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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 
Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


Hillary meeting with far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren - Will she be the VP pick? ~ link ~ Two hard left women on the same ticket will NOT expand the support levels, and in fact, will diminish Clinton's already dim electoral chances...GOOD!!!  Stirling  
Hillary will prioritize abortion "rights" - She tells Planned Parenthood ~ link ~ That figures, she loves killing and that includes innocent unborn babies!!!  That is a sure sign of EVIL!!!  Stirling   

In her speech Friday, she thanked the non-profit women's health group for their support in the primary and highlighted her staunch support for abortion rights.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee warned the crowd that if elected president, her opponent Donald Trump would weaken women's rights.

American Borders in Crisis: South Arizona border ranchers - who come face to face with dangerous people and drug smugglers - given police radios ~ link ~ Untold trillions of dollars for wars for a Greater Israel and Bankster profits, but not shit for American border security!!!  Stirling  

Drug smugglers and dangerous individuals are a common sight on the landscapes of the Southern Arizona border. And when police officers aren't around, farm ranchers are the ones that encounter them. But now, they will have a new way to get help in emergencies: sheriff-issued radios usually reserved for police that connect them directly to 911 dispatchers.

Grab the Popcorn - The Left Is Imploding ~ link ~  
Last week I discussed our present state of “peak topsy-turvy.” It was a frustrating climb, but the reward at the top is we get to watch the “inmates who took over the journalistic asylum” destroy themselves.

After months of telling us we’re violent and violence isn’t the answer, we learn they think violence is okay as long as they’re the ones doling it out. Beta-faced Vox editor Emmett Resnin was just suspended for a week (with pay) after advocating violence against Trump supporters. HuffPo’s Jesse Benn agreed with Resnin, exclaiming, “Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any.” I’d be stunned if either of them has ever been in a fight. The Killer Mike contingent of the Bernie Bros, however, is much more likely to “throw down,” and so they did when confronted with Trump supporters at a rally last week. Only they weren’t Trump supporters. They were fellow Bernie Bros. The bloodied but unbowed boobs then chanted, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” while hoping nobody caught the incident on camera. We did.
US Dept. of Justice: 'Laws that keeps men out of women's bathrooms are directly contrary to American values' ~ link ~ Actually this is another direct assault on American values and Christian beliefs by the Khazarian Globalists.  Only really stupid Libtards buy into this BS.  The BS is, in fact, so very deep that I am awarding the US DOJ the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award for 'Over the Top' bullshit!!!  Stirling  
According to assistant attorney general Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, “to guarantee all people ‘equal dignity in the eyes of the law'” means men who dress like women should be allowed in women’s bathrooms

As has been pointed out many times, the public at large is not actual concerned with transgendered people using whatever bathroom they want to; what the public is concerned with is sexual predators abusing these new laws in order to gain access to potential victims, something which, despite what the liberal left would have people believe, has happened many times in the past:

Another old 'girlfriend' of Bill's: Hillary borders on sociopathy ~ link ~ Hillary is a mean sick power hungry demonic dike!!!  Stirling 

Top 7 Reasons Chemotherapy Fails Over 97% of the Time ~ link ~ If you have a serious cancer and want to live, GET OUTSIDE OF THE BIG PHARMA BOX!!!  Do take a minute to read this important article at the link!  Stirling  
First of all, most cancers are created by consuming chemicals, and those cancer cells exist in the blood and can travel throughout the body. So what's the use of going "under the knife" to cut out some flesh when that same person keeps eating, drinking, applying and injecting chemicals that cause more cancers? Answer: None.

Plus, tumors are actually one of the body's way of containing cancer cells, and when surgeons attempt to cut them out, they often let many of those cells escape. Then, those same doctors, called oncologists, radiate the "marginal area" where the tumor or cancer was removed, and that radiation itself causes new cancers. Then, to top it all off, afterwards, those patients (victims) are dosed up with chemotherapy drugs that are derived from poisonous mustard gas chemicals used in WWI and WWII (Zyklon B to be specific) to kill people, so where's the logic? Chemotherapy is as archaic as bloodletting, back when doctors believed that a fever could be cured by draining large amounts of blood from people which drastically compromised the person's immune system and usually killed them.

It is time to blame Obamacare for losing so many full-time jobs in America ~ link ~  

One key area has grown exponentially in the recovery period, though – regulation at every level. Hudson Institute fellow Marie-Josée Kravis wrote in Friday’s Wall Street Journal that federal regulation twists incentives and punishes small businesses, which provides the engine of job creation in the American economy. In 2010, Kravis notes, federal regulation put a burden on small businesses that cost 20 percent more than it did large companies, thanks to economies of scale.

Obamacare makes that situation even worse. Larger companies can distribute the costs of increased health insurance costs and the employer mandate more broadly. Smaller employers, which have less market clout and smaller room for error, feel the shock of the employer coverage mandate more directly. The ACA directly incentivizes employers to use part-time rather than full-time workers, and smaller businesses have the necessity of grasping at any competitive advantage they can get. Six years after its passage and almost three years after its implementation, Goldman Sachs still sees Obamacare as a prime driver of forced part-time employment.

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