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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


Judge orders senior Hillary aides to answer questions about secret emails ~ link ~ The real question is:  Will the hidden powers that be decide to dump Hillary because she is NOT electable and go with an indictment of her???  Stirling  

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Hillary Clinton’s top aides to answer questions about her secret email server, including detailing who made the decision to set it up and whether it was intended to thwart open records laws.

Top Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl D. Mills will be deposed, as will Bryan Pagliano, who reportedly maintained the server and Mrs. Clinton’s email account tied to the secret system. Mrs. Clinton herself could also have to answer questions in the open records case brought by Judicial Watch, according to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s order — though he said a decision on that would be made later.

Roger Stone: Cruz dropped out BECAUSE of JFK revelation ~ link ~ Actually it was in my home town, Evansville, Indiana, where on election day morning, Ted Cruz had his meltdown ... a meltdown that carried on to the nighttime withdrawal in IndianapolisStirling  

Indiana voting-fraud activist who was behind Rubio 'sex party' leaks found dead ~ link ~ I strongly suspect that he was 'suicided'!!!  Stirling     

Voting-fraud activist Gary Welsh, who tipped off Infowars’ Wayne Madsen on Marco Rubio’s foam sex parties, was found dead leading up to the Indiana primary.

Police found Welsh’s body in an apartment complex stairwell in Indianapolis, Ind., on May 1 and quickly ruled it a “suicide.”

Bush I and Bush II will not endorse Trump ~ link ~ I hope Trump opens the gate for criminal prosecutions of both of these bastards!!!  Stirling  

Texas Attorney General agrees with AFA on Target's bathroom policy ~ link ~ Target's policy is Pure anti-Christian Politically Correct Fascism!!!  Stirling   

Over 1.1 million people have signed the Boycott Target pledge and it is encouraging to see the Texas Attorney General shares the same concerns.

Target's corporate policy simply allows a man who claims he's a woman to enter the female restroom or changing facility. This policy provides a gateway for sexual predators and voyeurs to gain access to their victims by posing as someone of the opposite sex.
Massive Alberta wildfire moves south forcing even more evacuations ~ link ~ See my last post yesterday for links to many stories on this nightmare.  Stirling  

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Anonymous said...

This is what a person who is helping migrants in Germansky-land has written:

Yesterday · Public
I've decided what I (and not only me) is experiencing with certain Muslims to make public. It makes no sense to pretend that everything is fine. Nothing is fine.
I have had positive experiences. There are good, very good Muslims, as I experience it every morning in my integration courses. Your beneficial influence it is thanks to them that I have delayed this post so long and put another on the net. I did not want to contribute to the flood of propaganda, did not want to be guilty of innocent bloodshed. I was in a terrible dilemma between my responsibility for them, who fled her home in front of a gruesome war, and for the citizens of this, my country.
The truth is that tension and aggression to increase significantly and abruptly, insubordinate behavior and even violence. This suggests that something Serious is in preparation. Certain people have before us Germans no longer just a modicum respect. We are "dhimmis" for them - slaves. And just as they treat us well.
I myself will now attacked daily verbal. Today I was faced with a veritable tribunal that of a woman and a is further commands in the background. My luck was that I was helped by Germans. Worked was doing with lies, slanders and distortions.
On Friday last week, is a wanted man I had to call to order, pounce on me. He had to be restrained by several. They had quite obviously agreed with him to take in any other way "revenge". And so I was put online before the "Tribunal".
More and more Muslims see absolutely no reason to dissemble. Some indicate that frankly they are already belong soon Germany (and Europe). What know I and my fellow sufferers, as' small exercises ".
I see it as my duty to warn the public. In times of great danger and threat, it is the Christians not only allowed but even required to take rational alliances with parties that he had never voted in peacetime.
Therefore, I recommend expressly supporting the AFD. There is too much at stake. Among other things: our lives. The demands of the AFD in terms of enhanced control of Islam are mounted and therefore to be welcomed.
I wish I could write something else. Your good Muslims that you have done everything to convince us of the peacefulness of Islam - you extend my sympathy. Here you are in the minority. The wicked, as elsewhere, are in the majority. And it happens to be the majority that dictates our behavior in war and peace.
God be with you, with all of us. May He give us peace and returned to dispatch the demons in the darkness from which they came. Inshallah.


Translation by google.

Well, I cycled on my bike inside a German train-station today. The gay station-cop nearly jumped out of the loudspeaker to cut my throat.
OK, I as wrong.

When I got on the train with my bike there were 3 young Muslim wogs who did not have a ticket. They persuaded the stupid conductor and did not have any problems.
In Germansky-land you normally pay about 55 dollars if you have no ticket (as a fine).

Lord Stirling, we need the help of patriotic American Christians to fight back the wogs.
Tell your brothers and sisters that we need volonteers all over Europe to fight the Camel-Cleaners or goat-fuckers (Erdogan from Turkey).