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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 
Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link



Russia is developing hyper-sonic gliders that "Guarantee Penetration" of any missile defense system ~ link ~ Only a demonic moron would pick a fight with Russia!!!  Stirling 

Russia’s new Yu-74 ultra-maneuverable hypersonic glide vehicles may be the next response that will be unveiled. Russia has been developing hypersonic weapons during the past few years, and as Sputnik reports, those weapons would have a speed between 3,840 mph (Mach 5), and 7,680 mph (Mach 10)The system uses sophisticated technologies for maneuvering against a wide range of missile defense systems, and allows precise and rapid delivery of warheads.

Orlando Shootings: Terrorism or False Flag~ link

It’s too soon to know whether Sunday’s Orlando incident was terrorism or false flag deception. 

Yet it has distinct earmarks of the latter, likely the latest example of domestic state terror, another fear-mongering pretext for out-of-control militarism, endless wars of choice, and domestic repression, America more a police state than free society on a slippery slope toward full-blown tyranny.

ISIS to Launch a "Tet Offensive" Against 50 US Cities ~ link ~ Will this happen???  It is total madness, but when you consider what the real people behind ISIS have already done ... Who knows!!!  Stirling  

Readers may recall that in 1968, after the LBJ administration was repeatedly telling the American people that we were winning the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong attacked every single capital, in every single South Vietnamese province. Even the US embassy in Saigon was momentarily captured. This was the turning point of the Vietnam War.  My sources have compared what’s coming to the TET offensive. According to these deep-cover sources, gun-free zones will be targeted (e.g. athletic events, concerts, schools, malls and university campuses.

Of course this will lead to the imposition of martial law practices without a formal declaration of martial law. These policies will include gun confiscation, the execution of gun owners who do not surrender their guns following an executive decree. The policies also call for the enforcement of sanctions against people who are on various lists. No, not the No-Fly lists, but for people who are on the Red and the Blue Lists. These are the very same lists that Steve Quayle has been warning us about for years.

Orlando is Just the Beginning - Holy Hell has come to USA ~ link
The early evidence indicates that Omar Mateen did not act alone. The logistics of the event as well as the following eyewitness account strongly suggest that this is a conspiracy.
Obama is allowing into America almost 3,000 unvetted Muslim "refugees" every month in a 'resettlement surge' ~ link
Over 100 Syrian refugees have been admitted every day in June according to the federal government’s own database from the Refugee Processing Center. More than 1,000 were admitted in May. The rate of those admitted has sky-rocketed when compared to the 3,755 accepted in fiscal year 2016.
The “vetting” process, already questioned by leaders in the country, has been fast-tracked from 18-24 months to just three months. The “refugee mill” can now go through thousands of applications every month.

"We're led by a fool": Donald Trump doubles down on Calls for Obama to Resign ~ link

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump doubled down on calls for President Obama to resign Monday following the commander in chief’s refusal to utter the words “radical Islamic terror.”
After Gay Nightclub Massacre: Phoenix LGBT officially endorses Trump for President ~ link ~ Sometimes it takes a horrible wake-up call to open one's eyes!  Stirling  

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia has funded 20% of Hillary's campaign ~ link ~  
There is nothing wrong with that statement, as it is the whole truth - Saudi Arabia's involvement in supporting terrorism stretches from Sept 11 all the way through to ISIS - however, where there  is a big, and potentially law-breaking,  problem is what Jordan's official news agency, Petra News Agency, reported on Sunday citing the Saudi crown price, namely that Saudi Arabia is a major funder of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become the next president of the United States.

Soros is preparing for Economic Collapse - Does he know something you don't? ~ link ~ The you-know-what is getting ready to hit the fan!  Stirling  
Why is George Soros selling stocks, buying gold and making “a series of big, bearish investments”?  If things stay relatively stable like they are right now, these moves will likely cost George Soros a tremendous amount of money.  But if a major financial crisis is imminent, he stands to make obscene returns.  So does George Soros know something that the rest of us do not?  Could it be possible that he has spent too much time reading websites such as The Economic Collapse Blog?  What are we to make of all of this?
'Leave the EU' takes a shocking 19 point lead in Brexit poll ~ link ~ That is simply too much to steal the election ... the sheeple would know and be really pissed!!!  Stirling  

The headlines go from bad to worse for the UK and EU establishment as yet another new poll this weekend, by Opinium, shows“Brexit” leading by a remarkable 19 points (52% chose to leave the EU against 33% choosing to keep the status quo). This result comes after 2 polls Friday night showing a 10-point lead for “leave” which sparked anxiety across markets.

This surge in “leave” probability comes despite an additional 1.5 million voters having registered this week (which many expected to increase “remain” support). Further anger towards EU was exposed when former cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith warned thatseven new prisons will need to be built in the UK by 2030 to cope with the rising number of migrant criminals (presumedly due to ‘staying’ in the EU). With market anxiety rising, as One River’s CIO notes, if Brexit happens, gold will soar.
Fukushima Coverup: "Accident" was far worse than most Americans have any idea of ~ link ~ Also see Your Radiation This Week #60 ~ link ~ The undersea event that triggered the mass flooding of the multiple nuclear power plants, and their storage units, at Fukushima - based on the scientific evidence - was most likely NOT a natural event.  The years long process of "cleaning up" the mess is a horrific joke on the Human Race and All Life on Earth.  We are seeing a massive Khazarian Globalist Population Reduction Program in process!!! One of several working to "thin the herd of unnecessary eaters"!!! DO TAKE A MINUTE TO READ ALL OF THIS IMPORTANT ARTICLE AT THE LINK AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!    Stirling
As usual, the Hussein Soetoro administration, Congress and the lamestream enemedia have made sure to keep the citizens of this nation focused on "fluff 'n stuff" while more important issues are pushed to the back burner or ignored altogether. Yet, the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida receives almost constant news coverage from the main alphabet news agencies. It doesn't take long for this tragedy to be twisted into a push for gun control. But, an incident that could potentially be an extinction level event has received little news coverage over the last five years -- the multiple reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Japan.

What is happening at Fukushima? It's almost as if there is a mainstream media blackout on information about its status. It has not gone away. It has not subsided. In fact, the situation at Fukushima is far worse than what anyone thought. And, the media is collusion with the government to cover up the severity. The reason why is fairly simple. This is the worst nuclear plant disaster in global history and there was never a plan in place to deal with this severe of a nuclear power plant disaster. As it stands, the clean-up and "fixing" of Fukushima is almost impossible.

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