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Today's update will be limited.  I spent part of the day in the hospital with a Godson, who has now died of cancer. Tim Earl of Stirling

After the Tel Aviv terrorist attacks, Israel launches police-state crackdown ~ link ~ The smart thing for Israel to do is to implement a long-term peace-with-the neighbors strategy ... be strong but don't encourage local wars and repression, instead encourage mutual prosperityStirling  

The Israeli government deployed 600 additional combat troops to the West Bank Thursday, seizing on a shooting attack against the trendy Sarona market in Tel Aviv on the previous night to escalate its militarization drive and impose a package of police-state measures both inside Israel and in the Occupied Territories.

Hundreds of additional Israeli security forces will patrol Jerusalem beginning today. The government has revoked temporary internal passports for 83,000 Palestinians who sought to cross into Israeli sections of the city to visit relatives, including more than 200 relatives and associates of the suspected gunmen. On Thursday, Israeli courts imposed media bans on further coverage of the attack and its consequences.

Israel and the Emirs in NATO ~ link

The same day (4 May) that the new Supreme Allied Commander in Europe - US General Curtis Scaparrotti - took office at Nato, appointed just like his 17 predecessors by the US President, the North Atlantic Council announced that an official Israeli mission would be established at Nato’s headquarters in Brussels. [This mission] will be headed by the Israeli ambassador for the EU.

So, Israel is even further integrated into Nato, to which it is already closely linked through the “Individual Cooperation Programme”. Nato ratified this on 2 December 2008, three weeks before the Israeli operation “Cast Lead” at Gaza. It includes among other things, collaboration between intelligence services and connections with Israeli forces, including nuclear forces, to Nato’s electronic system. The US has provided Israel another three hundred bomber fighters with dual conventional and nuclear capacity and many other weapons.

Trump Gets It - The GOP Insiders Don't ~ link

Once again Republicans have proven just how stupid they can be with Paul Ryan publicly corroborating that Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel are racist. Maybe Ryan should have read attorney Alberto Gonzalez’s Washington Post article defending Trump’s right to question Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s objectivity. Instead, Ryan -- once a Tea Party darling -- couldn’t wait to deride Trump’s comments as racist. This is why people like me -- reluctant Trump supporters -- will vote for him and enthusiastically defend his comments regarding Judge Curiel. If nothing else, the presumptive nominee gives a big “Trump U” to the Democrat-Media Complex overlords and the Republican sycophants who fear them.

Trump isn’t timid about highlighting the double standards that have been foisted upon us by the Democrat-Media Complex and affect virtually every aspect of our lives. You see, racist comments or bias in the criminal justice system or judiciary in general, are racist or biased only when conservatives, Republicans, or, G-d forbid, white people make such comments or hand down judgments that impact any of the myriad victims in the Democrat-Media Complex fold -- gays, blacks, Hispanics, women, union members, the homeless, drug addicts, welfare-recipients, etc. 

Donald Trump's advice to panicked Republicans - 'Man Up' ~ link ~ Trump has said that 'he doesn't have time for political correctness and neither does America"!  I totally agree with him on this!!!  Stirling  

“Politicians are so politically correct anymore, they can’t breathe,” Mr. Trump said in an interview Tuesday afternoon as fellow Republicans forcefully protested his ethnically charged criticism of a federal judge overseeing a lawsuit against the defunct Trump University.

“The people are tired of this political correctness when things are said that are totally fine,” he said during an interlude in a day of exceptional stress in the Trump campaign. “It is out of control. It is gridlock with their mouths.”

How Hindu Nationalists took over the Republic of India ~ link ~  

The last Indian general election concluded on May 12, 2014. Initial predictions were for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) – the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led coalition – to capture 220 out of 545 seats. In fact, the BJP alone won 282, while the NDA coalition combined won 336. The scale of the BJP’s victory – and certainly the possibility that the party could win an absolute majority on its own – was not predicted or anticipated by even the most seasoned observers of Indian politics. Almost two years later a number of questions persist: How do we explain the surprising results of the election? What does the election indicate about the broader Hindu nationalist movement and its success? And how has the party (and the movement) used its time in office thus far?

The BJP is the political party of the Hindu nationalist movement, which consists of about three dozen organizations that are united by a commitment to an ideology of Hindutva. This ideology is based on the assertion that India is the homeland of Hindus (broadly defined to also include Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs). As the Hindu homeland, the state should serve as a champion of Hindus and their interests. The ideology papers over the many differences among Hindus, especially of caste and language, while emphasizing the separation between most Indians and their Muslim and Christian compatriots. These ideas are based on a fabricated historical narrative and poor sociology, but their aim is not to accurately describe India as much as to create new facts on the ground.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found a good example of how the German mass media work. If a journalists from another country ask "stupid" questions, they are robbed and insulted.

By the way, each household/company in Germany must(!) pay 16 dollars per month for their TV license. This way the German propaganda TV gets about 7 billion dollars per year (!!!) from the German sheeple. Even so, their employee takes a Russian reporter's microphone away - by force.
I do hope that RT is going to sue this thug.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany