~ And the fact that they came out with this claim on the very eve of the California Primary is pure chance ... RIGHT!!! The Globalist owned AP (Associate Press) is once again showing that the MSM is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Khazarian Global Banking Cartel!!!  Stirling    
What was supposed to be an all-important California primary tomorrow just became moot moments ago, when in a surprising announcement, AP just called the race for Hillary who according to the newswire's calculations has earned enough delegates to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, making her the first woman ever to win a major party nomination

Hispanic Congressman to Trump: "You're a racist - Take your Border Wall and shove it up your ass" ~ link ~ Racist...bullcrap!  Since when is it racist to defend America from millions of illegal aliens???  Stirling 
EU continues in chaos as Croatia's Government is in danger of collapse ~ link  
CROATIA is the latest European Union (EU) country in danger of political collapse as its coalition government faces corruption allegations.
Trump is furious as the Obama Administration blocks the release of Hillary-TPP emails until AFTER THE ELECTION ~ link
Donald Trump's campaign Monday demanded that the State Department release Hillary Clinton-era government emails about a pending 12-nation trade deal that Trump says will destroy American jobs and hurt the American economy.
Hillary: Electing a 'Foreign Spy' as President? ~ link

There are several lines of inquiry against Mme. Clinton:
(1)  Did she work with, as yet unnamed, foreign governments and intelligence services to strengthen their positions and against the interest of the United States?
(2)  Did she provide information on the operations and policy positions of various key US policymakers to competitors, adversaries or allies undermining the activities of military, intelligence and State Department officials?
(3)  Did she seek to enhance her personal power within the US administration to push her aggressive policy of serial pre-emptive wars over and against veteran State Department and Pentagon officials who favored traditional diplomacy and less violent confrontation?
(4)  Did she prepare a ‘covert team’, using foreign or dual national operative, to lay the groundwork for her bid for the presidency and her ultimate goal of supreme military and political power?
A Clinton Presidency will lead the world to WWIII ~ link ~ She is a puppet for those who desire WWIII, a Global Economic Collapse, and the demonic New World Order!!!  Stirling  
If Hillary Clinton gets elected president of the United States, she would lead the world towards World War III, an American political analyst says.
UK pensioners over 75 increasingly likely to Live in Poverty ~ link ~ One way to judge the political class of a nation is how they treat the elderly!!!  Stirling    

A report by Independent Age, a charity for the elderly, reveals that 1.6 million older people live in poverty in the UK, with an increasing proportion of them over 75 years of age.

Around 950,000 or one fifth of pensioners over 75 live in poverty, compared to 14 percent of younger pensioners and 14 percent of working age adults. There are 11.8 million pensioners living in private households in the UK, of whom 4.8 million are aged 75 and over.

Something that always happens just before the official start of a "recession" has just happened ~ link
What you are about to see is major confirmation that a new economic downturn has already begun.  Last Friday, the government released the worst jobs report in six years, and that has a lot of people really freaked out.  But when you really start digging into those numbers, you quickly find that things are even worse than most analysts are suggesting.  In particular, the number of temporary jobs in the United States has started to decline significantly after peaking last December.  Why this is so important is because the number of temporary jobs started to decline precipitously right before the last two recessions as well
 You see, when economic conditions start to change, temporary workers are often affected before anyone else is.  Temporary workers are easier to hire than other types of workers, and they are also easier to fire.

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