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It Has Begun!
The terrible shootings at a Gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida are just the beginning of a host of violent events that we will witness this summer in American and also in Europe.  Events that will be connected to Muslim extremists, that will outrage the masses of humanity.  Events that will scare us.  Events that will enrage us.  Events that will cause us to support a 'Clash of Civilizations' based Third World War.  A new global war with Twenty-First Century weapons of mass destruction that will destroy about two-thirds of us.  A war that is literally right out of the Bible ... Armageddon.
The shootings were not really about gays, or Muslim beliefs or whatever else the mainstream news media paints them to be.  Just as the virtual invasion of Europe by millions of military age Muslim males, with the support of most of the political class in the EU, is not about 'war refugees'/etc.  It is about building up a sufficient level of fear and hate to take the 'sheeple' into yet another Khazarian Global Banksters war.  
Only this time, it will be joined with a massive global economic crash and a nightmare of earthquakes, weird weather patterns and the like. There are a number of specific comments in the Bible about the End Times and Armageddon and the Mark of the Beast.  It would be wise for all people to get as ready as possible for the Cornucopia of Evil that is about to be dumped on our collective heads by and for the tiny demonic Khazarian Globalists.
Ultimately, this is a battle between Good and Evil, between the forces of God and the forces of the fallen Lucifer.  Make sure that you are on the right side of this one, because it is one of the most pivotal events in all of Human history.  You might die in the events to come, but we all die.  The key question for each of us, is where will we spend Eternity!!!  You want to take the UP escalator, after you die, NOT the DOWN escalator, as Eternity is a Very Long Time.
Tim Earl of Stirling  
I have assembled a collection of links to this mornings shootings:

ISIS Officially Claims Responsibility For Orlando Massacre ~ link

Evil Muslim Shooter Omar Mateen of Ft. Pierce, FL Murdered 50 People at Pulse Nightclub, Orlando ~ link

50 killed in shooting at Florida nightclub in possible act of Islamic terror ~ link

Planet Earth now under siege by very Dark Forces ~ link

ISIS Announced Florida Threat THREE Days Ago: “We Will Attack Florida” ~ link   

Unbeleivable Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack Excuse To Wage War - Morris video ~ link

Orlando shooting: Isil claims responsibility for Pulse nightclub attack in which Omar Mateen gunned down 50 in America's worst ever mass shooting ~ link 

Orlando nightclub shooting: Yet another false flag? ~ link

Mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub: 50 dead, 53 injured, ‘act of domestic terrorism’ ~ link

RED ALERT: ISIS Now Activating Terror Cells – Orlando Attack Is Phase One ~ link

The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre ~ link

Left Covers for ISIS Orlando Attack, Blames 2nd Amendment ~ link

Orlando Shooting and Murder of Singer Fuel Anti-Second Amendment Push ~ link

Orlando Shooting Suspect Identified As Omar Mateen, Registered Democrat Of Afghan Descent With Firearm License ~ link

'Gays must die,' says Muslim at Orlando mosque ~ link

Ramadan Massacre In Orlando Proves Donald Trump Was Right On Muslim Immigration Ban ~ link

Political correctness now a deadly epidemic: Islamic terrorist kills 50+ at gay bar in Orlando but media reluctant to call it terrorism ~ link

Orlando Mass Shooting: Another Obvious False Flag and Government Psyop ~ link

Major Muslim Terrorists Makes This Declaration To All Americans: We Are Coming After You, We Will Attack Florida And Slaughter Americans There [Dateline June 9, 2016] ~ link

Florida Pulse Gay Bar Mass Shooting was in a Gun Free Zone ~ link 

Orlando gay nightclub shooting: 50 killed, suspect is Omar Mateen ~ link

Gunman pledged allegiance to ISIS before Florida massacre ~ link

Terrorist ‘was organized and well prepared' during deadly nightclub mass shooting, official says ~ link

Orlando nightclub shooting: Victims' names being released ~ link  

Nelson: ISIS claims responsibility for mass shooting ~ link

ISIS claims responsibility for America's most deadly mass shooting: Terror group celebrates their New York-born 'fighter' Omar Mateen, 29, who died in Orlando gay club after killing 50 ~ link ~ Extensive photos.

50 killed in Florida nightclub, shooter pledged ISIS allegiance ~ link

50 slain in gay nightclub, worst mass shooting in US history ~ link  

CBS News: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Orlando Nightclub Attack That Left 50 Dead ~ link

Terrorist was 29-Year-Old Islamic Radical ~ link 

Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club, Had Been Investigated by FBI ~ link

Sessions: ‘More of These Attacks Are Coming’ ~ link 

Trump: 'Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism' ~ link  

Imam Speaking in Orlando Said Gays Must Be Killed Out of 'Compassion' ~ link 

Afghanistan Migration Surging into America; 99% Support Sharia Law ~ link  

Obama Administration Surge Agenda Threatening U.S. With 100 Syrian Refugees Per Day ~ link  

Deadliest mass shooting in US history: 50 dead, 53 injured in Orlando gay club massacre ~ link 

ISIS claims responsibility for Orlando mass shooting – affiliated agency ~ link  

Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times ~ link

Trump Blasts Obama For Not Mentioning "Radical Islamic" Terrorism As ISIS Claims Responsibility ~ link 

Another Planned Attack? Suspect With Explosives, Camo Outfit, Assault Weapons Arrested In West Hollywood ~ link  

Solemn Obama calls for gun control action and DOESN'T link Orlando nightclub terror attack to Islam in address to nation ~ link   

What We Know About the Orlando Shooter (Father Ran for Presidency of Afghanistan) ~ link 


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