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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

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Establishment Republicans plot a last ditch effort to Stop Trump and overturn democracy ~ link ~ Trump has committed several major "sins" against the evil trash that is the established order in America: He will NOT take their money; He plans to actually BE President, not just a Front Man; He is actually pro-American!!!  Stirling

“Now, you have a couple of guys that were badly defeated and they’re trying to organise maybe like a little bit of a delegate revolt. I thought they already tried that,” he said.

During a speech to supporters in Las Vegas he said the attempts were “illegal”, before dismissing them as a media-generated fabrication.

Republican operatives launch an all-out effort to Unbind the Delegates and deny Trump the Nomination he won in primaries across the nation ~ link ~ Just like in Syria, these people don't take No for an answer.  They are totally satanic and immoral and will stop at nothing to maintain their power and to get their sick demented New World Order and WWIII with the deaths of BILLIONS of us!!!  Pray and don't underestimate them!!!  Stirling 

Could they actually unbind all of the delegates and allow them to vote however they wished?

Well, yes they actually could do this.  As Time Magazine has explained, the Republican convention Rules Committee essentially has the power to make up any rules that they want…
It has the power to review and amend all of the rules of the Republican Party, pending ratification by the full convention. If it wanted to, it could insert a rule that says only candidates with blue hair could be the party’s nominee. It’s that powerful. In a contested scenario, the Rules Committee would be ground zero for fights over who and how candidates are nominated on the floor, as well as how the convention itself is conducted.
And thanks to political wrangling by the Cruz campaign, we do know that the rules committee is dominated by delegates that are loyal to Cruz
The convention rules committee is made up of one man and one woman from each of the 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. Dominated by party insiders and loyalists to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—who aggressively worked state conventions to secure slots on the committee—it remains to be seen what the committee’s appetite would be for such a dramatic break from the existing rules.
If I was Donald Trump, I would be taking this very, very seriously.

Bilerberg Elites: Stop Trump and Boost Hillary - Stop Brexit - Boost Migration ~ link ~ It is a tiny group of demonic super-elite families and their minions vs. over 6 Billion of us!!!  Stirling  

As we have noted in previous reports, many of these internationalists have already publicly exploited their political offices and media empires in exteme efforts to stop the surging British support for the Brexit referendum (see here and here). These types of efforts will intensify and escalate in the coming days leading up to the Brexit vote and in the coming weeks and months, as the November Trump-Clinton matchup draws nearer. They're going to get very dirty, very ugly — and very dangerous.

Huge scandal inside NATO: Germany slams NATO 'warmongering' against Russia ~ link ~ There has been an inside fight within German domestic power elites going on for some time now.  Those that want prosperity and peace and those committed to the Khazarian Globalists NWO agenda.  It looks like fear of WWIII and the possible failure of the EU with Brexit is driving events now!!!  Stirling 

New World Order Desperation: The Assassination of Jo Cox MP - The Brexit Fixit Psyop Part II ~ link ~ Also see this article ~ linkIf you actually believe that the murder of Jo Cox MP was simply the act of a mad "lone gunman" and was not an Khazarian Mafia Global Banking Cartel attempt to stop the landslide in the UK to exit the European Union, on almost the very eve of the referendum, you are dangerously STUPID!!!  Stirling  
Sure sounds like the AP’s current posture on the “Brexit Fixit Psyop” mumbles, “coincidence”. Probably had nothing to do with that horrible, despicable and malevolent…referendum. Reality implies that this could be one of the most profound coincidences in the history of government versus self-determination. Call it a Whopper, double cheese, with fries and five gallons of ketchup, to go. 
Have the Banksters beheaded this horrible threat of self determination by Britons? Will their naked Brexit Fixit barbarity prove successful? If not, after pablum and threats from Obama, Jamie Dimon and waves of other Bankster foreigners, plus effusive threats by domestic leaders on high has hiked Bankster desperation to the point the Brexit Fixit coincidence…could there be any limits whatsoever to their Satanity? 

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