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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link




Venezuela Crisis: OAS chief calls emergency meeting ~ link ~ I partly blame this 'crisis' on the usual suspects, the Globalists, however the Government there has been Communist in all but name and communism simply does NOT work and it more than anything is behind the crisis!  Stirling  

Venezuela's government came under renewed pressure on Tuesday when regional body Organization of American States called for an emergency meeting. OAS head Luis Almagro wants members to evaluate whether Venezuela has suffered an "unconstitutional alteration of the constitutional regime that seriously impairs the democratic order".

Europe in Crisis: 18 women sexually assaulted at German music festival - only 3 'refugees' arrested ~ link ~ It is well past time that the citizens of Europe grow some courage to take back their nations from the Globalist/Khazarian Mafia trash that owns the political class and kick the invading hoard of Muslims OUT OF EUROPE.  Arrange transport home for the single men, arrange temporary housing for the families, but get the military aged men OUT in 2 or 3 weeks time.  Those not out...turn the military on them!!!  Stirling  

Eighteen women in Germany have filed complaints to police saying they were sexually assaulted at a musical festival in Darmstadt. Police arrested three refugees from Pakistan at the scene after three of the women immediately reported their attacks.  

Europe in Crisis: Rape in Sweden rises almost 1,500% in one year - video ~ link

Europe in Crisis: Dalai Lama: Europe has accepted 'too many refugees' ~ link ~ Even the Dalai Lama says this is nuts but the evil totally bought-and-paid-for political class in the EU is blind to the crisis!!!  Way beyond shameful...these bastards are traitors to their people and nations!!!  Stirling  

It's not just the fear of a Trump presidency that is behind the surge in illegal immigrants coming to America - It is also the Obama policy of 'Catch and Release' ~ linkHow about we build a massive wall like Trump says, and in the meantime we prosecute all illegal immigrants and put them to work breaking rocks and other unpleasant things and THEN send them back across the border after a few months of hard labor in prison!  The current system is the Obama Administration acting to destroy the fabric of America!!!   Stirling  

Border Patrol agents are becoming frustrated, and the root cause of the frustration is that there is a catch and release program taking place. The time it is taking for agents to round up and process those who turn themselves in asking for asylum (just to release them into the US) is taking away from capturing the immigrants who aren't looking to turn themselves in to anyone - drug traffickers for example.

Union president Brandon Judd testified at a congressional hearing that if immigrants are arrested and ask for asylum, they're being allowed to get processed and move along on their journey to join family members elsewhere in the US while they await their hearing. The hearing itself could take up to two years, as the courts currently have a backlog of nearly a half a million cases. The reason being given is that the US court rulings restrict the agency's ability to detain those arrested. "What happens is if you are arrested in the United States and you ask for any sort of asylum, what we do is we will process you, and we will walk you right out our front door, give you a pat on the back and say, 'Welcome to the United States.' And they're good to go," Judd testified at the hearing.

This will be the End of Humanity ~ link ~ The sick agendas that the Globalist and Khazarian Mafia are pushing are not human in nature...they are clearly demonic and opposed to God and the Human Race!!!  Stirling  

To quickly recap, the first salvo was the militant gay agenda. The agenda did not just wish to have political equality, they demanded that children be indoctrinated and everyone must glorify the lifestyle (e.g. wedding cake law suits). Secondly, came the transgender bathroom issue. Canada is actually planning to jail people for two years for insults against transgenders. This issue, with the transgender pejorative teams (e.g. not male or females, but terms like Ze’s and Hir’s) serve to undermine traditional society. It will erode any semblance of traditional human values. If the lines are blurred between men and women, the lines will become blurred against things “age of consent”, thus making pedophilia acceptable by bootstrapping the issue to the sexual revolution being forced down the throat of the average American.

As bad as this sexual revolution is, the worst is yet to come. The sexual revolution will not stop with what is being described here. It will quickly morph into changing human beings into something other than a human being. The underworld sexual revolution is being used to usher in transhumanism.

Former Miss Turkey sent to prison for insulting Endogan ~ link ~ It is well past time to kick this sick Muslim nation OUT of NATO!!!  Stirling  

Facebook and Twitter banning Free Speech ~ link ~ More satanic anti-American anti-Human crap from the Globalists and Khazarian Mafia!!!  Stirling  

Facebook and Twitter are censoring free speech, Bloomberg reported in an article which downplayed what’s really going on: the hijacking of the Internet to destroy national identity, culture and the free exchange of ideas in favor of an 1984-style virtual superstate

In the article linked on the Drudge Report, Bloomberg revealed how Facebook and Twitter are working with the European Union to ban on-line commentators from spreading “hate speech,” but Bloomberg watered down the news so badly it made censorship sound like a great idea.


US Dollar is currently insanely overvalued ~ link ~ Don't count on this for long!!!  Stirling  

So anyone who owns US dollars has an opportunity right now to trade overvalued pieces of paper for undervalued real assets… as long as you look abroad.

Strikes in France threaten to ruin Eurozone ~ link ~ The French people are wakening up to what the Rothschild Empire trash are doing to them, and they don't like it and are really beginning to raise some hell about it.  Via La France!!!  Stirling  

Belgium stopped to a standstill by anti-austerity fascism protests ~ link

Most transport services in Belgium's French-speaking regions were halted as train drivers went on strike for the sixth consecutive day, protesting against a proposed reduction in overtime pay. The effects were also felt in Brussels, which experienced severe delays to public transport, while some postal workers and rubbish collectors also took industrial action.

Five Stages of Central Bankers Failure ~ link ~ Actually I believe that the current economic events are what is sought by the global banksters...all part of their sick drive to their Luciferian New World Order!!!  Stirling   
Central bankers are now in the denial and anger stages of Kubler-Ross's famed stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Central bankers are in denial that all their trillions of dollars, euros, yen and yuan have completely and utterly failed to achieve the desired result: "organic" (i.e. unmanipulated by central states/banks) expansion of productivity, investment and household earnings.
Central bankers not only continue to insist their free money for financiers will eventually "trickle down" to the masses--they're angry that the masses aren't buying it. Central bankers are now blaming the masses for maintaining a perverse psychological state of disbelief in the omnipotence of central banks and their policies.
Doctors blame Monsanto for Brazil's Microcephaly outbreak ~ link ~ In a sane world, the corporate directors and senior officers of Monsanto would have long ago stood trial for Crimes Against Humanity!!! Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  
A group of doctors are challenging the theory that the Zika virus is responsible for birth defects in babies in Brazil, saying that Monsanto are responsible for microcephaly among newborns.

A report from the Argentine doctors’ organisation, Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, says that a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the public drinking water supply in 2014.

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