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Austria's Hofer (the Trump of Austria) wins with 51.9% - Postal ballots uncounted ~ link ~ Surely the Globalist candidate would not cheat .... Right!!!  Stirling 
Eurosceptic, anti-immigration Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer won Austria’s Presidential election with 51.9 percent of the vote, official data from the Ministry of the Interior states. The figures could change when postal ballots are counted
The Ministry states that Green Party candidate Alexander van der Bellen garnered only 48.1 percent of the ballots cast.

Austria's Trump on the cusp of winning the presidency ~ link
Austria may have just elected their own Trump.

Note, there's a record estimated 750,000 postal ballots yet to be counted, FPO's Nurbert Hofer is currently leading by 144,006 votes and the odds are in his favor.

Austrian presidential race on knife-edge - Too close to call ~ link ~ link ~
Austrian far-right hopes of winning a presidential runoff remained on hold Sunday as the candidates were neck-and-neck in a battle closely watched by the EU, which is struggling to contain a surge of anti-immigrant parties.

A win would see Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party (FPOe) become the European Union's first far-right head of state.

ISIS urges attacks in Europe and America ~ link ~ I hope that I am wrong, but I expect to see several very serious False Flag attacks in Europe and North America in the coming months!!!  Stirling  

An Islamic State group spokesman has urged sympathizers in Europe and the U.S. to launch attacks on civilians there if they are unable to travel to the group's self-declared caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

In a 31-minute audio message released late Saturday by the IS media arm al-Furqan, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani told his followers that, "the tiniest action you do in the heart of their land is dearer to us than the biggest action by us ... there are no innocents in the heart of the lands of the Crusaders."

Israeli Defense Minister resigns in protest over 'dangerous and extreme elements' in Netanyahu Government ~ link ~ I have said since he was Assistant Minister for Information before the First Gulf War, that Bibi Netanyahu is likely the Biblical Antichrist.  That he is apt to plunge Israel, the Middle East and all the World into the greatest war in human history!!!  Stirling   

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon has resigned, warning that Israel has been taken over by "dangerous and extreme elements".

It comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to bring hardliner Avigdor Lieberman into the coalition, possibly as defence minister.

Scientists reveal Jewish history's forgotten Turkish roots ~ link ~

New research suggests that the majority of the world’s modern Jewish population is descended mainly from people from ancient Turkey, rather than predominantly from elsewhere in the Middle East.

Venezuela to hold military exercises claiming imminent US invasion ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Yes the Globalists are putting the screws to Venezuela, but the biggest problem that the Venezuelans have is that socialism - communism is a total failure.  Stirling 
All Venezuelan citizens were called on Thursday to participate in military exercises as the country prepares for a supposedly imminent invasion by the US. Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez called on all Venezuelans to participate in the drills, to be organized by the armed forces throughout the country under the slogan “2016 Independence,” which will take place Friday and Saturday.

Venezuela being destroyed by Socialism - Sanders and Clinton want same for America - video  ~ link 

Venezuela where the cost of a hamburger is officially $170 ~ link ~ At least a family of four can eat for under $700, unless you add fries and cokes...that might be $1,000 or so!!!  Stirling   

EU: The Masses Are Waking Up as Nuit Debout gatherings are spreading throughout Europe ~ link ~  
Today on The Janssen Report: people are increasingly dissatisfied with the corruption and anti-social political decision-making in Europe. Nuit Debout is a new phenomenon that started in Paris on March 31st and is currently spreading to multiple countries (and numerous cities) in Europe. People gathering to discuss different topics on economics, politics and other matters they find of importance.
The corporate mainstream media hardly reports on it and if they do, they cover mostly the negative aspects (such as rioting).

I think it’s a very positive sign of the masses waking up to the harsh reality of fascism and economic slavery that we are facing
Bill Clinton's 'love child' ~ link ~  
For 24 years, on certain corners of the Internet and in the flimsy pages of certain supermarket tabloids, Bill Clinton and Danney Williams have been pictured side-by-side as proof of the conspiracy that they’re father and son.

Plausible enough, knowing what we know about ol’ Bubba.

Turkey: Incoming Prime Minister urges move to presidential rule ~ link ~ 'Suck-ass' puppet!  Stirling  

The ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has been nominated as the country's new prime minister has called for a move to presidential rule. Addressing a congress of the ruling AK Party before it confirmed him as party leader, Binali Yildirim called for a new constitution.

Philippines president-elect slams the Catholic Church and its bishops ~ link ~ The current Pope is a radical and promotes a theology that is anti-Christian ... based on 2,000 years of Catholic faith and beliefs!!!  The Church is so corrupt that it has totally failed to address the problem of mass child rapes by its 60% gay priests!!!  Stirling  

Pope Francis declares himself "the antichrist" - Alex Jones - video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Pope Francis is showing himself to be an agent for the Globalists and Khazarian Mafia and ultimately for Satan!!!  Stirling  

Pope Francis: Longtime Zionist Tool ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link!!!  Stirling  

Obama's Executive Order 13603 gives him ALL POWER! Power over Food, Water, and All National Resources ~ link ~ No such authority is granted to him by the US Constitution and such orders are null and void under the Constitution!!!  Stirling 


Your USA Radiation This Week ~ link 

Greek "bailout" - MPs approve more austerity cuts to unblock funds ~ link ~ Greece should declare the debts fraudulent and refuse to pay them and issue international arrest warrants for the Wall Street banksters that ripped the nation off!!!  Stirling  

The Greek parliament has passed new budget cuts and tax rises two days before a eurozone meeting expected to unblock much-needed bailout funds. 

The government led by the leftist Syriza coalition passed the widely unpopular bill by 153 votes to 145.

Obama in Vietnam - Arms and trade deals on agenda ~ link ~ We can count on Obama to represent the interests of the American people ... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stirling 

The trip comes amid warming ties between the countries as the US seeks to build relations with Pacific allies.

Vietnam is keen for the US to lift an arms embargo that has been in place since 1984.

US war machine's annual budget could purchase every homeless American a $1 million home ~ link ~ After the First and Second World Wars, America became the enforcement arm of the Global Banking Cartel (replacing the spent British Empire).  That is why we are always at war and spending so much of our national resources on unnecessary wars not in America's interests!!!  Stirling  

In 2015, the United States spent more on its war machine than the next six countries combined, with a total of $596 billion spent on military expenditures. This week the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with roughly $602 billion slated to be spent on military programs and armaments in the 2017 budget.

To put this amount in perspective, the U.S. spent more on its military than the next six nations combined, with China coming in second at $215 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia at $87 billion, Russia at $66 billion, with the United Kingdom, India and France spending roughly $50 billion each on defense expenses.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

The left-green scum has won the election of the "Bundespräsident" (president) in Austria.

I wonder if the elections has been rigged?

Mr Hofer's FPÖ has already announced that the votes might be count one more time.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany