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The Indiana Primary 

In Politics, like in War, 'what a difference a day makes'!  Twenty-four hours ago, Cruz was fighting to derail the 'Trump Train'.  Now he is a presidential has-been (but a possible future cabinet member) and Trump really can't be stopped (short of violence or some other nightmare) in his quest to become the Republican National Candidate for President of the United States of America...the sole (although much weakened) Super-Power on Earth.

If he truly is his own man and not the puppet of the usual puppet-masters, he is a grave danger to them.  

Hillary Clinton is such a poor campaigner that she actually does higher in the polls if her name fades into the background.  Donald Trump will absolutely EAT HER ALIVE in the General Election.  Each week will be absolute Hell on Earth for her and her nominal husband Bill.  She will not win the general election nor get close enough that computer voting systems will be able to effectively steal it for her.  

If the 'win the general election' option is to be kept open for the Globalist/Khazarian Mafia forces, then she needs to be replaced as likely Democratic National Candidate for President of the United States of America.  Now would be a good time for an Indictment from the Obama Justice Department!

Was Jewish Bolshevik Bernie Sanders maybe always the real choice?  One wonders why he never went for her points of vulnerability...like all the many scandals of her time as Secretary of State and as First Lady of the United States and even before that as First Lady of Arkansas?  You can count on the fact that a real candidate, 'worth his salt', would have destroyed her.  Perhaps Sanders, and those behind him, chose to keep the Democratic Party intact while keeping the image of a 'reforming outsider' for himself.  

A outsider fighting a populist campaign would steal much of the thunder of Trump!  Is this the fallback plan?  Or the real plan all along?  

I am not sure that I can answer these questions, but I bet they are keeping the Clintons up late!

Tim Earl of Stirling       

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