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I am sorry that my postings will be limited today.  A Godson of mine's funeral is today and that will take most of my time.
Special Report
The Strange Death of Jo Cox, MP: A Desperate Attempt by the Globalists to Derail the Snowballing Brexit Movement 
It has been clear for some days now that the British people are about to deliver a massive blow to the Rothschild-headed Khazarian Mafia/Global Banking Cartel's European Union by supporting in overwhelming numbers the Brexit LEAVE vote in a few days time.  The Brits, like so many in Europe, are fed up with a EU and its political classes that are allowing a massive invasion by millions of mostly military aged Muslim men with all the rapes and crime and challenges to Christianity and European culture that they bring.  They are also fed up with a governmental system that is anything but transparent, with a powerless EU Parliament and a bureaucracy that makes a truly massive number of rules and laws without considering the wishes of the citizenry.  
Jo Cox, was a beautiful woman, a mother and a rising Labour star that was a wholehearted supporter of staying in the EU.  Arranging for some "lone gunman" nut case to assassinate her was a desperate attempt to derail the snowballing Brexit Movement in the final days before the referendum vote.  I suspect that it will backfire as so many False Flag efforts now do as the Internet is bypassing the Globalist owned mainstream media as the primary way people obtain news.
That she 'had to die' for the Globalist agenda is horrific.  Once people begin to ask WHY this and WHY now the backfire will explode in the faces of the hidden puppet masters responsible for her unnecessary and untimely death!
Tim Earl of Stirling   

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