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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


Canada's Fort McMurray wildfire will double in size ~ link ~

A huge wildfire which devastated the Canadian oil town of Fort McMurray could double in size over the next 24 hours, officials say. The blaze now covers an area larger than New York City and is being fanned by winds and feeding on dry vegetation. 

Canadian authorities issue strong warnings over wildfire ~ link

A massive wildfire in the Canadian province of Alberta has prompted authorities to issue strong warnings to residents as they continue to evacuate Fort McMurray City and working camps in the oil sands region.

There is a "high potential that the fire could double in size" by the end of Saturday, said Chad Morrison, Alberta's manager of wildfire prevention.

Europe in Crisis: Thousands rally outside Berlin train station against Muslim migrants ~ link

Demonstrators held signs with slogans like 'No Islam on German Soil' and 'Merkel Must Go,' while waving German flags at the rally on Saturday afternoon in the capital.

Europe in Crisis: Italian riot police injured in violent clashes ~ link ~ It is not so much about white or black or whatever race but about the European/pan-European culture and the Christian religions and the economic powerhouses of the West.  The Globalists cannot abide by intelligent progressive well-to-do Christian civilizations that are not totally corrupted/enslaved to them.  Stirling  

Globalist Death Plans - video ~ link ~ 
Alex Jones outlines the entire globalist plan to control and destroy humanity and why they’re determined to carry it out.

Koch-Soros Insiders attempt to take over Trump campaign ~ link ~ These satanic parasites will spread their vile control wherever good men allow it!!!  Stirling  

A major effort is underway to co-opt the Donald Trump campaign by infiltrating it with Koch brothers/George Soros-linked operatives, inside sources have exclusively told

Yesterday it was revealed that Steven Mnuchin would become the Trump campaign’s national finance chair. Mnuchin was an Investment Professional with Soros Fund Management LLC and spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs. He also has innumerable other affiliations with establishment financial institutions and corporations.

Labour's news London Mayor promises a 'better London' ~ link ~ The United Kingdom is so overran with people from other lands that it is not surprising to have a Muslim Mayor elected.  It is rare to have a taxi driver, or a waiter that is English in background in London, and the small shops that sell newspapers, snacks, and the like were all either Indian or Pakistani over 30 years ago when I spent a lot of time there.  This is partly the result of the effects of being the capital of the British Empire and partly a part of the Globalist/Khazarian Mafia plan to destroy European and pan-European culture/civilization/religion/wealth.  Stirling  

Labour's Sadiq Khan has vowed to do all in his power to make London "better", as he was sworn in as the new mayor. Referring to his council estate roots, Mr Khan, the city's first Muslim mayor, said he wanted all Londoners to have the same opportunities he has had.

Saudi King in Cabinet shakeup ~ link ~ link ~ 
Saudi Arabia's King Salman has removed the country's veteran oil minister as part of a broad government overhaul.Ali al-Naimi has been replaced after more than 20 years in the role by former health minister Khaled al-Falih.

Fresh anti-Government protest in Warsaw, Poland ~ link ~ link ~ The Polish Government is a hard-core Globalist war-hawk administration that is determined to push NATO and Russia into WWIII.  Stirling  

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Warsaw to protest against the Polish government. The protesters say the governing conservatives run an undemocratic administration that violates European values.

British politicians and Israel ~ link

The UK government’s main opposition party, Labour, is in crisis. Analysts say Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being targeted. Veteran politician and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has been suspended. All because of a regime in another part of the world, Israel

Hilary could be interviewed by the FBI any day now ~ link ~ I don't think that the hidden powers-that-be will allow her to run and lose to Donald Trump.  She will be indicted and replaced with Sanders or Biden or someone else!  Stirling  

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton could be questioned by the FBI about her private email server within days, according to a report from ABC News on Friday.

The upcoming interview could speed up the timetable for the investigation and potentially bring the federal probe to a close, months before the general election kicks off this fall.

Job cuts at American companies jump 35% in April ~ link ~ Yep, the "recovery" from the "recession" is going well ... NOT!  Stirling   


Your radiation count this week #55 ~ link 


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Globalist Death Plans - video ~ link ~
The link isn't there.

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Globalist Death Plans - video ~ link ~
The link isn't there.

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Young men who bring the culture of violence

The events of Cologne were only a prelude: Many Arab migrants bring a misogynistic society image to Germany. This makes it hard to integrate. A guest commentary.

By Bassam Tibi
The author: Bassam Tibi, 72, is a retired political scientist at the University of Göttingen. He came to Germany at the age of 18 from Syria
Is there a connection between the attacks of New Year's Eve in Cologne and the situation in Syria? The answer is yes, this is the link, and the common denominator is one of violence against women.

Many of my German interlocutors seem the violence that follows in the tradition of oriental-patriarchal culture against women, not to be understood. In the Orient, the woman is not as subject but as an object of a man's honor. The desecration of a woman is considered not only as Sexhandlung and crimes against the woman herself, but rather as an act of humiliation of the man to whom it belongs.

