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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


Russia: US strikes on the Syrian Government will plunge the Middle East into CHAOS ~ link ~ Putin and company are clearly warning that if the Khazarian Globalists and their puppet states cross the line in Syria the Third World War is the likely outcome!!!  Stirling 
Russia has warned against a call by US State Department officials for strikes against the Syrian government, saying Moscow is opposed to a military solution.

The Kremlin said on Friday such a move would plunge the entire region into complete chaos

So Obama, Hillary and Kerry hopped on the Al Qaeda-ISIS Train to a Gay Nightclub in Orlando ~ link ~ Good One ... do take a minute to read this one in full at the linkStirling 

And what did Lebanon ever do to America to deserve this level of wrath? They had the misfortune to be born on land claimed by some absolutely insane Israelis who along with the Jewish Lobby have the means to steal money by the tens of trillions and to spend billions on US, UK and European politicians.

So now we have come to the end of the line in the Mideast. The US has been funding Muslim crazies with the help of Israel, the UK, Qatar and the Saudis since 911 and even before. Paris and Brussels have been savagely attacked. More attacks are threatened elsewhere in Europe. And now in Orlando 53 or more people have been killed at a Gay Nightclub. It was the Bush and Obama administrations that wound up these crazies and unleashed them. They are to blame.

America has to get off the Al Qaeda-ISIS train. Nobody in their right mind would vote for the continuation of the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes which allowed Those Who Are Above The Law to steal $8.5 trillion from the Pentagon since 1996. Four more years of that level of corruption will choke America to death.
Nobody in their right mind could possibly vote to continue funding ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra. At this point in our history, voting for anyone named Bush or Clinton is downright irresponsible and stupid.

Spain's Pademos looking at a clear path to power ~ link
Spain’s anti-austerity leader Pablo Iglesias has started courting left-wing rivals as he manoeuvres for a serious shot at becoming prime minister after the general election on 26 June.
Brexit: Made in the United Kingdom - Designed in Brussels ~ link ~ The EU, all wrapped up in great platitudes "for the people of Europe", was really the creation of the Rothschild-headed Khazarian Global Banking Cartel and exists to serve them at the expense of the people!!!  Stirling   
If the British vote for Brexit, the European Union will be reaping what it has sown.
Senator Elizabeth Warren's War on the Poor ~ link ~ A wolf in sheep's clothing!!!  Stirling  

There is no American politician more closely associated with “progressive” economic causes than Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. The senator is widely regarded by the political Left as an expert on financial issues, is a self-professed champion of the “working poor,” and is a proud, finger-wagging chastiser of the 1 percent and Wall Street. Her cause is to lift up the least powerful and protect them from the most powerful. She appears to genuinely believe in this cause, and has made several policy proposals that she believes will serve it. Because of her position and the public’s association of the senator with this cause, it is assumed that the policies she proposes will in fact serve it, and that anyone who supports the same causes should get on board and support her proposed policies.

Senator Warren’s stated objective of helping the least powerful is laudable. The problem is that, though well-intentioned, many of Senator Warren’s proposed policies would actually harm the very people whom she intends to help, while her other proposals represent distractions from the real threats to the least powerful, and thus have the effect of allowing these threats to continue. By occupying the seat of defender of the least powerful while advocating policies that would harm the least powerful, the senator has become a danger to her own cause. Below are three examples.

Why electing Hillary is equivalent to putting Monsanto in the White House ~ link
His likely Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, comes with her own baggage as well, and in fact, to many, her vast government experience is seen as a hindrance, not a benefit. Millions of voters view her as a card-carrying member of the ruling "establishment" – corrupt, compromised and untrustworthy, as the first (likely) presidential candidate who is actively under criminal investigation by the federal government.

But Clinton has another negative against her as well: the fact that she's a promoter of GMOs, and that one of the corporations that has her in their back pocket is Monsanto.
The Top Seven corporations, foundations and organizations doing the Most Damage to Earth and all those who inhabit it ~ link ~ Do check this one out.  Stirling 

After 'Terror Watchlist' Disarmament, so-called "haters" will be Next  ~ link ~ The Constitution does NOT allow for politicians or bureaucrats to deny a person their Constitutional Rights on a whim!!! You need to ask yourself, just WHY are these corrupt fascist jerks so damn determined to strip Americans of their Right to own guns!!!  Stirling  
We’re not even talking felonies, we’re talking misdemeanors. Actually, we’re not even talking misdemeanors. Casey’s latest act of un-American treachery would:
“[P]rohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime.”
Read that again and let it sink in.

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