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Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
A city of over 88 thousand people has been fully evacuated and is in danger of being totally destroyed by a fast moving massive wildfire.  Please say a prayer for the people there.  Below are links to various articles on this unfolding tragedy.  
Tim Earl of Stirling  
CBC News: Breaking Updates on the Fort McMurray Wildfire ~ link 
CBC News: 'Catastrophic' Fort McMurray wildfire prompts State of Emergency ~ link 
CTV: Fort McMurray wildfires: Emergency information and how to help ~ link 
Edmonton Journal: Biggest victory was getting everyone safely out of Ft. McMurray ~ link 
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry: Wildfire Status Map ~ link  
Postmedia News: How you can help the evacuees from the Fort McMurray wildfire ~ link  
BBC: Alberta declares emergency ~ link 
The Weather Chanel: At least 1,600 structures destroyed by wildfire in Fort McMurray, Canada - 88,000 evacuated ~ link  

Global News: Fort McMurray wildfire: Why the fire engulfed the city within hours ~ link
The Globe and Mail: A perfect storm of conditions: Here's how the blaze reached Fort McMurray, and why it spread so fast ~ link  

BBC News: Mass evacuation of Fort McMurray in pictures ~ link
NBC News: Fort McMurray Wildfire: 'Nasty, Dirty Fire' burns over 18,000 acres as more homes are lost ~ link   

The Alberta declares State of Emergency as firefighters struggle to save Fort McMurray ~ link
Edmonton Journal: Fort McMurray residents flee in the largest fire evacuation in Alberta's history ~ link   

Reuters: Epic wildfire threatens to engulf Canadian city as 88,000 flee ~ link
Calgary Herald: "I'm just so scared for my city." Thousands flee in largest fire evacuation in Alberta's history ~ link   

National Post: "Houses are on fire as we speak": Tens of thousands flee as Fort McMurray burns ~ link
Canadian Red Cross: Alberta Fires Appeal ~ link  
RT: Fort McMurray wildfire: Airport in danger, State of Emergency ~ link 
The Fort McMurray: Canadian wildfire forces evacuation of oil sands city ~ link   
The Weather Network: Fort McMurray wildfires witnessed in 10 terrifying tweets ~ link  
News ABC: Canada wildfire: 1,600 structures already destroyed in massive blaze in Fort McMurray, officials say ~ link  
Maclean's: The Fort McMurray wildfire explained in four charts ~ link  
Financial Post: Economic fallout of Fort McMurray wildfire could be big, if history is any guide ~ link 

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