In this barbaric war in Syria, which is completely wrong called "Civil War" (there are no citizens but ethnoreligious collectives fighting each other), rape Shiite Alawite soldiers of the Syrian army women's Sunni opposition as a means of warfare.

With the rape this Alawites aim to dishonor the men of the Sunni opposition. The Sunni "rebels" do their part with the same Alawite women. It is a war of all against all with the women as pawns.

Cologne was not an isolated case

As Syrians from Damascus I am amazed at the ignorance and naivety of the Chancellor and her defense minister, who think they can finish at conferences in Geneva and Munich the war. But this war is classified as a "protracted conflict", which will be with us for years. It is a war guy I "irregular non-state war" call.

Among the war refugees are not only victims of violence but also many perpetrators, even many Islamists. In addition, these mainly young men also bring in between 14 and 20 years, the culture of violence against women, with from the Middle East to Germany. The New Year's Eve in Cologne is just a proof of this, and not an isolated case, as we want to fool politicians to downplay the significance of the matter.

Regardless of the war the image of women in the Arab-Oriental culture is patriarchal, yes comprising inhuman. This image of women can not be tolerated under the cloak of respect for other cultures in Europe.

And it is the Arab man in the sexual violence exerted not only by the "sexual attraction" of European women, but also to the European man who wants to pollute the honor of Orientale. Thus it has happened also in Cologne.

End of part 1

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Cologne was only the beginning. If Germany gets over a million people from the world of Islam and does not meet their expectations, you have to expect to be impressed. From advertising these young men think they know that every European a luxury apartment, a car and a "pretty blonde" has; they think that they are getting this well and be involved in the prosperity.

But when these young men instead come in a emergency accommodation in schools and sports centers, then they feel cheated, even discriminated. So they develop feelings of revenge towards the European man. The disappointed and angry Arab men therefore retaliated in Cologne and Hamburg to the German men, by their wives.

As Syrians, who represents an enlightened Islam and for respect for women einsteht, I say: This was a culturally anchored revenge. What is criticizing here is not only that so often complained false tolerance, but also ignorance about other cultures.

The conflict in Syria between Sunnis and Alawites, who has become a bloody war, will be with us for years. The death toll has now reached about half a million Syrians, including hundreds of thousands of Alawites, the rest are Sunni. This category of conflict is difficult to resolve. An example of this from the past is also the conflict in Lebanon between Christians and Muslims, which has thus lasted from 1975 to 1990, 15 years.

The religion belongs to Allah

In Syria, the conflict has a long history. The Syrian capital Damascus is the oldest inhabited city in the world; she was 661-750 the capital of the Umayyad Empire, so the first imperial caliphate in Islam, stretching from Spain to western China.

In the late 19th century was adopted the European idea of ​​the nation of Christians and Muslims, in which both lived equally (so unlike the Caliphate, where Christians were regarded as second-class believers). This showed the secular pan-Arabism. After the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, Syria was 1920-1945 French mandate territory, then an independent, secular republic.

In this secular Syria I was born in 1944 in Damascus as a sprout of Ashraf Aristocrat family Banu al-Tibi. Our values ​​orientation was that religion belongs to Allah, but the fatherland all. So thought the Sunni majority, about 70 percent, and lived with a variety of religious and ethnic minorities in mutual respect.

End of part 2

Anonymous said...

Part 3

The Syrian conflict is an example of an ongoing process of state failure in the Middle East. This place is currently held in Iraq, Libya and Yemen. The consequence will be that send huge demographic avalanches in Europe in the coming years.

Germany is thanks to the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel as the main goal of the refugees. But the other Europeans do not. The children quarrel between all German parties on ceilings and a limitation of the number shows that German politicians do not understand the scale of the problems.

Chancellor Merkel has participated early 2015 after the murders in Paris in a public demonstration in Berlin rub shoulders with Islam officials who fight a European Islam violent - and they do not even know what they are doing. Your Syria-and refugee policy is on this line.

While German politicians and German-gooders "in a German pathos of the Absolute" (Adorno) talk about tolerance and the plight of refugees, many Islamists laugh contemptuously and call these debates "Byzantine chatter".

Far and wide, no Euro-Islam

The origin of the term is revealing: In 1453, the Byzantine capital Constantinople Opel was besieged by an Islamic-Ottoman army. During this siege, Byzantines and Christian monks of the situation in debates on magical and religious formulas exhausted despite the seriousness.

In the same year, in 1453, conquered the Islamic Sultan Mehmed II. With his troops successfully Konstantin Opel and transformed the city into an Islamic Istanbul. Islamic historians call such debates about since that time "Byzantine chatter".

As Syrians from Damascus I live since 1962 in Germany, and I know that patriarchal minded men from a misogynistic culture can not be integrated. A European, civil Islam, the Islam officials in this country reject as Euro-Islam, would be the alternative. Currently, he has no chance. My teacher Max Horkheimer Europe called "island of freedom in the ocean of tyranny". This freedom I see now at risk.

The text will be published with permission of the publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch. He is a preprint from the appearing in May book Alice Schwarzer: "The shock - The New Year's Eve of Cologne"
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